MANKIND – Being Taken for a Ride Beyond Belief!

(Für Deutsch hier klicken). Dearest friends, I have received the following document from an undisclosed source, allegedly written by a medic. I’ve had the opportunity to read most of it and the containing information is amazing! I was asked not to change the fonts and colors for reasons I am not to disclose.

Please, find the time and the patience to read it entirely. I promise you will be rewarded with great revelations along the way.

Much Love, Light and Wisdom to All!

Being Taken for a Ride Beyond Belief !

    1.  Humans can only perceive 0.05% of the energy of the Universe with their 5 senses! Essentially, humans are BLINDER THAN BATS! Bats at least have a sense of orientation courtesy of fancy sonar!

    2.  According to a recent claim by a physicist, who won the Nobel Prize or was a candidate, we are composed of greater than 99% ENERGY and less than 1% MATTER!

    3. Michio Kaku, the spiritually minded Quantum Physicist who developed String Theory, maintains that there are parallel universes, parallel dimensions (who later became corrupted).

    Read Barbara Clow’s The Nine Dimensions. Like a radio station, our “reality” is but a single dimension, a radio station.

    4. The challenge? Another radio station, the Reptilian, the Gecko, radio station has been encroaching upon us for ages, it has literally been taking us for a grand ride, Confusing, Confounding, Controlling and Culling (CCCC) us for, LITERALLY, ages, MILLENIA! How? Their radio station resides next to ours – it is called the Niribu Planetary System – and they control a select few families, 12 blood-lines, currently the Rothschilds, the Rockerfellers, and a few Royal Families, through their DNA, which literally acts like a cosmic antenna (It is important to note that just because you are a “Royal” it does not necessarily mean you are a gecko, although David Icke may contend this).

    These families basically execute our/their agenda and impose the CCCC on humanity as perceived by the Geckoes. Urgently READ David Icke’s Human Race Get Off Your Knees – The Lion Sleeps no more! The Geckoes thrive on lower energy levels, lower levels of consciousness and emotions, basically, FEAR, APATHY, GUILT, and SHAME. For an intro on levels of Consciousness read David Hawkins’ Power vs Force (scale shown below).

    5. How to prevail? How to overcome the challenge? Raise OUR level of consciousness by becoming aware of the challenges and taking the necessary steps by altering our life-styles, IMMEDIATELY! Then start practicing meditation, move onto learning how to conduct proper prayer, read the Biology of Everything by Karma Singh, pray regularly and SHOWER everyone, including the little GECKOES who are utterly petrified and totally bewildered, with LOVE, JOY, PEACE, ABUNDANCE and HARMONY FOR ALL.

    PRAY to GOD of the Universe for revelation and implementation NOW, not in the next century! of the secrets of free energy (they were already revealed and made available to us nearly a century ago through TESLA and others, but were then taken form us by the servant of the geckoes, banker J.P. Morgan) and pray for love, joy, peace, and harmony of all, for, whilst we are ONE unto ourselves, we are all ONE, we are ALL interconnected and interdependent, and we are ALL far more POWERFUL THROUGH PRAYER TO GOD of the UNIVERSE than we can possibly ever imagine, for we are created in the image of God (remember the Bible), and, just like NEMO in the Matrix, we are ALL far more POWERFUL than we could ever fathom! But PRAY ALWAYS for your greatest good and the GREATEST GOOD OF ALL, for the UNIVERSE has immutable LAWS, and EVIL shall always ricochet and GOODNESS  and LOVE SHALL NECESSARILY PREVAIL, NO MATTER WHAT! 

   What counts in the eye’s of mankind is a construct of the Geckoes’ agenda, of the system they have created to enslave mankind, currently through the only issuer of the world’s currency standard, the US Federal Reserve (Read “End the FED” by US Congressman Ron Paul). Realize that they are LITERALLY printing money out of thin air, they are printing what they DO NOT HAVE and then TELLING YOU that it can buy everything around you: GOODS, PROPERTIES  and SERVICES. And SIMPLY because YOU BELIEVE THIS GRAND SCAM, you actually wake up every morning comfortable in the BELIEF that the next day that little piece of paper in your hands or wallets actually still continues to purchase whatever you please.


    6. Do not judge others for others have their own lessons to learn and their own paths to tread! Give thanks to God for not having to walk their paths. Ask for “ABUNDANCE for yourself, ABUNDANCE which you can pass onto others” in your prayers. And remember that even the sacred “Our Father” prayer has been distorted by those in control, for it should read MY Father or Father, or better, God of the Universe, for you, in the image of God, can above all ask for yourself, all others you can ask to be helped, but precisely because they also are created in the image of God, they too are SOVEREIGN unto themselves, and nothing can be imposed upon them, not even God does that for He holds you, yes tiny YOU, in the highest regard and He has but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COMPASSION for YOU.

    And if ever you do a disservice to others, REMEMBER, first and FOREMOST, that disregard, that DISSERICE, is in ESSENCE a DISSERVICE a DISREGARD to and for your OWN Being. And when you pass on from this dimension, it shall be YOUR OWN Being who shall be the severest of JUDGES for not accomplishing your mission in this dimension. YES, YOU chose YOUR mission when you visit this dimension.

    7. So again, how does this dimension REALLY work as dominated and imposed by the Geckoes? Contrary to common belief and to what the Gecko run system would have YOU believe, YOU are not just another little gecko. You are a special BEING, most probably stemming from one of the NINE Barbara Clow dimensions, read, planetary systems of this Universe. You are created in the image of God: Remember the Holy Book, the Bible?

    It is no small coincidence that 24/7, 365 days a year, the gecko dominated system, is attempting to convince you, indeed, it is attempting to HAMMER into you the notion that you are but another little, insignificant speck of dust in the Universe. Yet without YOU, there is NO WHOLE…something is missing,NO MATTER HOW INSIGNIFICANT the system has managed to make you feel. And make no mistake, YOU MATTER to GOD of the UNIVERSE and YOU matter to someone somewhere and you matter to the WHOLE, for it is through YOU that another will reach GOD faster and it is through someone else that YOU will reach GOD.

