Smoke and Steam coming out from the ground in South California: Confirmed!

UPDATE 8/18/2011:
Dutchsinse: “First a fresh lava field erupts off the coast of Oregon, then mystery plumes erupt from lava fields all the way up the west coast from Pisgah area north to the washington state line… a 6.0 magnitude quake hits Baja California, then a hill side in Santa Barbara (just north of Los Angeles) begins to smoke and steam…

now.. due south in San Diego, we hear about the ENTIRE county/city having hundreds of people calling 911 to report the smell of “burning petroleum” .

Since the hill side to the north of Los Angeles was reported to be “burning tar” from deep underground.. this leads me to believe we are seeing a very large seismic event take place on the west coast (when you factor in the above events of the past couple months).

Video and description from YT dutchsinse:
“LITERALLY, smoke and steam coming out of the ground just NORTH of Los Angeles !!! just 2 days ago !”

This , in my opinion, 100% validates the plume activity we saw 3 weeks ago to the north east of Los Angeles, and all the way up the west coast … exactly what I thought it would look like.. steam venting like a very large fumerole, but on a MASSIVE scale all the way up the west coast.

Taken in conjunction with the announcement this past week of fresh lava flows off the coast of Oregon, I would say we have a full blown seismic event underway on the west coast of the USA.

Thanks to sheilaaliens for the find !

Here is the video of the event.. caputred on MSM cameras !!!
Here is a link to sheilaaliens channel: