Reptilians, Demons and Possessed Humans

There are a lot of YouTube videos showing people with ‘reptilian slits’ and I’ve seen a lot of confusion regarding this subject. Most people don’t know what to think.

Are they the real reptilians that David Icke and others speak of?

Are they possessed by reptilian entities?

Are they possessed by demons from other dimensions?

I’ve studied both phenomenons in the past years and this is my conclusion.

The human body = a vehicle for decoding this reality

The human body is a vehicle, both physical and energetic. We are able to see and interact with the physical one, but we almost completely ignore the energetic one because we are not able to see and understand it.

(The third body is the spiritual one, the true ‘pilot’, which is able to connect to this flesh and bones vehicle that we call ‘human body’. The spirit comes in a bubble-shaped protective capsule and connects to the body through the ‘crown chakra’, spreading thin ‘cables’ throughout the entire body and activating all chakras see the nervous or vascular systems for a similar perspective).

The physical and energetic bodies work in correlation, and cannot exist one without the other (at least in this reality/dimension).

The energetic body has many roles (too many to cover here) and 7 major energetic ‘wheels’, called chakras. 

In a healthy body, the chakras are spinning very fast, forming energetic fields around one’s physical body. Each field is responsible for something crucial to the survival and evolution (physical & spiritual) of one’s body.

Why do we need bodies?

The answer is simple. This 4 dimensional reality (the forth dimension is ‘time’) can only be experienced through these physical bodies.

For this to make sense, we must dig deeper, but keep it simple at the same time. Here are two of Einstein’s revelations: 

1. “Everything is energy!” and
2. “We have been all wrong! What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.”

So, a four dimensional reality is vibrating at a low frequency, therefore perceived as ‘solid’. For us to be able to experience it, we needed solid, four dimensional vehicles: the human bodies.

The higher the dimension, the lighter the vehicle/body, until there’s no need for a body at all.

But there’s a trick. Our four dimensional bodies can only decode this reality, leaving us unaware of the multitude of parallel realities that we are not able to decode. If we could, we would see different shapes, colors, entities and a lot of other things that we can only start to imagine.

The entire universe is a gigantic PC-like program and we are just one species of ‘Sims’ inside a very vast program, hosted on a very vast server.

Our universe is gigantic indeed, but you should see this short video before proceeding:

6:03 onward – This fragment impressed me the most! There is an entire universe in each water drop, just as vast as ours, but at a much smaller scale. I was truly humbled by this lesson and now I have greater respect for life – no matter how big or small.

About possessions

Just because we are not able to decode other realities, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Ex: Just because we are tuned to Radio One station, it doesn’t mean that there is no Radio Two or Three or Four. 

As soon as we move the dial on Radio Two’s frequency, we are able to decode it. The same applies to TV channels and… parallel dimensions.

The entities residing lower dimensions, vibrate on low frequencies.
(Low dimension = low vibration / high dimension = high vibration).

These low vibrational entities are what we call demons, devils, jinns, etc.
(Low vibration = negativity, while high vibration = positivity).

Now the stories of Hell and Heaven also make sense, isn’t it?

Hell = is placed very low, deep underground, where darkness, torture and negativity reside. It is the home of the devils and demons.

Heaven = is placed very high, in the sky, where light, bliss and positivity reside. It is the home of the saints and spiritual teachers.

Now back to the low-vibrational entities.

Because the entities are so negative, they enjoy feeding on negative / low-vibrational emotions.

Just think of those feeling the urge to kill. They know this is a very negative emotion, but still they cannot live without it. So, they end up killing and sometimes even raping their dead victims, because that’s how they satisfy the need for negative emotions. The more negative the action, the better they feel.

Evolution in all species

Before discussing the Reptilian species, I want you to know what Evolution is and how it works.

Each species existing on Earth is currently evolving. The evolution can be biological and affects physicality (the organism) and the evolution of consciousness which affects how a species thinks/acts, etc.

The first one is stored in the physical body, in the DNA molecules. This evolution is unconscious, the physical body basically evolving ‘on its own’. 