    PERFECTION is achieved ONLY when we RESPECT OURSELVES, ALL OTHERS AND THE WHOLE, GOD. We are but droplets in the OCEAN, everyone embodies a particular facet, every single being is UNIQUE. Like a magnificent Swiss watch, not a SINGLE COG-WHEEL, not even the most insignificant looking COG-WHEEL, can go missing or be NEGECTED, for PERFECTION is then LACKING, INCOMPLETE! WE respect that little COG-WHEEL and we help it to the extent it asks it of us and to the extent that that help does not compromise US, for the moment we overdo our help, we compromise OURSELVES.

    And remember, even a gecko is a cog-wheel, albeit a very dark one and one which is clearly totally lost in darkness, so it is incumbent upon us to also have compassion for him and love him, for he is God’s creation and indeed part of the whole. His lack of respect for himself, not to speak of others and for our planet is such that they are literally unfit to guide or lead humanity in a wholesome manner, to put it mildly.

    8. Members of mankind shall learn that in order to promote your own GOOD everyone has to focus on the GOOD of ALL, besides his own, ALWAYS. We shall be spending more time COMPLETING and less time COMPETING, for only then shall we TRULY respect ourselves, our fellow man and this wonderful dimension we live in which we have participated in desecrating and letting the geckoes run the show for far too long. We are indeed the FLOCK of CHRIST, for we have been LITERALLY herded and LED AROUND by the nose, CONFUSED, CONFOUNDED, CONTROLLED and CULLED, for MONEY, for  NOTHING!, an EMPTY promise by those who offer us what is already OURS and certainly not theirs to give, offering nothing positive but the message that we should be TRULY WAKING UP, as David ICKE insists on reminding everyone who would listen, to our Power within!

    9.This world is really like an incredibly complex stage, with Light and Dark forces struggling with one another for predominance, the Light and Dark forces being LITERALLY incarnated in the HUMAN FORM, the vehicle, with our ESSENCE, the Spirit, its driver.  The problem is that the struggle has been jinxed in favor of the Reptilian Dark Forces for eons, who manipulate, through their connection to their dimension, which gives them privileged access to ours since we have no SPACE and TIME, remember?

    It is thus that our respective angels are being kept incredibly busy executing our missions faithfully, based on the Laws of the Universe. It is in this context that the “actors” of this dimension, the members of the human population, strive always to resolve issues related to karmic imbalance between Beings in a manner that will have them strive for either the Light or the Dark, and either will endeavor to undertake everything necessary to “drag” the other in their respective direction. This is certainly not to say that Beings of the Light cannot play precisely the part the Reptilians would have them play, without much second thought alas!

    What is meant by this comment? SIMPLE. With a high degree of certainty, every single time you act within the context of a negative emotion in the background – greed, envy, pride, anger, revenge, provocation, despair, shame, guilt, anxiety, even mere worry or “concern”, but also too much compassion, to much heart – you are most likely to be enacting the interests of the Dark Forces, LITERALLY! It truly is like the movie, the Devil’s Advocate! You are truly enacting the Reptilian agenda, because THEY can “see” us. BUT so does the LIGHT, dear friends, THANK GOD! So it is that your life is immersed in TOXICITY, for it is how the geckoes place you more easily in those very emotions.

    The game called LIFE is rigged, members of Humankind, and were it not for the increasing predominance of the Light in these past few decades, we would all be walking down memory lane in the other dimension by now!

    As a short example of how the Laws of the Universe work: You wipe someone out in a past life, on purpose. In another life, “coincidence” will have you happen upon that very person, now incarnated in a different vehicle, who will make an attempt on your life. Dark forces will do everything in their power to have that person wipe you out so as to perpetuate the cycle of “life taking” or karma, whilst the Light will undertake to have you actually save that person’s life in this life in certain circumstances.

    Schemes can get more complex, of course: You had someone wiped out in a different life. That person is then used by the Dark forces to attempt to kill you, whilst the Light will endeavor to have someone from the Light whose life YOU saved in another life, save you. Thus that person who was to have killed you unknowingly actually is spared further accumulation of his karmic ledger.

    Also, if you harm someone in a certain life-time, that person, provided he is a reptilian, often living in really low consciousness levels, can be used to actually attempt to CULL you, if you are “undesirable”. The Light with its teams of angels and guides strives to protect you. And boy do you need protection….FULL-TIME! 24/7, particularly in this highly toxic environment. Your only sane solution: Find out how to detoxify properly and avoid loading yourself up with more toxicity than you can get rid of and take up the Multi-Step Program to get yourself out of the rut, for it is the only manner with which you will find it easier to cope with all those toxic emotions, sensations and thoughts.

    And count on being provoked by exactly your very weakest spot, the exact word at the exact point in time coming out of someone’s mouth, or indeed a general occurrence, to provoke the desired reaction of the little geckoes,  the reaction that will most likely attempt to BURY YOU and others CLOSE to the Light. If they have to sacrifice one of theirs? So be it!! It is AMAZING, guys and girls, simply AMAZING. Your best position is a position of being the OBSERVER, being DISCERNING and somewhat more DISTANCED, before reacting. That way you can actually “reflect” BEFORE you place your foot in the proverbial “DooDoo” and play the little geckoes’ game and harm someone else, literally, at your karmic expense, not the geckoes!
Our Beings, our essence being our SPIRIT, which is eternal, incarnate into this dimension, and bring either Light or Darkness into this Dimension, our planet. For millennia, Earth, our blue Planet, has been the stage for a struggle between Light and Darkness, for we live in, or rather have been living in Duality. We have been having to strive for balance, Yin / Yang, for in given circumstances we are all and have been capable of both good and evil, depending on the more or less extreme circumstances we find ourselves in.

