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Anti-Gravity Insider – About Elenin and the Secret Space Program [Amazing!]

The following thread was created on Godlike Productions forum, a couple of months ago, by an unregistered user (using the instant nickname CaptainS). 

He claimed to be a pilot of the Real space-programs, led by the US Air Force and Navy, not NASA.

He speaks of the so called ‘comet Elenin’, anti-gravity propulsion systems, distant inhabited planets and many other interesting stuff. Relax and enjoy!

Green Color: ‘CaptainS’ (the OP of this thread); Black Color: Various people, asking questions;

CaptainS: Due to all the internet hype the Navy actually sent a recon mission to Elenin. Let’s just say it won’t cause the excitement some think. But it may present a few surprises that no one expected. 

I’ll be here for about 20 minutes to answer questions and then I’m off. Just trying to be nice because I know there is a lot of buzz about it. 

How long does it take to get there? 

From the moment the crew steps in the craft, preps, clears port, about 60 minutes. Actual travel time, about 20. 

Go into detail about a few of these surprises.

No doom from Elenin. It’s not a comet, or not totally just a comet. 

What type of craft are you using (TR-B/TR-3B)? 

(A/N: Bellow, most probably, genuine pictures of TR-3B or recent model of ‘Flying triangle’ in USA):


(A/N: CLICK HERE for great article about TR-3B and other anti-gravity vehicles that we have).

Ok, what exactly is it?

Check into the properties of E-type asteroids. Very similar. However if you connect the dots you’ll know that E types are codeword for something more interesting.

What effect does this Elenin have on our Earth, and what risks does it pose for us? 

It won’t have any effects on earth. But it may be of interest to ham radio operators.

X-37, NOTE, Tin Can (A/N: More models of ‘anti-gravitational’ crafts)? 

Sorry, can’t go there. 

Is elenin artificial? Is anything riding it so to speak? 


Well if you aren’t so cryptic, maybe someone would take you seriously. Explain further. 

Remember, I don’t want to lose my clearance buddy. Look at my response to captain (question directly above). Anyway, my twenty minutes are up. Gotta go. I’ll check back in 45 minutes or so for one more session of questions. Have a nice weekend all. 

Whats your opinion ‘op’ on the all the ex-NASA employee’s spilling the beans on everything they know since they are all getting canned? 

NASA is just a front for the public. Their budget is minuscule. Not enough money to really do anything but put a few probes in our solar system. The real space program falls in the military’s domain, mainly Air force and Navy. But the nice chemical rockets sure are fun to watch. As far as NASA spilling any beans, very few people from NASA are actually in the loop. They don’t know anything to spill.

Let’s just say if something or someone is riding it, would we have to worry as far as death and destruction go, or would it be more of an eye opener? I personally don’t have an opinion about Elenin, just asking questions…

As I said before, there is no doom with it. So no need to worry.

Might there be a lot of vehicles? Say 7000?

What do you mean by ‘a lot of vehicles’? That’s all classified and I am not privy to the overall actual numbers other than the area I work in. 

Might the “Item(s)” in question be able to carry a lot. Say 7000? 

Ok, now I see what you are getting at. I really don’t know, sorry. I know there are at least 2 more missions planned and after the next someone will have that answer, maybe. But I probably won’t be a part of it. 

Did the US space command bring down the twin tower on 9/11 using some kind of powerful weapon? 

I don’t know anything about that. 

So, why are you telling us this? What can we benefit from what you know? Just tell us what you obviously want to tell, but are afraid to. 

Go look up E-class asteroids. Also look up the ESA’s Rosetta mission to steins. Where, magically, the high resolution cameras just happened to fail. And there is your answer.

Sorry I can’t be more direct. But this one is a bit more operational and is talking. Someone savvy will be able to ‘hear’ it pretty soon. There will be no denying that history isn’t what we’ve been told. But much more interesting. No doom. Just something pretty neat coming. I have said enough. 

If i were in the navy space command and wanted to talk to the public I would use a conspiracy forum such as glp… why? Because no one will believe it, lol. Are you using gravitational wave propulsion ships? And is it true that the navy space command has stations on mars, and is there collaboration with the grays? 


Pisses me off that we have been putting astronauts lives in jeopardy with chemical rockets, when in fact we have been hiding a much more advanced safer spaced program all this time… 

I have complained about this exact same thing. All in the name of national security. Whatever. Now you know why there is no replacement for the shuttle. But times are ah changing. And what we do may become a bit more open very soon. We are bankrupt.

Can you imagine what giving the commercial sector some of this would do for the economy! They are considering it as we speak. Instead of taking 5 1/2 hours for a coast to coast flight it would take a matter of minutes. Interesting times. It’s hard to bite my tongue. But keep the faith. Soon, very soon. 

