HAARP: Official Government Documents – Proof!

HAARP is used for weather modification: Official Governmental Documents and websites describing how it works – Irrefutable Evidence!
In depth look at HAARP / Frequency / Weather modification: Specifically, the scalar square and HAARP rings we have been seeing on RADAR… which leads to severe weather in each “ring/square” area within 24-48 hours AFTER the signals are sent/received.
Even more interesting video. Governmental proof that HAARP and the VLF Group are modifying weather:
Maybe you guys missed this file but on this site they tell you how to make a HAARP ELF VLF Monitoring device. Its a low cost low power unit designed for people to monitor their activity.

You cant ask for better than the people that built and run the antenna telling you how to make a DIY weekend project to check up on them.

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