Q: What if 2012 Will Not “Happen”?

The question “What if 2012 Will Not ‘Happen’?” was asked by anonymous, in a comment to THIS article.

Answer: This is a question that I asked myself many times.

I see the consciousness shift taking place all over the planet. I’ve met old friends and instead of talking about random things (like we used to) we ended up talking about spirituality.

I see people giving up money or fighting against the monetary system, because now they see its true face.

I see people reconnecting to Mother Earth, becoming vegetarian or vegan, fighting to preserve nature or endangered animal species.

I see people asking the right questions when it comes to spirituality, I see them arguing the lack of response from the religious factions when it comes to war, famine, social distress.

I see them refusing to join the military or police.

I see people in the streets ALL over the planet, fighting against the corrupt leaders, bankers and institutions.

I see people fighting big corporations (and sometimes wining), I hear their angry voices when speaking of big pharma and their monopoly over life and death.

I see and hear the changes, all over the planet. More and more people are waking up to the truth everyday. They want the changes and they fight for them. But it’s not enough! We need some ‘external’ help at this point and that’s why so many people focus on 2012 and the so called ‘energetic shift’.

We hope that the new energy (that is allegedly being sent to us) will make us better and the corrupt leaders will somehow fall.

We learned from our mistakes and we want to create a better world, a balanced planet, a love-built society.

So what will happen if the consciousness shift of 2012 will not occur?
Most will be disappointed, I will be disappointed. Because we really need this external help at this point. 

But no matter what, I will keep on ‘fighting’ against the system, because I want these changes to take place!

Being alive in this current society cannot be called living at all – it’s surviving by stepping onto the fallen ones. I don’t want to survive, I want to live as a free & spiritual human being! And I want to help the fallen ones and thrive together, as one species.

I know for sure that many people think just like myself and I am very confident when I say that no matter what will happen in 2012, the human species will make it to the light after all. It may take five hundred years or a thousand, but we will eventually make it!

Never give up! You are infinite and immortal, nobody can harm you! Create the world you crave for, create the world you deserve!

I know we can do it… together!

Love Always,
Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;