I AM a Free Human Being

We are free Human Beings. Some feel this more than others. Some act like it and live it fully, while others may only understand this mentally. The understanding is only of spiritual nature when the feeling is truly felt, otherwise it only remains a mental concept of the mind. So in reality, what many describe or portray as »spiritual« or of spiritual origin, is in fact only a mental construct of something spiritual.

True spirituality comes from feeling, and in order to feel, emotional maturity needs to be developed and embodied. So while some just speak about being free, others are actually breaking free while they speak!

Being completely free – an authentic spiritual Being of pure freedom and joy – means embodying that energy space of complete and utter freedom.

When an individual is really free, they live the freedom that they are and all the other individuals can also sense it, consciously or subconsciously. They feel that the others have stepped into their own empowerment.

When this occurs, outer reactions may vary, because people’s inner development is different, which means on different states of awareness. Those who are at peace with who they are, never have a »problem« with those individuals, who have stepped into their power and are a bit »out of the ordinary«.

That means for this reality, which is represented within a certain time and space, which usually has its own »collective constructs« of what is »normal«. So when certain individuals are a bit off from this norm, some people notice this more, while others notice it less and are not really bothered and affected by it, because they are minding their own business while others are not.

That usually presents itself, when they are more personally involved or confronted with that individual, who is a bit »different«, living just a tad more freely than they themselves are used to. They might resent that person, when in fact, in their depth, they only resent themselves for not allowing their inner Being the same freedom.

They might get really triggered or become annoyed by that individual’s »behavior« or even »stick their noses« where they truly have no place or value to be. Those individuals usually project their own mental constructs of how someone should talk or behave.

But in fact, all of that is just their wounded Self; a wounded inner child seeking attention and lacking higher and deeper understanding and therefore it feels hurt or acts in a hurt way. The truth is, who is once free and lives that way, can never ever go back to how things used to be for them. And who is bothered with that, still needs healing and bringing their inner child back to wholeness, so they can also feel free and complete.

It is quite obvious that those who are still bothered by things, are the wounded ones. Freedom is a rather obvious thing and never ever lies. That’s why we as Humans cannot lie to ourselves and others while we are being authentic. We cannot lie any longer, if we truly wish to be free again and come back to love, which means returning to wholeness.

Within Divine Love, Polona