E Class Asteroids – A fairly rare, very reflective asteroid that is slightly red in color, probably due to the presence of some surface organic chemicals. E-class asteroids dominate the Hungaria family of the main belt, though some, including the two largest, (44) Nysa (see Nysa-Polana family) and (64) Angelina, are found scattered farther out.

Their flat reflectance spectra in the 0.3 to 1.0 micron region and high albedos (usually above 0.3) suggest a connection with the aubrite (otherwise known as enstatite achondrite, hence the “E”) category of meteorite. However, this link is problematic because aubrites are clearly of igneous origin, whereas some E-class asteroids (including Nysa) show an absorption feature at 3 microns that points to water-and/or hydroxyl-bearing minerals and a nonigneous history.

Basically, that means it’s highly reflective, metallic. 

E-Class Asteroid – Wikipedia picture:

Do you fly your vehicles fairly low at night and change direction at nano second speed? 

Not me. My CO is a hard ass. But I’ve heard stories, some funny ones. If I did it I’d probably be court martialed. 

‘Op’ what can you tell us about the program besides the fact that you went to Elenin? 

That they know they gotta tell everyone soon, because the gap between what we have and what we admit is increasing to a point that they can’t keep it all a secret forever. Think 50 light-years for a one or two day trip is easy. Listen to what Ben Rich said.

(A/N: Ben Rich, Lockheed Skunk Works Director: “There are 2 types of UFOs – the ones we build and the ones ‘they’ build”. CLICK HERE to read article).

It’s all coming out soon or else I wouldn’t be posting. We live in the most interesting times ever and the next 5 years will be the most amazing starting with this year. The old farts running things realize this and hate change, but it’s inevitable. Thanks for participating guys. I’ll check back later tonight. 

I’d say one would have to be one bad mofo to drive one of those. Can they see me watching them? Are their eye pieces able to see the fly I swat? 

Actually, it’s easier than flying a jet. Most of it is automated. But they still pick the elite of the elite for this stuff. And yes, they can see the fly you are swatting, your facial expression, and who exactly you are via facial recognition.

Does the US Navy Space Command always send recon missions to comets and neo’s? Or was this unique? Does something concerns them about this Elenin or is this more SOP? 

If something is out of the ordinary than they will look at it using a wide variety of sensors. If there is still questions then, yes, they go out there and check it out. 

One thing that I must point out that you just don’t get from watching on a TV is the absolute beauty out there. 

The earth and other planets are simply magnificent and awe inspiring. I have even suggested to take various world leaders out there to take a look at the Earth and see its beauty from space. When you see how amazing it is you wonder what all these wars are about and wonder why we can’t concentrate directing our efforts towards lifting mankind up.

Saturn close up, mind boggling. A few planets in other star systems would absolutely blow your mind. It’s too bad they can’t make an IMAX movie showing some of this stuff. It is so sad the universe is hidden and most are stuck on a rock and can’t see the universe in all its beauty and wonder.

And the sheer number of stars you can see without any interference from the atmosphere. WOW!!!!! It’s absolute paradise this universe! 

‘OP’ have you or your fellow officers traveled to Nibiru/Planet X? If can say, will it come near to earth in a year or two? 

I have never heard anything about Nibiru. 

Don’t abandon us like so many do. 

No, I’m back 🙂 can’t stay here forever but it really feels great letting curious folks in on a bit. Like a weight off my chest. I admit I don’t know everything about this stuff, not even close. But I feel happy sharing what I can. 

All that taxpayer money going to stuff like this and normally you aren’t even told it exists! But change is right around the corner. I’ve never seen so much activity/excitement among the brass and civilians than i have the last 6 months. Some just don’t want to change and keep it all to themselves. But they are finding themselves to slowly be in the minority on that viewpoint. 

I think we may be heading in the right direction as far as the secrecy. These guys are paranoid by nature and rightly so. But even they realize this is too big to keep secret. Humanity deserves to know. 

I have read that space is really blue not dark like NASA has fed is. Is this accurate? 

It is pitch black. 

‘OP’ can you say what the furthest distance from earth you’ve traveled is? Another star system?

About 250 ly (light years), others much-much further, and still heading out. 

‘OP do other nations of earth have a Space Command, or is US alone in this ability? 

Ok I’m not privy to all of this, but obviously from working in this field I will tell you what I have seen. 

Yes and yes. Some other guys are up there, the usual suspects, but so far we see they are only sporting conventional or just a bit more advanced than conventional NASA type tech. They mainly stay in L.E.O. and don’t cause much interference with our operations. They are just a nuisance at this time. 

As a concerned parent responsible for my children, how can we prepare? What are you doing to prepare physically and emotionally? 

Read the first few pages of this thread. You’ll see that there is nothing to worry about. You and your kids will be fine. 

So, what are you talking about happening like first contact or something like that? 

