Finding Solutions for a Thriving Human Species

Today’s society has many flows, but there are two major subjects that need our attention above anything else. The following two ideas puzzle me day and night. Please, take the necessary time and answer yourself to the following questions:

1. The common human beings don’t want pollution, chemicals in foods & drinks, wars & destruction, famine & sufferance. So why do we still have them?

Is there one big thing in our society that we need to change in order to have clean air, natural products, peace and prosperity? What should we change, for the human species to thrive in love and harmony?

2. How can we liberate ourselves from politics and corrupted leaders? How do we find a new way of managing ourselves without the involvement of the shadow elites?

No matter what politician will be the head of state, he/she alone cannot change the already set-in-place mechanism that works so fine for the shadow rulers. They may change small things, but the general scheme stays in place.

We need a MAJOR change, not only the change of a certain president! We need to evolve ABOVE politics, wars and money.


Please, share your thoughts, no matter how simple or complex. There are definitely multiple ways of achieving a free and blissful world.