Elenin Conclusions – Before the Moment of Truth

It does look like we are headed for multiple possible disaster scenarios within a window of the next year, out to couple of years. The one I’m having the hardest time pinning down is the damage/destruction supposed to be caused by the Niburu/Elenin scenario. According to the recent reports attributed to be from NASA sources, much of that information provided WAS able to be verified.

The infrared image visible on Google Sky in the vicinity of the orbit of planet Mercury is independently verifiable by viewing stereoscopic satellite imagery and orbital parameters from the US Navy NRL. The current location appears to match the object known as C/2010 X1, but the date of September 26th does not seem to match up with any significance in the orbital parameters of C/2010 X1, aka Elenin.

If one rewinds or fast-forwards orbital location of C/2010 X1, near alignment with the orbit of Mercury occurs from about 09/04/2011 to 09/10/2011, at which point it passes the nearest point (.482 AU distance) to the sun on about 09/11/2011. It then begins its outward trajectory towards earth’s orbit, and crosses earth’s orbit on about 10/19/2011. The orbital path of C/2010 X1 brings it just above the orbital plane of our solar system, so even though it crosses earth’s orbit at .234 AU distance from earth, it will do so just above it.

Now here is what I consider might be the most important part… The earth passes through the region of space occupied by C/2010 X1s debris field on 11/01/2011 to 11/03/2011. At that time, any slower moving debris and gases that were trailing behind will impact the earth. At the very least, there will be dust and small particles that were ejected while the object was close to the sun. More than likely, there will be a lot more debris than that.

There may very well be debris out ahead of it and all around it that could change or extend these periods of dates by days or more. Not enough unclassified data exists to be sure, and we don’t know how much of what IS available is real or is disinformation.

In the past, near-miss events with comets were reported just prior to major disease outbreaks. This is why they were feared and viewed as harbingers of evil in ancient times. The plague in Europe, and the Spanish influenza were both reportedly preceded by such events. Interestingly enough, that topic was covered on a new episode of UFO files on History channel last night.

There was a near miss of the Stereo B satellite around 07/30/2011, so I would imagine that the Navy has a lot of really nice close images of C/2010 X1 and its debris field from around that time frame. While I don’t have clearance with the Navy to get those images, you MIGHT be able to find someone within your circles that might share. The debris field would have grown much larger since that date, as closer proximity to the sun would cause. I have some other questions and concerns.

If the object is just a comet as claimed, then why does it appear on infrared to have a solid spherical core and a clearly visible ionized outer “atmosphere” that is clearly planet-like? It certainly looks more like a large planet to me. The images from Stereo B would certainly provide a lot more detail.

One other missing detail is mass. Compare the curvature and increase/decrease in speed in orbital trajectory at the distance from the sun to that of other known comets. This thing appears to be dense, much denser than a ball of ice and rock like most comets.

By examining the orbital data, the only thing I see happening around 09/26/2011 is the beginning of a nearly 3 day alignment of Mercury, Sun, C/2010 X1, Earth, and Uranus. This alignment is even more pronounced on 09/27/2011. C/2010 X1 will pass between the earth and the sun on that date at about .38 AU from earth, while Uranus will be in alignment beyond earth and mercury will be in alignment beyond the sun.

I wonder if we’ll see a global 2-3 day solar eclipse centered on 09/27/2011 due to C/2010 X1 blocking out the sun. It all depends upon the actual size of C/2010 X1, and how close it is to the ecliptic plane at that time. I have no way to measure that parameter in the simulation. A global eclipse, now THAT would be hard for the PTB to hide!

There will be another alignment on 11/22/2011 where we will be caught between the gravity of the sun and the gravity of C/2010 X1. At that time, C/2010 X will be just beyond the orbit of mars and will be .581 AU from earth.

Speaking of gravity… I do not know how significant the gravity OR the magnetic field of C/2010 X1 are going to affect the earth during these two alignments with, or the flyby of, the earth. I just don’t have enough raw data on it. There seems to be a whole lot of speculation and guesses online, but nothing concrete seems to be coming forth from NASA or other confirmable sources.

The one claim seen so far that it is 1.6 times the size of jupiter seems to match what we see on the infrared image in the vicinity of Mercury orbit. From that distance it still appears quite large!

The very fact that NASA and Google are working together to remove C/2010 X1 from the visible spectrum images on Google Sky seems to confirm that they are trying to keep most of the public in the dark.

Elenin is no ordinary comet – if a comet at all. NASA gave it way too much attention, compared to any other comets that passed throughout our solar system. But what really is this Elenin? We may never know…