This time is now drawing to a close and we are now on an immutable path to higher consciousness, a path along which we shall find ourselves ever closer to God. Beings of lower levels of consciousness, the geckoes for instance, shall have to strive for greater consciousness, for otherwise they shall find themselves parting company. EVER-increasing levels of TOXCITY (chemical, biological, electromagnetic, and radioactive…the geckoes latest attempt to cull humanity on a grand scale and hunker it down in its physical and emotional aspect was the purposeful explosion of the Nuclear Reactors in Japan following the Earthquake and Tsunami there, and that radioactivity has now been strewn throughout the planet’s atmosphere and is landing in the sea and poisoning all sea life, radioactive iodine having a half-life such that all fish and sea-food shall prove highly toxic for over 6 months and will help CULL us stealthily further) are key to controlling mankind, for it hampers consciousness, your spirituality and your power of prayer.

    10.   Reflection of our world, the Universe on TV. Incarnation of our Being into this dimension is much like what is happening on television and in movies in general. Actors take on particular roles in different scenarios. Actors generally choose their roles, just like our Being chooses her/his mission on this dimension. An actor can perform to perfection much like we can undertake our missions and execute to perfection, or not. Clearly, Shakespeare already consciously or unconsciously saw this in his time when he famously declared “the world is a stage and we are its actors”. He could not have been more right!!

Conclusion: No matter what Being you are in this dimension, it behooves you to seek the Light of the Universe if you seek salvation. Help yourselves yes, but only with the objective of better contributing to helping others, to achieve PERFECTION, COMPLETION, for we are indeed ONE, “we are the WORLD, we are the PEOPLE, We are ONE”, indeed! Michael Jackson was culled by the little geckoes out of fear we would awaken through his positive subliminal messages, but he lives on, as do his songs!

 This world is like a vast and incredibly complex playing field of actors who either tend towards darkness or who tend toward the Light. Both those with a tendency to the dark-side and those with a tendency towards the side of the Light, can contribute to the opposite of their general tendency. The actual general direction will have been chosen at the onset of life where one’s mission shall have been assumed. We are all confident because our assistants, our pair of guides, our angels, have been chosen for us and we have accepted them to faithfully steer us to accomplish what we have undertaken but which, by the time the geckoes have finished with us, we have lost recollection of because of our sorely reduced level of consciousness.

But no matter, our guides and angels make sure we end up doing as envisaged, more or less, at least. More or less, why? Because both dark forces and the Light strive to enhance either the DARK or the LIGHT. Members of the Light seek to resolve universal laws whereby we teach one another the consequences of our emotions, actions, attitudes, thoughts and words so as to grow towards perfection, the Light, where as members of the Dark attempt to stymie the Light members’ efforts.

As an example: If you, in a different life-time, are/was ( no Time or Space according to the Quantum Physicists!) someone who was heading towards the Light and culled someone in a certain life-time, then the Dark will do everything possible to cull you the next time by “deploying” the exact Being whom you culled, whereas the Light will seek to create a scenario where you – your life here – are either spared by “deploying” a another Being from the Light who saved you at one point in a different life, he repaying you the same gesture, or by actually saving the person’s life you took. Provided you have harmed someone in a different life, the Dark-side will undertake what is necessary to cull you, particularly if you are viewed as a threat, ie, as potentially bringing in too much Light, and god forbid, bringing down the whole system of control devised by the Geckoes, the leaders of the Dark.

But God of the Universe is there for those who are pure of Heart and who sincerely seek the Light and genuinely saves the day, ie, your life, on so many occasions, without you even realizing it, for there is no such thing as coincidence. It simply does not exist in this dimension. Every path is perfectly studied and guided, by both Forces of the Dark and Forces of the Light. This life is more like Star Wars and The Adjustment Bureau than you can even begin to imagine!

Bascially, those Beings who control us do so through our richness in emotions and in particular through their pawns, the incarnated Geckoes (Reptilians described by David Icke) posing as Human beings in this dimension. Little did poor JFK know who exactly he was up against in challenging the power of those who control us when he addressed the issue in his famous speech mentioning “…a tightly knit, secret society…” 

Bearers of Light thwart one another when their actions are undertaken with emotions, thoughts and ploys pertaining of the Dark. Hence, any negative attitude or gesture, even the slightest, is literally a VEHICLE, or AGENT, of the Dark. If you do something, anything, as a result of a feeling of jealousy, hatred, mistrust, envy, FEAR, anxiety, despair, DOUBT, sadness, SHAME, GUILT, even mere WORRY or PREOCCUPATION, you are very likely, if not certainly, serving the AGENDA, in that moment in “time”, of the Dark, most likely, unbeknownst to you, even if your Being stems from the Light. If you act out of compassion, in the context of love, in particular, unconditional LOVE, in acceptance, non-judgementally, in GRATITUDE, then you act at the behest of the Light.

We are constantly either helping one another or thwarting one another, preponderantly one or the other, provided we are either pure in heart and giving without thought of recompense or destructive and seek gain at the other’s expense.

Essentially, darkness, or better, evil, is literally controlled by the gecko dimension. And, Importantly, as mentioned, Beings from the Light, the Reptilians, pure soul and non-pure soul Beings can ALL serve darkness. The non-Reptilians essentially serve evil whenever they act upon negative or excessive positive emotions. Hence every Being can be a vehicle. TOXICITY and INFESTATION (parasitic, in particular), however, play a KEY ROLE in determining one’s propensity for being guided by the Dark’s schemes, hence the Reptilian’s focus on making us TOXIC and INFESTING us, think Lymes Disease, which is becoming so wide-spread. 

Both TOXICITY and INFESTATION reduce the threshold at which negative emotions will manifest. Possession, for instance, is essentially feasible through a combination of both, TOXICITY setting up the human body for INFESTATION and hence possession.

