Knowing Who YOU Are

To know who You truly are means claiming back Your Energy Field, reuniting and merging with I AM that I AM! Here is my decree of Truth about this process.

I KNOW WHO I AM!!! I stand firmly in the energy field of which I wasn’t always aware in my past. I AM in the process of merging with my I AM Presence. What is happening within this process is SACRED TO ME and is happening within my own Source connection and I need no one to tell all that to in order to reassure myself, to get confirmations from others, definitions, or anything else of the lower state of Being.

I need nothing from the outer, when I STAND FIRMLY in my own Light of who I AM. And no matter how evolved I AM as a Soul, I never speak to others in a way as: “You should know who I AM, you will find out if you just connect on a Soul level”, because doing that would mean I need reassurance and I AM not at PEACE with myself. ALL who need to know, do know and shall know. Those who won’t, never will. And what truly matter is, that I always DO and never forget it.

I have no more need to control anything or anyone, for I AM IT, I AM the One I have been waiting for and all is good and perfect in this Reality where I AM this Co-creator Being. And I know my Divine mission by feeling my Being, not describing it with words or identifying with certain people or situations. Because we are beyond any kind of description, our Being could only be felt from within.

I could go on about writing and clarifying to others, telling them things about me, about who I AM. But what purpose would that serve? Who do I actually serve with this? A true Wise One does not need to speak of this. This individual is recognized by those who are meant to FEEL their Presence anyway. And the only thing that makes a difference is to make people shift back to LOVE, which is what I AM doing and why I AM here for. 

There is no need to be tested by others, the Only One testing me is God/Goddess, through my own inner initiations of my Soul growth on the way back to Divine remembrance. I AM ONLY HERE TO SERVE. That’s why I incarnated here. And being of loving service is the only thing that truly matters in my I AM Reality.

No matter how we do it, we are each doing it our own way. I do not focus on others, for it is my path that matters and the lives of those Souls I touch. And everyone else is on their own Divine mission. We are ALL it! All equal, just with different assignments within One, within variation of Creation.

I simply don’t have anymore need to speak to others in a way of defending myself, because that only reflects inner insecurities and the battle of the lower mind. Because I ALWAYS CHOOSE LOVE FIRST, I always ask myself: “What would love do?” And I let the Highest order of Divinity to guide me, only the Highest Light Beings within the Law of One.

I have spoken. This is what I wish to convey to others. The rest is not for me to say. I have my own guidance as well as everyone else. And if others might act the way which shows that they and they alone possess this, it just means that it’s not really not coming from the highest state of DIVINE LOVE and they do not have a deeper understanding within the Light of Truth yet.

I AM only here to be an embodiment of DIVINE LOVE and I am getting confirmations of Spirit every day; through others, through what I see in my own Life every day, through my Love touching the lives of many and that is all I AM here for. I have no other Personal Human agenda aside from my Divine agenda to serve Humanity and Gaia.

Within Divine Love, Polona 
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