Time and place for everything

In Life, there are always cycles, as they are in Nature, within ALL THAT IS! There are moments in Life when we just need to sit and wait, and there are moments when we need to go for it! These are the cycles we are all experiencing, as we are traveling the Spiral of Spirit and Ascension! Moments of complete Source connection and infusion are constantly intertwining with moments of feeling lost and confused, while we are experiencing a deep purification on all levels of our Being.

When we are going through deep cleansing, purification and healing (wholing), that can bring us into a state of deep retrospection and objective observation. But it can also cause us to fall into a state of »jumping to conclusions« a bit too fast.

Why is that so? Because within that process of purification, we are shedding the layers of illusion and we are literally shedding our skin like snakes. We are throwing away what we are not, and welcoming who we truly are, embracing our I AM Presence more each time!

Within this process of shedding our skin, many things might resurface and it is for our highest good, if we do not make any conclusions and assumptions at that time. Those are phases, when we just need to sit and wait, let go and let God, for it is very easy to make assumptions within that process due to our state at that time. This is a process, when we are saying goodbye to the thoughts and projections that we once might have identified with and our lower »ego« self, which prevents us from seeing the higher Truth. So within that process, it is very easy to become very vulnerable, which causes a lack of discernment and falling into a state of the “emotional state” – the »reactive instead of responsive« state!

At that time, we don’t always tell apart the lower from the higher. While the layers are falling off, we are still not clearly seeing the Light of the day. While our mental, emotional and physical bodies are healing, the higher Light of the Truth still remains in the background. Our emotional wounded self might interfere and cause us to feel insecure, uncentered and lacking direction and clear focus. So we often can’t discern between our current truth and the higher Truth. This is the process where we need to just sit down and wait, so that we can make room for a new one.

While we are healing (wholing), we can’t always see clearly, so we need to keep asking ourselves: “Is that really the Truth?” The answers will come in Divine timing, when we are ready for it within a new process, one of great clarity and pure guidance of the Heart, through Sourcing within All That Is. We are not our thoughts, so when we clear the thoughts that we only think that we are, we clearly feel what truly makes sense and resonates within our entire Being, not just the part we identify ourselves with in a certain time frame.

The power question here is always: “IS THAT THE TRUTH, or is it just my current reality I associate with? Is that reality truly THE TRUTH within One, or just my current truth?” In the higher Truth, there is no separation, no wounds and any of the lower emotions. When we empower ourselves more, we are closer to WHO WE TRULY ARE, which is none of what we might think we are and describe about ourselves. With that, we only limit ourselves, when in fact, WE ARE LIMITLESS Beings. Know this … FEEL THIS … Always!
Within Divine Love, Polona
P.S. I love what Alan Watts used to say: »There is no ego. You either know your Self, or You don’t!«