Lastly, it is important to mention shamanism. Basically, it teaches that every Being is made up of 12 energies, 12 shamanic animals, the TOTEM and POWER animals being the most significant. Our Beings represent specific characteristics of these animals for survival on this incredible ride through DUALITY. The Geckoes focus on attempting having us kill our shamanic animals, the two most important ones above all, particularly when you are viewed as a risk to their CONTROL because of your heightened level of consciousness.

So just in case you do happen to kill an animal, do yourself a favor and ask for its forgiveness and God’s forgiveness and send it to the Light if it so wishes and request to keep it with you in the event it is indeed one of your shamanic animals. Provided you are true in heart, the animal’s spirit should remain with you.

Lastly, it is important to point out that animals are also at the behest of Darkness, the Geckoes, if they are TOXIC and/or INFESTED. They are like remote controlled drones, LITERALLY! In particular, the geckoes interact with our dimension whilst seeking recourse to certain BIRDS, particularly DOVES (non-white), turtledoves, blackbirds, and seagulls. They communicate our presence and coordinate the action of human beings with which one has karmic issues, LITERALLY.

All is energy, all objects are energy and in DUALITY they carry preponderantly either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE energy. If one is resonant with any of these, then we shall be affected by them in special ways, positively or negatively. The secret is to TRANSMUTE anything that is harmful to you. ASK GOD to do so for you in PRAYER, 3, 7, 11, 15 or 21 times for greater effect, and ask Him to enhance the harmony of your Being.

But not only thus does a bird serving the Dark actually locate you, it is actually used by both the forces of the Dark and the Light to send coded messages subliminally to your Being to which you actually respond in a programmed manner. The signal it sends LITERALLY serves as a TRIGGER, setting off, quite literally, a chain reaction of consequences on ALL planes, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The lower your level of consciousness, the more impaired your capacity to reflect, and thus the likelier you are to react in an inappropriate manner and serve the Dark which is, or rather, has been under total control of the Geckoes! Forces of the Light offer solutions to these challenges incessantly and it is a question of whether the person’s remaining capacity for discernment is sufficiently impaired to preponderantly serve the Dark. 

It should be understood that everyone in this dimension serves the Dark’s ways at least during a more or less considerable part of every day. It is all a question of degree and it is part and parcel of our DUALITY with the caveat that the Geckoes are, or rather, were in full control of the Dark forces, something that, it is surmised, is NOT usually the case. Merrily, their control is steadily ebbing as the energies on this planet keep rising and it shall soon disintegrate with their own doing, disclosure and the not so surprising revelation – for those who are not too programmed – that we are not alone, that we have brothers and sisters from the stars who at God’s behest have come here to help us out of this QUAGMIRE and help us ascend out of this warped game of Duality.
Health, in truth, is not really that much of a conundrum. The human body is much like a sponge, albeit with a greater gradient of densities, from the more dense structures like the bones to the less dense ones like the soft tissues. Accordingly, the human body has structures which are incredibly permeable like the soft tissues acting much like a true sponge, others, which are less permeable, like bone acting like a hard sponge (think coral) and yet others which are only partially permeable because of the existence of special barriers – membranes – which represent a semi-permeable barrier (blood brain barrier, blood-placenta barrier) which restrict the passage of all substances, TOXIC substances obviously too.

        The person’s particular terrain, often a reflection of past diseases, also determines relative weakness of areas and organs which, being weak, present greater density and resistance to clearance of TOXICITY. Indeed, it is in these contexts that TOXICITY, internal (metals in teeth and mouth – braces) and external (make your choice, everything from chemtrails to fluoride to aspartame to neuro-toxic sunscreens to endocrine-disruptor-laden shower-water/drinking water, to vaccinations, and an endless slew of other factors, vaccinations being the near, all-time favorite of the geckoes whose dimension is so diligently at work culling the human race (Read/see “War of the Worlds” by H.G.Wells, or watch the Spielberg movie) plays the key role in determining disease expression.

        Heavy metals are THE ALL-TIME favorite, for they act like SUPER-GLUE on the tissues as they seriously reduce vitality and elasticity and the tissue’s/organ’s capacity for clearance of TOXICITY! Basically, clearing the human sponge of goo – starches, read GLUE, and toxicity – is more of a challenge from denser tissues and from the weakened tissue structures and organs. These already weakened tissues require more energy to clear that TOXICITY and accordingly it is these tissues which will more readily manifest disease.

        When garbage has to be carried across the semi-permeable barriers like the blood-brain barrier and blood-placenta crossing, the goo and garbage also has a difficult time being cleared, particularly after the age of 6 when it becomes more impermeable. The conclusion should be obvious to just about anybody who is not eating too much fast-food or too much microwaved food: Children up until the age of 6 years old will accumulate TOXCITY more readily when bathed in TOXICTY and they will also get rid of it with far more difficulty once they have passed the age of 6 years old!

        With all those vaccinations in the wee years of life, is it little wonder that children look sicker and sicker to any discerning eye? The geckoes having their way, decades would pass and we would then look upon sickly children and deem them normal. Indeed, it is already happening. Look at all those pale to yellow (liver compromise) and skinny, little kids around you. When it has taken too long to clear organ/tissue structures, destruction and irreparable, irreversible damage ensues. WHAT A SURPSISE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, what a SURPRISE?!

        It is an eye-opener to read Arnold Ehret’s work form the 1920’s, a fellow who cured just about every disease known to man, yes, in the 1920’s, to gain this sort of insight. Add to this, the consumption of FAST-FOOD and MICROWAVED FOOD and we have altered cell barriers, read cell membrane structure, which anybody who is not too compromised in her/his capacity to reflect readily recognizes is a condition which seriously hampers the capacity of the body to detoxify.

In its frantic attempt to stealthily cull human beings generally, not wanting us to discover the power of thought – reflection – and prayer, the other dimension has been LITERALLY bathing and submersing us in TOXICITY; accordingly, TOXICITY literally abounds and clogs our entire system. Again, in a nutshell, we have:

    1.    GLUE – starches, refined flour, refined carbohydrates, homogenized and pasteurized milk, refined sugar and refined salt.

