The Secret Technology Behind Crop Circles

“For centuries on end [science] has patted itself on the back every twenty or thirty years for having reached the pinnacle of scientific inquiry and in this arrogant pose has passed its findings on to its students and successors.” 

— Joachim-Ernst Berendt – The World Is Sound, Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness;

“Always the envelope stretches: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Hermann Minkowski’s space-time equations, and David Bohm’s multi-dimensional Universe- ideas that changed the ‘irrefutable facts’ of science, and at the same time acknowledged these theories as integral to Hinduism and Buddhism philosophy thousands of years before.” 

— Freddy Silva – Secrets In The Fields: The Science And Mysticism of Crop Circles (pre-publishing);

In 1988, during the days when crop circles were only sporadically mentioned in the local press, a channeler named Isabelle Kingston was given a series of communications from a group consciousness called The Watchers. These ascended masters were responsible for guiding humanity through its most difficult moments; references to them exist in ancient Egypt as the Neteru, the Shining Ones.

Among many predictions The Watchers gave were of signs in the fields that would shortly be manifesting around Europe’s biggest man-made ‘pyramid’ Silbury Hill (hill of the Shining Beings). 

These signs would help humanity gain awareness of its greater responsibility in the Universe; these signs would also be carrying codes of energy for imprinting the Earth, and cleansing the ancient sites which lay upon an invisible electromagnetic (EM) grid around the world. 

Twenty years later, this prophesy has certainly taken form in the crop circles, whose EM fingerprints are now known to charge the energy grid of ancient nearby sites, and interact with the biophysical rhythms of people who enter them.

But one further prophesy concerned the gradual deciphering of the glyphs, through which new technology could be built to help humanity. This was to be achieved by 2007. And it appears that some progress is now being made as we draw nearer this date.

Before I approach this subject let me just summarize how crop circles come about: the growing evidence suggests these magnificent shapes are created by tubes of light (electromagnetism) which contain an acoustic device (sound, the material carrier of light); an anti-gravitational aspect is also involved which alters the local magnetic field and leaves behind a host of physical and non-physical fingerprints. 

Encoded within these tubes of light are harmonic frequencies which manifest, through spiral rotation, as geometric shapes in plants.

Such geometric shapes are essentially eddies of energy which carry a specific action, and by constructing an appropriate geometric shape upon a strategic location of the Earth’s magnetic grid, one can manipulate not only the local magnetic field but also the entire grid. 

One practitioner of this ‘art’ was John Dee, philosopher, alchemist, and appointee to the court of Elizabeth I of England, who succeeded in dissipating the energy of an invading Spanish armada by building a nine-pointed structure at a strategic energy location on the Isles of Scilly.

The 3-D application of geometry also influences the functions taking place within it: The pyramid shape is scientifically proven to affect brainwave patterns and crystalline structures, to the point that it mummifies dead tissue, sharpens blunt razor blades, and enhances the micro-organisms in milk and yoghurt; spherical shapes, on the other hand, heal wounds more rapidly; and trapezoidal hospital wards improve the conditions of schizophrenics. 

Therefore, to deny the effects crop circles have upon their visitors and the landscape is to grossly underestimate their purpose.

Consciousness, too, is a form of EM energy, and plenty of evidence exists to suggest that focused thought (with intent) can achieve extraordinary things; the Eastern bloc countries, in particular, have experienced with PSI for much of the 20th Century, to the point where it was often used in the Russian space programme.

Two people who have already started to look at the technological information encoded in crop circles and how it interacts with consciousness are authors David Myers and David Percy. 

In their 811-page book Two Thirds – A History of Our Galaxy (Aulis, 1993), they provide stunning evidence of a number of crop glyphs encoding technology far beyond the present accepted boundaries of physics, including energy transdimensioning, energy conducting, an energy converter, and components of a gravitron drive and a computer; two key pictograms, at West Kennett and Alton Priors, contain information relating to three different speeds of light; others relate to consciousness-driven spinning disk technology.

Needless to say, a paragraph on this ground-breaking book cannot do it justice, and I reference this work for the sake of those who wish to see another aspect of the ‘bigger picture’ now manifesting from the study of crop circles.

Another example of this ‘energy machine’ evolving from crop circles is currently being studied in Oklahoma. In 1991, Chris Hardeman was watching a televised image of the Barbury Castle tetrahedron, a design that haunted him ever since. 

“While taking a course on modern physics at the University of Central Oklahoma it became apparent that electromagnetic radiation and gravitation are correlated.

