Variation of Creation

Creation is a vast thing. Even though it All emerges from One Source of Light, Father/Mother God, and is all of the same Love Unity field polarization, it is not All meant to serve the same purpose. Just like the Creation is vast, so are these purposes, rays of origin and emergence from Source, All equal, but not All the same.
Without this vastness of variation, Creation could not be so limitless and eternal. And even though it all serves the same Source, it does not all serve the same purpose. That creates and causes the Self within One! There is but One, but there is a multitude of Selves. The brilliance of this is within the Divine Nature that makes up All consciousness. All matter and non-matter, the physical and non-physical. All is one great flow, in the eternal dance of Creation.

So, we All have our I AM, it’s like our God extension, binding us to our God Source, the Prime Creator of All, but we differ from one another in the purpose of our own Divine extension. And only through knowing our own extension, our own purpose and intent within this Oneness, we can truly feel and know God. So the closer we get to our Self, the closer we get to God.
It’s like imagining one eternal point of emergence, one single dot, and then multitude of various kinds of Rays extending from it. That is all us, different in our position, length and extension, but all originating from the same dot. The Source is us, but what we carry from the Source and return to it, makes us different and unique. Yet, All equally important for the Existence of All Creation and always interdependent.

Know the Self … Your God Self … know God!
And then live it, become it, be it!

With Love, Polona