    2.  SUPER-GLUE – Heavy metals and radiation


    4.And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, everything bathed in a solution called “WATER” so toxic it beggars belief! This WATER which we are made of, 50 to 90% depending on age – google it! – is currently typically derived from: TOXIC SOFT-DRINKS, TOXIC TEA (laden with herbicides and pesticides, which clearly only kill herbs and pests, RIGHT?!?), TOXIC coffee (again, a crop laden with herbicides and pesticides, which clearly only kill herbs and pests, RIGHT?!?), and, above all, TOXIC so-called PURE WATER…ever looked at that wonderful toxic plastic in which they store that WATER?? Where do you think all those wonderful plastic chemicals go when the plastic reacts with the heat? According to some internet power-point presentations, it has been implicated with breast cancer! But only breast cancer, RIGHT? DUH! “Men, for those testicles, they are an aphrodisiac!” And for the brain, they no doubt really are an elixir, AN ELIXIR TO CULL AND DULL THE MIND, STEALTHILY, DEAR READERS. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE EVERYONE!   
         MIX the POOR AIR, POOR WATER, with the POOR FOOD, ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION, WAYWARD DENTAL PROCEDURES, including the placing of MERCURY (second most Poisonous metal on the planet!) in your teeth as fillings. WITH A DIABOLICAL TOXIC BIOLOGOCAL AND CHEMICAL COCKTAIL, everything from your neuro-toxic sunscreen to your toothpaste, to your neuro-toxic, cancer-causing fluoride, to your neuro-toxic sweetener, aspartame, and taste enhancer, MSG, et al  – and, IMPORTANTLY LATELY,  immersion in radioactivity from Japan, AND YOU HAVE THE PERFECT HUMAN STEALTH-CULLING COMBINATION OPERATION!

    ADD to this the magic of creating a class to SERVICE this operation, the HEALTH-CARE ESTABLISHMENT, the members of which LITERALLY BELIEVE IN EVERY FIBRE OF THEIR BEING THE TRITE THEY HAVE BEEN FED AT THEIR RESPECTIVE SCHOOLS, and the entire enterprise is simply PERFECT!  

    More so, since we are totally PROGRAMMED to BELIEVE in every fiber of our Being that EVERYBODY does their absolute very best and knows absolutely EVERYTHING there is to be known ( who in HEAVENS could be so dastardly as to CULL a fellow human being purposely, right?) nobody EVEReven bothers to question what they are taught! WHAT A SCHEME!! Kudos the to the baby gecko who came up with this ploy. IN this vein, Schopenhauer once remarked, “Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think”. But who spear-headed religious dogma? You guess. In any case, in most instances, the scheming is certainly not happening in this dimension, but it most certainly is happening on the other dimension to the extent that the planning is done there and the BEINGS from that dimension come in – are born here – and IMPLEMENT the grand CULLING AGENDA, something probably usually unbeknownst to them.

    ADD to this the fact that the entire system is run first and foremost FOR PROFIT, and not with the OTHER FELLOW BEING in MIND, and the system’s wayward ways are ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to be implemented, for there will always exist a Being in a desperate enough position who will be willing to sanction even the unspeakable, even the atom bombing of innocents or the mass slaughter of innocent lives.
Consequently, lack of health, increasing lack of health, is a process where everybody is kept guessing, public and “EXPERTS”alike: It HAS TO BE IN THE GENES, RIGHT? It is simply brilliant. David Icke’s REPTILES, the little Geckoes, get KUDOS for “human health management” and manipulation. We need to bow to their prowess of taking us ALL for a ride so effectively for THOUSANDS of YEARS, LITERALLY.
    1. Create a craving for something, a need which hitherto did not exist which may be somewhat less wholesome for your being. That craving may not even be anything edible, but rather represent a privilege of the “ruling class”, for it is through the ruling class that they effectively implement their agenda and they set the example for “society”.

    2.  Alter it so as to prove quite detrimental to health, whilst extolling its virtues, if need be.

    3.“Discover” its “terrible” health repercussions, DECADES (sugar, tobacco, salt, milk) or even CENTURIES (heavy metals, lead – lead-piping, for instance-and mercury) later and come up with an alternative which is even MORE TOXIC!

And ALWAYS a point is made of having generations go by, so as to not to have anybody interconnect the dots.

By the time, the truth attempts to see the light of day, the truth is no longer relevant and is replaced by an alternative which is FAR, FAR MORE TOXIC than the prior formula! AGAIN, ONE CAN ONLY SAY: BRILLIANT. KUDOS to the Geckoes! We bow in AWE!

As examples:


1. SUGAR from SUGAR CANE is HEALTHY. It contains Polycosanol which even reduces CHOLESTEROL levels, not that they ever really were a REAL problem, another dastardly fabulous non-issue which has taken the western world by storm.

2. Refine it because it sells better and “white is beautiful”, and it becomes seriously hazardous to your health and causes an outbreak of disease like no other, STEALTHILY, CONFUSING AND CONFOUNDING THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT, whilst introducing it in a widespread manner into daily life to the point where drinking water is replaced by drinking a soft-drink with 20 to 30 teaspoonful’s of the stuff which inhibits your immune system for over five hours by over 50%.

3. DECADES LATER! draw attention to “its” causing OBESITY – long forgotten is the fact that the original sugarcane has nothing to do with the “current” sugar formula – and possibly diabetes…as well as a plethora of other diseases which the establishment readily embraces. Replace it, not through an Indian age-tested sweetener like stevia – they are primitives, right? No, we would not want that, would we? –  through the efforts of a little Gecko called Rumsfeld, with a NEURO-TOXIC, immune-suppressing POISON called aspartame which then enters practically all diet foods and handily enters into the composition of  NEARLY ALL chewing gum! AGAIN, BRILLIANT! We stand in awe, take off our hats, and BOW!!! Can you all see those pregnant mothers chewing that wonderful chewing gum with a neuro-toxic which heads right through into the unborn child via the placenta and straight into that tiny little brain…TWO human beings culled in ONE go! LADIES and GENTS, let’s TAKE OFF OUR HATS and BOW to the little geckoes!!

