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“Occupy Wall Street” to Become “Occupy Earth”!

The peaceful movement ‘Occupy Wall Street’ started in New York, USA.

Even though the protesters are not receiving any help from the main stream media, the police is brutalizing and arresting thousands and the government doesn’t seem to mind them, this movement is gaining momentum and is about to become a worldwide peaceful revolution. 

After years of economic distress and huge financial problems, the world is about to fall into an even deeper, global financial crisis – specialists say.

Our governments are corrupt and obsolete. Our world is led by the bankers and the big corporations. 35,000 children die of hunger each day, while our governments allocate billions of dollars each year for building more weapons. The big pharmaceutical companies are making profits of $ billions/year for keeping us ill & addicted to their drugs, without healing us. The police is gaining more and more power each day, while our constitutional rights are broken. Each day our liberty is restrained.

Is time to say: STOP!