It was then that I remembered the Barbury design and realized the cavities of the Barbury crop circle could be microwave resonators, and the design was in fact a machine – an electromagnetic device with the ability to accumulate a huge resonating standing wave field.” 

Hardeman then learned of the work of Canadian John Hutchinson, who, by using Tesla coils to generate standing-wave patterns in free space, has succeeded in levitating objects up to the weight of a cannon ball (see John Hutchison- “The Hutchison Effect”, Electric Spacecraft Journal, No.4 (Oct/Nov/Dec 1991), Leicester, NC 28748).

Armed with this knowledge Hardeman built a six foot replica of the Barbury Castle tetrahedron; electromagnetic radiation was administered to the unit via a magnetron.

Within three seconds of switching on the power, the unit visibly levitated, an effect replicated in ten consecutive test runs. Clearly, a gravity shielding effect was taking place.

“It could accumulate a huge resonant standing-wave field, just the sort of thing Hutchinson was doing, and getting gravity nullification and inversion.”

After these tests, Hardeman learned of the Brazilian physicist Professor Fran de Aquino, who has written several papers on the effects of electromagnetism on gravity; following experiments in January 2000, De Aquino also proved that “gravitational forces can be reduced, nullified and inverted by means of electromagnetic radiation.” 

Hardeman’s Barbury gravity shielding device is wholly compatible with De Aquino’s work (see De Aquino, F.- Gravitation and Electromagnetism: Correlation and Grand Unification, Los Alamos National Laboratory preprint, 1999; and Possibility of Control of the Gravitational Mass by Means of Extra Low Frequencies radiation, Physics Department, Maranhao State University, S.Luis, Brazil).

That Hardeman has found something of merit is evidenced by the way the U.S. military, Boeing, several oil companies, NASA, and the U.S. Treasury suddenly took an interest in his work shortly after it was published on the Internet – the computer storing the information was subsequently hacked, and Hardeman’s emails intercepted.

The French researcher Jean-Louis Naudin also features the Barbury Gravity Shield on his web site.

These are just some of the ideas now bearing fruit from the study of crop circles, and I share this information to stimulate others to pursue this avenue at their heart’s desire. I have always believed that aside from the spiritual awakening crop circles are presenting to people, the glyphs would one day provide new ideas for sustainable energy, if only we adopt an open-minded approach to their message.

Such ‘technology’ is already used in resonance therapy, particularly in Germany, where the crop circles are known to carry biological codes that help revitalize natural systems in distress, such as dying forests and polluted rivers; people are also being cured through the combination of crop circles and resonance therapy, the results scientifically proved for at least a decade.

The Watchers’ reference to new forms of technology to be deciphered from the glyphs during the first decade of the 21st century finds itself grounded in an unusual experiment by the psychopharmacologist Dennis McKenna, together with his philosopher brother Terence, who categorized and chronologically plotted the greatest discoveries and technological developments since 5000 BCE, then fed the information into a computer. 

Having digested the data, the computer provided a graphic printout showing how these discoveries fell into a hyperbolic curve that flattened out around 1975.

Intrigued, they programmed the computer to project and predict future discoveries; this time the line took a dramatic upswing, flying off the scale at 2011, whereupon the predictions ended; during the last two hours of this time-scale, no less than 18 crucial discoveries are predicted, some rivaling the splitting of the atom. 

These accomplishments would be accompanied by transformations in human consciousness in the year marking the end of the Mayan calendar, which predicts this, the Age of Intellect, to be superseded by the Age of the Spirituality in 2012.

The McKennas’ theory seems plausible, considering that in the sixty seven year cycle that includes the detonation of the atom bomb, technological and social breakthroughs have accelerated faster than the time between Galileo and Hiroshima. The dramatic and exponential rise in crop circles from the 1980s onwards may be part of this ‘law of acceleration’. 

But there’s more. 

Like the physicist Bohm, the McKenna brothers also present our Universe as a hologram, a creation of two intersecting hyper-Universes, in the same way a conventional hologram requires the intersecting of two lasers.

The McKennas propose that our holographic Universe consists of 64 (8×8) frequencies, of which ours is but one. As these two hyper-Universes intersect in ‘time’, our DNA will need to evolve rapidly to cope with all 64 frequencies as they intersect, the event reaching its crescendo in 2012. 

This date came about when the McKennas programmed a computer with the 64 time systems, each based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, which itself is a model of the physical structure of a single helical strand of DNA (see The Invisible Landscape).

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