As far as Elenin, I just hope we have some ham radio operators out there who can listen to it. We need to learn about ourselves and our heritage. Elenin may help with this. 

OP thanks!!! for answering. You’re point of view of the depth and beauty of space is uplifting for us earth bound ones. A final question about Elenin… will it be so bright that it might light up the night sky like a double full moon or similar? 

You’d have to ask an astronomer. I’d guess it’s too small to be any sort of visual spectacle UNLESS, it becomes active that way also. That would be amazing. Anything is possible. 

And yes, my first trip out there was a God smack in my face with the sheer beauty and awe. Quite a humbling experience any one of us would benefit from. I hope one day everyone can. 

Hey ‘OP’, can you tell us what hidden technology, in your opinion, would be the most valuable to humanity if released to all?  Do we have the technology to end most of the suffering on this planet?

We have a whole bunch of amazing stuff. Yes, we could end suffering and turn the planet into a total paradise. Nothing makes my blood boil more than this. But there is hope. There are some men, a few with vision that are in the right positions now that maybe you’ll start to see some of it. I really think we are heading that way. 

I guess I didn’t answer your question. This is why I think this stuff has been kept in secrecy. They use nat.sec. (national security) as an excuse but it’s really to protect the oil profits. However, Fukushima has really rattled them. 

I am just a peon when it comes to this kind of policy, but there seems to be an internal struggle with one side wanting to get this stuff out and the other side being paid off to keep it secret. This is where I better shut the heck up. But you get the idea. 

Have you observed other civilized planets? 

Yes, city lights from space, very similar if not identical in some cases to our cities. 

Planet Earth seen at night – click picture to enlarge

Thanks. Still didn’t even throw us a bone with a specific heretofore unknown tech., but that’s OK. We don’t want you to get into trouble. ;-`)

So give us a name. Who is paying whom to keep humanity suffering and dying? Be a Patriot, give us a name. Thanks. 🙂 

This is a VERY sketchy area. If I gave you names I’d probably have a visit sometime in the next few days that I’d rather not. But really I can only speculate. Maybe some of them really do have the view that this is better left to the military for now. Or maybe they are getting paid to keep this view. I would really know. But I’m sure there are those that know very well in intelligence circles. 

These guys can be very short sighted. Why not be the ones responsible for bringing heaven to earth? Sad really, but the good guys are gaining ground, trust me. 

Yes zpe (N/A: 
zero point energy) is real. Space is actually more energetic than matter. The trick is figuring out how to get it because there is very little to no energy gradient. But they have figured it out long ago. 

No need to ever pay another electric bill again or fill your tank up. 

They could desalinize all the ocean water they wanted for almost free and irrigate the deserts. The possibilities are unlimited. Greed can only hold out and suppress this for so long. 

‘OP’ do you know what this is:

And does your propulsion system for traveling l.y. away has anything to do with a bogey owned by Ra and orbiting the Sun:

Haven’t seen Ra out there yet, lol. 

If you really want to see some neat stuff, buy a pair of 3rd or later gen night vision goggles and spend some time looking up with them. 

‘OP’, this crop circle represents the interception of Elenin by an antimatter weapon orbiting the Sun. It will depolarize Elenin’s EM field represented by the small rocked thunderbolt at the tip of Apophis head and render the asteroid benign against Earth’s EM field. I doubt the Navy Space Command has such a powerful device to fulfill the work.

[link to image] 
[link to image]  

If it is destroyed, that would be a travesty. There are some out there who could do this. I just hope whoever is making the crop circles is wrong about this one. Elenin has been given a lot of doom and gloom press. 

It is quite the opposite. A beacon of hope and a glimpse into the past. A glimpse into who we really are perhaps, from all the clues that have been gathered. Our guys are going wild like school children on Xmas eve when it comes to this thing. I’d love to go back myself. 

David Wilcock got an anonymous tip that Air Force Space command was mining Element 115 somewhere in the Hercules constellation. Could this be correct? 

Mining element 115? Sounds like science fiction. Is David Wilcock a science fiction writer? 

No, but he gets some bad info sometimes. I suppose there are a lot of pranksters out there. You sound legit! Website is:;

10-4… thanks. I’ll check out the site out of curiosity. You never know. Some guys put out a lot of disinfo on purpose. All to hide a little bit of the real stuff and put it out there. 

OK… ‘OP’… Appreciate that you can’t share the actual vehicle designation… Can you give some idea of the technology involved? Thanks… 

There are various advanced methods of propulsion. One time the Discovery Channel of all places aired a show about 5 years ago that spoke about some of these techs, at least the early days of it and I almost spit my coffee out watching. It had ‘advanced aircraft’ in the title. I really wish I would have dvr-ed that show as I can’t remember the whole title and i have searched for it and never found it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what they were talking about. Almost 100% accurate, with nice graphics and visualizations. Someone spilled the beans. I’m sure it’s been yanked but that show would have really wet your whistle. Perhaps it wasn’t yanked and I can’t find it. I suggest looking for this and see if you can find it. 