    1. Salt is introduced as a mainstay hundreds of years back to keep meat and fish from rotting, neither of which we should be eating anyway, for the Bible clearly states “Man was created to eat fruits and herbs”!Refined salt is responsible for inducing cancer and is considered an absolute no-no by the Gerson Therapy which is quite effective in curing a number of cancers and other diseases.

    2.  Salt is finally refined and is “shown” after some time, time enough to permeate the eating habits of the sheople, most of whom no longer even recognize decent salt, to cause hypertension, which serves as a pretext to introduce drugs which stealthily cull far more than salt ever did (ever bother to look at those juicy side-effects?! Never felt any, right?!?

    That must mean that you are a lucky one, right?!? You just won the lottery, fellow, you are GOING to the ISLAND!), which, if you have gathered the point, is the whole reason to have actually undertaken the initiative. Unrefined salt is totally forgotten. Refined salt, much like refined sugar is responsible for a PLETHORA of diseases, simply because they cause metabolic acidosis…see Simoncini and his cancer therapy.

    3.Yet Himalayan salt is not only not unhealthy, rather it is very HEALTHFUL and it certainly does not cause any illness! IN the meantime, taste enhancers like MSG are introduced and, of course, they again are NEURO-TOXIC. What a surprise! The little geckoes have to focus on your pineal gland, your connection to the universe, interfering with your capacity to practice effective prayer! Ever see healthy salt promoted in the main-stream media????


1.    Milk, in its original form, unpasteurized and un-homogenized is not only NOT unwholesome, but extremely wholesome and is used by some to cure chronic degenerative disease in the US.

2.  For over 30 years it was adulterated and finally shown to be disease causing, even linked to cancer! But again, the product milk has absolutely nothing to do with the original product when it first became a mainstay in the average household.

3.Fast forward a few decades after having been shown to be very harmful to one’s health, adulterated milk is replaced by the FOOD AND HEALTHCARE INDUSTRIES by, nothing more, nothing less, than SOJA, the ultimate cancer causing “food-stuff”, the only decent soja being FERMENTED SOJA.

    1. For decades everybody was itching to get a good sun-tan, a tan that would assure a good quantity of vitamin D for the winter, a vitamin which is a highly valuable molecule to the healthy human being and which requires exposure to the sun for its production.

    2.  Skin cancer is attributed to excessive sun-exposure, yet the most aggressive form of skin cancer, the melanoma, is NOT related to sun-exposure at all, for it is more frequent on body parts where there is no or little sun-exposure.

    3. For decades scare-mongering of skin cancer continues, and the unregulated sun-screen industry gets to promote, SURPRISE, their seriously neuro-toxic nano-technology formulas – read poison to the BRAIN. Again, can you just see those little babies’ brains in their mother’s womb getting a good dose of those substances as the mother dutifully lathers it on!!?! TWO in ONE, yet again!! KUDOES to the little geckoes!!

    4.AUSTISM starts to rise with increased SUN-PHOBIA and an increasingly absurd vaccination schedule for toddlers caught up in the VACCIANTION-WAVE, a wave which has lots of DOCTRINE to back it up and shockingly, very little scientific background. But as David Icke points out, vaccination is a favorite culling instrument of the reptilian illuminati, a misnomer if there ever was one, for, clearly, they are not illuminated at all! The only illumination one can readily speak of that the geckoes possess is the control and suppression of humanity courtesy of their privileged access to their brethren in the other dimension who direct the dark forces, for a mere look at humanity and the shambles the Planet is in leaves little doubt that they really do not know how to manage anything at all, at least not in a positive sense.

jjabings, initially considered to be essentially useless before the age of around 24 months (the Japanese example, a population whose members were amongst the healthiest in the so-called civilized world, at least until the nuclear disaster )  because of the relative immaturity of the immune system before that, are later introduced at an increasingly earlier age where both pediatricians and parents can BARELY recognize any repercussions of any vaccination on the child’s conduct and development.


Tobacco is introduced and first chewed, rather than smoked. It caused all sorts of oral cancer. This is handily forgotten! Then the industry took it, manipulated it behind closed doors, treated the tobacco with pesticides, which ONLY harm pests, right? – the dose is so small after all, right?! – and herbicides, which ONLY kill herbs, right? – the dose is so small after all, right?! – and chemical fertilizers, chemicals which are real ELIXIRS for the human fauna,  YOU, right?

And we need all this in order to increase the crop yields, right?? Well, ask any Organic Agricultural Farmer worth his/her salt and you will discover that yet this affirmation is a fallacy. What is TRUE is that agricultural land has become so POOR that it has but a mere 10% or less of the mineral content of what it had 100 years ago. But what does a human being need silly minerals for, when they are ESSENTIAL for a healthful life, right? DUUUHHH!

Lung cancer was investigated for DECADES until the medical industry finally arrived at the conclusion that smoking KILLS you, this after women started smoking in droves and started developing lung cancer as their mainstay cancer killer too, instead of breast cancer. Cancer of the lung went from a third or fourth place to first place in women. Yet, most probably it was never the tobacco in the first place, but rather the SECRET formulae used by manufacturers to addict and cull their addicted clients using tobacco, along with the pesticides, which only kill pests, and herbicides, which only kill herbs, RIGHT?!

The CHOLESTEROL-WAVE – Another fantasy, one which essentially has its origin in toxicity and your poor eating habits!

Essentially a scam….the answer: Food and proper eating habits make this a non-issue. See Andreas Moritz. Basically, a great way to promote ill-health and bog down the person in his body and emotions, one of the geckoes main objectives, as always.

The Hypertension WAVE – Again, essentially poor eating habits (far too much protein!) and TOXICITY.  

