Bosnian Pyramids [Update: Pictures, Videos, Discoveries]

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun – Summer excavation updates

I. North-East corner excavations, searching for the edge:

(Day One – No corner yet…)

II. Corner…or not!

“Well, dig diary went not as planned because well, the dig did not go as planned. Expect the unexpected i guess…….
So, what did we find at the corner excavation site?
The soil covering the structure below was filled with very hard crystalline pebbles which made for extremely difficult digging. Once the soil layers were removed we were left looking at a destroyed section of the Pyramid. There is no 90 degree corner to show the world because at some point in the past it looks like it has been removed. To hide the pyramid? For building material? Who knows at this stage. 
So we are left with a flattened section rather than a corner though it does give us a nice cross section of the various layers of concrete and other materials including sandstone blocks and clays.
The covering material over the surface of the concrete is present which is a bonus because the previous Sun excavations removed the material thinking it was insignificant.

To the right of the picture you can see an almost fully intact block of concrete with its covering material on the upper surface.
This block is orientated and dipping at the same angle as the other blocks exposed on the Northern face. The hashed yellow line indicates where there would be other such blocks leading up to the apex prior to their removal.
Blue indicates sandstone and the grey arrows identify the covering material.
This week we have opened up two new smaller excavation sites between where we can find intact concrete blocks and the destroyed corner section in order to understand the extent of the damage…
Now for some epic news……
Yesterday, SBRG with the help of a man named Vincenzo Digregorio discovered an anomalous object beneath the floor of the Ravne tunnels.
Digregorio is responsible for the discovery of 3 pyramids in Italy. 
With his georadar equipment we were able to accurately pinpoint the location of an object 4m tall, 2m wide.
Yesterday we believed the lower structure was a reflection, however today we received much stronger signal returns suggesting the object is double the size we believed it to be yesterday.
The shape of the anomaly is suspicious to say the least…

There is also geophysical evidence to suggest that at some point in the past there may have been an attempt made to gain access to the object, however the disturbed sediment appears to be a vertical shaft 2m from the object. Unlucky!!!
There is excitement in the air here in Visoko and there are many ideas as to what exactly this object is buried beneath the tunnels, however geophys alone cannot give us any conclusive answers and it must be backed up with other evidences.
Digging will commence tomorrow under the supervision of Dr Sara Acconci and thanks to Dr Semir and his foundation unlike Egyptology and other sciences, the new discovery will be shared immediately with anyone who wants to know.
Tomorrow is usually our day off here in Visoko but I think we shall forgo relaxation for some serious hardcore digging…

III. In dept studies
Electro-technical sciences and physics boffin, Davor Jadrijevic visited the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in order to study the electromagnetic field anomalies previously detected on the Pyramid of the Sun and Vratnica tumulus.
During his visit, Jadrijevic visited the Ravne tunnel complex with his equipment to see if there were any registrable anomalies. Specific points of interest included the ‘K2 megalith’.
Designed and built by Jadrijevic and his team, the custom built antenna is linked to a cracked MP3 player which has open source visual signal analyzer software installed.
Copper coils run around the rim of the plate along with inexpensive tinfoil shielding. The antenna is designed to detect only the waves which are perpendicular to the ground ie. a vertical beam.
Later, Jadrijevic met up with Dr Semir & SBRG while carrying out further ultrasound emission investigations on the Tumulus. Impressed with each others gadgetry, a combination of both teams methods and equipment was employed to gather details of the EM energy never before recorded in such detail.
SBRGs equipment for the latest measurements included some top end kit, improving on last months measurements. With them, a Sound Devices 722 Recorder, courtesy of the Finnish Broadcasting company, capable of recording signals up to 50KHz and a AAronia AG Spectrum analyzer combined with the MacbookPro which can detect frequencies between 10Hz-100KHz. 
Jadrijevic’s experiments pave the way for his future investigations where he hopes to build a scaled up and closer tuned antenna system for a possibility to utilize the electromagnetism for practical applications ie electricity generation.
However, unlike previous investigations of the EM @ the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, this preliminary study proposes the energy exists as pulses rather than continuous beams which according to Jadrijevic, would make the task of generating a usable current more difficult than originally hypothesized.
Semir Osmanagic – the “amateur” archaeologist who discovered the Bosnian Pyramids and not only
IV. Miles of tunnels beneath the pyramids
Photos from July 29th, 2011 excavations in the tunnels. Still fighting the water but progress has been made.