As much as I’d like to share, I really can’t go there. I’m sorry.
But I will share this small tidbit. There are those that create their own sort of wave and ride it, like a surfer. 

Think about Einstein, when they drop a ball in a sheet to demonstrate how time-space gets warped by matter. 

They jokingly say we have front wheel drive. We are pushed, not pulled and it certainly feels that way even though they say the inertia is canceled I swear I feel the ‘pull’.

That’s all I will say on this. Sorry to be vague. 

So you have no information on the Nemesis Dwarf Star. Dr Bill Deagle and company claims it will be visible from the Southern Hemisphere with a high power telescope in about a month. And will start wreaking havoc on earth in about 5-9 months? 

Never heard of it. 

Well I hope Dr. Deagle is wrong, but the guy is one of the most intelligent people I have ever listened to. Although he does seem prone to flights of fancy!! If the Nemesis Dwarf Star is as close as people are indicating then no doubt its been visited by advanced Space Command craft.

He also confirms we have hyper light speed spacecraft, so he knows something concerning black programs! Please if possible ask something about this problem. Although I know that things are very compartmentalized, so its hard to find stuff out!!!! 

I would think something so epic I would have heard of. I will surely ask around. Thanks for the heads up. I think I’ve heard Deagle on the internet a long time ago. From what I remember he did sound intelligent, but I can’t remember him talking about this nemesis dwarf star.

I’d wager it doesn’t exists or I would probably have known. But this business is all about compartmentalization and secrecy. A need to know basis. So you never know! I’ll ask around. 

‘OP’: To your knowledge, what year did mankind (our current society) successfully breach the Van Allen Belt? TIA. 

I guess I should know this. The Apollo missions? 

‘Op’ – have you seen any angels out there in your travels?

Also, have you seen the so-called approaching “ribbon” or cloud of energy that Sickscent has done so much research on, and that the Boeing and NASA insiders have spoken of as threatening our planet? 

You can’t see the ribbon but it’s funny you bring that up. That has been a HUGE concern for the scientists. They put out a cover story that it was the solar wind being reflected back, but that is baloney. It’s hard to tell. Another poster just mentioned the Van Allen belt, which we don’t even think about because we are protected from it.

I wouldn’t say it was a force field but all EM and radioactive particles cannot penetrate our craft. The system is so good that there is less radiation inside our craft then on the surface of the earth, including going through the ribbon.

But there are experiments going on in the ribbon to see what kind of effects it will have when it reached the inner solar system. Good question. So far they just don’t know. The ribbon has some odd qualities to it. 

You guys are the pilots of the huge black isosceles triangle mother ships, right?

No, but the black triangles are ours. That is an Airforce asset. They are mainly used below 150k ft. (N/A: 45,720 meters). They aren’t designed for interstellar travel.

Upon OP’s return in September:

I am the OP of this thread. I apologize for not being able to return as I said I would on August 11th. I did not have access to the internet until just yesterday when I returned home for some much needed R&R. The last mission took much longer than expected. I was never banned from this site.

I am currently taking a few days to relax in Key West. I will prove that I am the OP when I return from vacation and I will post to this thread with the original GLP account so it has the OP stamp on it. I return Wednesday evening. I am currently posting from a smartphone which is terribly slow for typing. 

I want to make clear that I HAVE NOT posted anything to any other site. ‘Bluecoat’ or anyone else claiming to be me is an impostor

Elenin did not break up and is still broadcasting.

A few interesting developments have happened since I last posted. I will explain more when I return and post from my original account Thursday.

Don’t worry. There is no chance a mission delay will delay my return this time. I am having a much needed break. BTW thanks for all the interest. I am happy the message has gotten out loud and clear thanks to all of you.

Chappy heads up. 7(235).2$$$337 

This is the real OP checking in from Key West. I’d ask that you do not post ‘Bluecoats’ msgs here. While its interesting reading it’s all fiction. I am making a serious attempt at giving real information but it seems to be getting interwoven and mixed up with what this fellow ‘Bluecoat’ is saying on some other forum.

By posting Bluecoats sci-fi tail here it is muddying the waters.

I will post from the original OP account on Wednesday night or at the latest Thursday so hold tight until then. 

Hi CaptainS (N/A: O
P’s nickname), could you give us some, say, indication so we all know who’s who and all that.

Thanks so much. 

I have only posted to this site for a couple of days, a little over a month ago and I haven’t posted anything until two days ago. I have been off planet on a mission the last month and have had no internet access up until this week.

I have only posted here. Not to any other site. Others have posted Bluecoats’ sci-fi tail here thus your confusion.

Alexander Light,;