Essentially a scam….the answer: Food and proper eating habits make this a non-issue. See Andreas Moritz. Basically, a great way to promote ill-health and bog down the person in his body and emotions, one of the geckoes main objectives, as always.

The ENERGY-SAVING WAVE – Light can determine disease as Ott so aptly showed by observing light-induced Leukemia in Primary School children in the US. 

Incandescent light has been the craze for decades, and lately, because of the energy saving craze organized by none other than your friendly neighborhood gecko, the authorities are SO concerned with our electricity and gas bills, RIGHT?, we are supposed to garner our homes with mercury-based lighting. These have shown to be more energy consuming because of their exorbitant special disposal costs and of course they emit the energy spectrum which includes their composition, mercury, just the second most deadly heavy metal found on earth!

No problem, RIGHT? This metal by the way has to go in the mouth, as fillings for your teeth, RIGHT?, because it is just so good when it comes to its technical properties in your teeth. Anyway, back to those wonderful mercury lights: The added “benefit” is that if they break, then a trip to the hospital, where they will not know how to treat you properly, can be readily assured. Otherwise, the “off-shoot benefit”, when they do break during disposal, is further endangering the environment for anything living on earth. The mercury vapor electric lamp was invented by Peter Cooper Hewitt, a Reptilian, in 1903. The LED light inventor in contrast was from the Light.

The former lights initially saved approximately 30% less energy than the conventional incandescent lights, whilst the LED lights save up to 90%, but since no major backing exists the latter are exorbitant, albeit they last for decades. As those intelligent enough may understand, energy saving is NOT high on the list of priorities of the Reptilian run system when it comes to “concerns” regarding your PERSONAL household expenses, indeed, it is NOT even on their list! Confusing, confounding, culling and controlling is their full-time OCCUPATION!

Microwaving food

Microwaving food was shown to be highly detrimental to health by Dr Hertel, a Swiss German, who was a person form the Light. The inventor of the microwave, Dr Percy Spencer, was obviously a Reptilian.

The conclusion to which one comes is that the reptilian dimension has its work cut out for it when it comes to planning the controlling and culling of the rest of the human population. And it deserves praise for its achievements in having effectively wrought so much misery and suffering upon the rest of the population. The Light of course has to respond by endeavoring to bring Light into the somber picture of this dimension of POLARITY/DUALITY, YIN and YANG, where EGO and an enslaving monetary-based system ensure that the lizards ALWAYS have their way at the end of the day, for one can always find someone to stomp upon the other to gain advantage. 

And it is good NOT to judge the other, for duality teaches you quickly that if one is placed in a certain position in the right context of time and place, then every single one of us, no matter how improbable that may seem at first, is most probably  capable of the most heinous actions at some stage or another. Remember the Balkan wars?! And when one realizes that mere THOUGHT gives substance to this Universe, then we are all liable to be singled out for having sinned in one way or another.

It is paramount for mankind to realize just how inter-dependent of one another we all are. To seek advantage over another is to hamper oneself, and the maxim “Do not do unto others what you would not want to have others do unto you” comes to the very forefront of existence. It is the monetary system which inherently seeks to give one advantage over the other and brings out the potential to bring out the worst in others and oneself! And the monetary system is a FARSE, just like most everything else.

But it has been the reptilian’s focus since EONS to hamper the rest of mankind consistently by hunkering us down in our physical bodies and entangling us in our emotions, for only then can we more easily stray from God’s path as delineated by Christ, His Son. TOXICITY is the main weapon of control, be it through eating habits, dressing habits, drinking habits, or any other form of wayward conduct. It is paramount for the Reptilians that the individual does NOT discover the power of prayer, although unbeknownst to them they too could benefit from it, albeit not by performing less wholesome dark rituals. Divide and rule is part and parcel of the system, at all levels and in all areas of life, be it in politics, religion, law, medicine or education.    

In politics, we have politicians who are bought and paid for by the system, read reptiles, and it matters little whether they are left, right, center, blue, red or green, for they all provide for apparent entertainment and discussion, whilst in reality they all, with starkly few exceptions, represent the same self-serving, pocket-picking, thieving individuals who are out to find a meal-ticket at everyone else’s expense, the electorate. Indeed, it would prove folly to contradict the geckoes’ CCCC directives.

Religion is a freak show, where everyone purports to know the ultimate TRUTH, which in times past fed on the fear and ignorance of the populace in order to effectively exercise CONTROL. Every religion’s god is the real god.

Theology then comes in to provide us with “guidance” and “status” to convince the herd of the “truths” which are convenient to those in power, something which promptly conveniently disseminates discord and dissention amongst members of the same religion and amongst members of other religions, indeed the more the MERRIER!…Much like politics, democracies and political parties! REMEMBER, NO ONE is MORE IMPRISONED than he who is CONVINCED of her/his “freedom”.   

Law is the ultimate playground for causing confusion without end! All those specializations are a breeding ground for dissent and confusion. The entire system is entangled in unseemly legalities. The perpetrator of crimes is the victim in order to foment revolt and revulsion, An individual steals an egg and gets years of prison whilst a corrupt politician who takes everyone for a ride goes home free. Details of conduct are established, contracts are drawn out which no one has the time to read, let alone understand, which are then deemed binding between parties, conditions are accepted in the use of software which NO one but those who created the jargon EVER read, but which you are obliged to agree to unless you want to go back to the mall and return it.
Create specializations, such as oncology, dentistry, endontology, for instance, so that a raison d’être arises which in and of itself will create roots in the system and then give further life to the concept of struggle to the death, independent of the consequences for others, for it is but an imperative to “survive”. The scheme is simply BRILLIANT. 