We are still creating a channel for the new pipes and we are also preparing to create a more permanent drainage hole for the pump to be placed in, in order for the excavation to be sufficiently for us to make accurate measurements and recordings of the section. 
With the section we should be able to discover whether the object is part of the structure, placed within the structure after construction or existed beforehand.
The Ravne Tunnels
This week we have excavated a new chamber in the tunnels. Alfredo has been digging like a machine as always.
The chamber contains two dry walls, one marking a side tunnel the other… not too sure. Its big and beautiful and is also concave. Confusing…
I will be uploading a new vid in a day or two showing the extent of the tunnel excavations, including what we have excavated this summer and the water tunnels.

Latest findings inside Ravne Tunnel…
Over the last few weeks since the georadar anomaly was detected we have been preparing adequate space within the tunnels to perform the excavation below the tunnel floor.
While excavating into the walls of the conglomerate we discovered a circular chamber…
As with the majority of the space within the tunnel network, it was filled in with loose material – Sand, gravel,cobbles.
While emptying the fill material we stumbled across a rather ‘out of place’ looking sandstone block.
This is what it looked like upon initial discovery…
Volunteers began to carefully remove the surrounding material to reveal a more complex array of shaped slabs and riverbed stones.
Stones are arranged at the entrances of the tunnels to form small convex dry walls, though the scale of these walls is reduced compared to others found in the tunnel network so far. 
The chamber is connected to 5 minor tunnels which have a height of no more than 60cm and one larger tunnel 1.5m in height. The larger tunnel may have allowed access to the chamber whereas the smaller tunnels seem to have a different function as a human body could not fit down them.
All tunnels are filled up with loose material as is usually expected upon discovery of new tunnels within the network.
Red arrows indicate minor tunnels, yellow indicates larger tunnel access to chamber. As is with the majority of new discoveries made within the tunnel network, this chamber offers more questions than answers…

The most detailed and up-to-date map made of the Ravne tunnels so far:

Professor Lucia Krasovec Lucas with her assistant Axel using a digital theodolite for accurate mapping:

V. Klaus Dona’s military satellite mapping of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.
This week Klaus Dona visited the Bosnian Pyramids and attended the international conference where he gave a talk about giants and various mysterious archaeological sites around the world. 
At the end of his presentation he revealed some data to us which he claims come from a source operating and designing military satellite equipment – specific equipment for locating DUMBs (deep underground military bases).
I first met Klaus at the beginning of the week while working in the newly discovered chamber near to the buried structure we are beginning to excavate.
Light blue – 5m depth
White – 10m depth
Blue – 40m depth
Brown – 70m depth
Yellow – 150m depth
Black – 180m depth
Red – 350m depth

These are the only images supplied to us so far from Klaus. His source of the data has not yet been revealed. 
Though this data is nice, its not in its raw form and so scientifically its not so good, esp since the source is classified.
As it stands right now we cannot confirm the accuracy of these maps provided by Klaus, though in the future we will be able to see how genuine they are by at least locating one of the near surface tunnels marked on his map.
You will notice that these maps show no connections between the tunnels at the various depths. Klaus’s source of the data suggested to him that either there are no vertical tunnels or that they are too small to be detected and identified accurately.
He did announce the scan inferred a large collection of bones are to be found in one particular chamber and something else as well. This something else he was not prepared to share with Semir on stage in front of an audience but im sure you can hazard a guess what could potentially be found with bones that you wouldnt want the whole world knowing the location of…
Personally, I was expecting a bit more than a few shoddy google earth images but there is one clue as to whether or not these maps are authentic…
As depth of the tunnels changes, so does the orientation. What this map shows is that the chambers/tunnels are producing a spiral like effect within the internal structure of the Pyramid.
This spiral like structure can also be seen within the construction of the Moon Pyramid and the Tumulus of Vratnica so there may be some truth in these images after all.
Also, I have a feeling someone, somewhere is purposely using up all my bandwidth from my photobucket account so that noone can view all my previously posted images.
Its only 9th day of the month, usually I get warnings my bandwidth is nearly used up towards the end of the month. Luckily I have started to use a new server which does not have limited bandwidth. Massive fail for whoever is trying to quell dissemination of this info…” – TruthSeeker512
To be continued…