Information regarding environment, pollution, dangers, nutrition, etc., is gathered within the DNA and passed on to the offspring. This process is slow and major changes can be seen after many-many generations.

The evolution of a species’ consciousness, on the other hand, works very fast and the results can be seen very soon. (For example, if all humans would focus on the same goal, we would achieve it almost ‘over night’).

Each individual (of a species) is connected to an informational “bubble,” which works similar to a chip. Each “chip” is connected to a “server,” which is operational for that particular species. 

When multiple individuals of a species learn something useful to their evolution, that feature is stored in their “server” and used to update the “software” of all individuals of that species. 

For a concrete example, please see the ‘Hundredth Monkey Effect‘ experiment and other similar ones (even conducted on humans, with the same positive effects). 

After millions of years or more, a species reaches an evolutionary stage which enables them to become soul “hosts”. Basically, the informational bubble (the ‘chip’) can be replaced with a real host: a soul wanting to experience specific lessons, as an individual of that species. 

This is exactly what happened to the human species and to all other extraterrestrial species out there. We… evolved. The main difference between us and other ET species’, is that we don’t know who we are anymore. We’ve lost the connection to the main “server.”

Our ancestors knew more about life, death and reincarnation that we know today. We think of ourselves as bodies, vehicles instead of the infinite & immortal beings that we really are.

Imagine a futuristic car to which we are able to mentally connect in order to control. Only that at some point, something happens, and we forget who we really are thinking we are the cars, not the drivers.

That’s what’s wrong with us! We are stuck in the negative karma, without having the knowledge to get back on the true path.

The Reptilians

The Reptilians are flesh and bones bodies, very negative by nature. They will never be able to manifest positive emotions, therefore they will never be hosts for souls the real drivers.

But they are not simple animals, because they’ve evolved very much, which enabled them to become aware of who they were and what their condition was. 

The reptilians probably know everything about the ‘true path’ of spirituality, but they are unable to manifest it.

As a species, they are perfectly adapted for survival, but they are not able by nature to manifest positive emotions. And not only that they are incapable of manifesting positivity, they NEED negativity to survive. Their energetic bodies need negative energy, in order to function properly.

They are billions of years old and they’ve gathered vast knowledge in all fields. But the most interesting aspect for us, is that they are able to reside other dimensions. Therefore, they can become invisible to us, by simply accessing a dimension that humans cannot decode.

In order for them to manifest their influence in this dimension/reality, they can energetically posses human bodies from other dimensions. 

They simply connect to one’s lower two chakras, just like a plug, controlling much of one’s emotions, actions and even thoughts, and at the same time feeding on the negativity generated by their hosts.

That’s why they target the very important figures (leaders in various fields of our society).

For a perfect possession, they need vehicles that are very similar to their own. That’s why they have created hybrids with reptilian DNA long time ago, and put them in charge as leaders, priests, etc. 

These hybrids are the so called “royal” families of our species, the so called “blue bloods.”

The secret societies are exactly what the name says: hidden societies within the main, visible, society. In their shadow societies they know exactly who and what they are: the hybrid ancestors of the reptilians and also their hosts.

In order to preserve the reptilian-inherited DNA, they always interbreed – meaning that they marry close relatives. This way, their blood / DNA stays “pure,” which ensures a smooth possession and easy control over the host.

The reptilians rewarded their hybrids with a lot of material gains and power over the rest of us, but, unfortunately, their connection to the “true path” is lost. They’ve lost compassion, empathy and love – the most important characteristics of spirituality and positivity.

Finally, the reptilian possessions take place in special rituals, known to us as “satanic rituals.” That’s what the real satanism is all about: the worship of the reptilian demons.


The people morphing vertical slits are definitely possessed. 

But if they are possessed by demons or reptilians, it’s something I do not know. A simple method of deduction is tied to their social status / position. If they are important & influential figures, they are  (in my opinion) most certainly possessed by reptilian entities.

By Alexander Light,