Create a need where there was none beforehand by introducing some wayward scheme, a need which has a perfectly obvious repercussion to those reptilians who are acutely aware of their interventions and inventions, and then provide an answer to a PROBLEM which they KNOW will arise as a consequence, thereby creating a COHORT of human vectors who will make it their “banner of truth” to defend, to defend the indefensible, to defend the aberration, eg, amalgam – read mercury! – filled teeth and root canals, the latter of which were clearly demonstrated to be lethal to human health by Dr. Weston Price, a Being from the Light, are now routinely undertaken to be performed to perfection, the ultimate abomination which is KILLING an ORGAN, the tooth,  PERFECTLY. And humans are only too eager to play along, for who in their right mind wants to lose their teeth, right???? Lose your health very slowly, imperceptively, stealthily, albeit completely, and ALL IS WELL, right? Let us all go out and get another one of those BRAIN-NUMBING, prayer thwarting BURGERS, RIGHT? Well, not caring for those teeth and perfectly wayward eating habits has ended up placing our health in the untenable position in the first place! SIMPLY BRILLIANT!
So again, we have the following steps of the CCCC program…

    1.    Create a problem where there was none in the first place, no matter if it takes a generation

    2.  Provide a solution to the problem created which in and of itself represents an aggravation of the initial problem, unbeknownst to the flock of Christ

    3.The aggravation leads to greater susceptibility to mind     control, in particular, reduced power of prayer, more effective stealth-culling which may lead to recognition and an increasing of the stakes yet again in order to more effectively stealthily cull the population for a yet more effective round of culling. The air pollution havoc is a case in point, for instance.
CO2 and CO and Ozone levels rise throughout the world. Rising temperatures are implied as resulting from said pollution. Focus everyone’s attention in CO2 emissions and, in the meantime, OXYGEN, that very, very important component for healthful life is overlooked! It has gone from 22% of the air composition in the past 30 years to 10% (TEN PERCENT) in many cities. Is it any wonder human beings are steadily becoming ill at ever younger ages? PLEEEEASE! In the meantime, those CO2 into O2-converting trees are being chopped down at an increasingly alarming rate in the Amazon. 

No world leader has ever recommended paying the Brazilians NOT to chop off their trees, right?  But PETROL is a “sine qua non”, that simply has to be paid for, right? Yet TESLA nearly a hundred years ago made energy devices which did not pollute nor require any fossil fuels, energy from nowhere at no expense to this planet and its inhabitants, inventions which were quickly hidden away by the reptilian agenda banker, J.P Morgan. So it is that man remains in the dark ages. Not for long though, for MAN is waking up, as David Icke so readily points out.


FOOD, along with “HEALTHCARE”, which includes the system’s (read David Icke’s Reptialian) imposed “SOLUTION” (YOUR UNTIMELY DEMISE, ie, EXIT) for the masses, MEDICAL CARE and DENTISTRY, the ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION, which is wild (your mobiles, the GSM towers, the mind-control towers, to name but a very few sources), and the thoroughly POLLUTED WATER (remember YOU ARE 70% WATER!! –WATER polluted with cancer causing agents and endocrine disruptors: breakdown products from your medication,  all those great pesticides and herbicides, and other fabulous chemicals out there) are constantly being claimed to be all so potable and drinkable, and the AIR YOU BREATHE (OXYGEN-deprived AIR, remember, it is HALF of the percentage of its former level 30 years ago in many cities!), perfectly POLLUTED AIR courtesy of those great catalyzer-driven cars the geckoes imposed on us, the emissions of which are FAR, FAR MORE HAZARDOUS to your HEALTH than the emissions from former regular cars ever were!).

The reason why FOOD is so FULCRAL to your ill-health is simple. FOOD is what we are made of, and the FOOD growing under current conditions of TOXIC WATER, TOXIC AIR and TOXIC EARTH is both TOXIC and perfectly deprived of NUTRITIONAL VALUE. 

Almost everything on a typical supermarket shelf is highly refined and highly processed, perfectly deprived of any substance of VALUE. Oh, it has calories, which is where the representatives of the system (the geckoes and those led astray by the lure of wealth and money at any cost!) has focused our attention on a perfectly  useless  parameter called CALORIES and linked it to FAT – nobody wants to be FAT, right?! . IN the meantime, agricultural SOIL, where FOOD grows or from where it receives its nutrition, MEAT, is perfectly deprived of what is truly essential, namely, MINERALS – ONLY 10% of what typical SOIL had 100 years ago is now left! It does not take much of a wakened brain to understand that a great proportion of disease is simply based on very poor nutrition, a tidal change in eating habits…for anyone in doubt,  just look at the sky-rocketing appearance of modern disease in developing countries! 

Add the addition of GMO, another multi-pronged “effort” by the geckoes to CULL all of us more effectively in the name of “efficiency and growing crop yields” in order to feed the hungry – feeding the HUNGRY is really a top priority on the geckoes’ minds just as the health of African children is a top concern on the minds of misguided souls who want to vaccinate the entire population on the African continent, RIGHT?! SURE!! Just how the geckoes are concerned in addressing famine is blatantly patent when one looks at BIOFUEL, another GECKO favorite. 

We need it because we are running out of an energy source, RIGHT? IN the meantime, for anyone even faintly aware of the implications, it has become patently obvious that the spare decent agricultural land now left is being poisoned, LITERALLY, in an effort to enable high-yield biofuel crops, which because they are not destined for HUMAN CONSUMPTION can contain excess amounts of all sorts of wonderful chemicals which end up, where? The answer is simple: In the WATER and in the AIR and throughout the ecosystem, and ultimately in your food and body. The geckoes are LITERALLY mad, for they do not want to relinquish control of the system they created, a system which guarantees subservience because of a structure which essentially recklessly seeks personal gain at the expense of your neighbor…if need be, anything goes!

The media is TOTALLY controlled by the “Reptilian AGENDA”, as David Icke likes to call it. In fact it is the Confuse, Confound, Control and Cull of the human race agenda, the CCCC. Should any further proof be required please revisit the SWINE FLU NON-EVENT, the BIG, BIG, BIG-TIME TV EVENT, a 24/7h MEDIA BLITZ-KRIEG! WHAT MASTERY? TOP to BOTTOM ORCHESTRATION with the SHEOPLE COMPLYING in a BIG WAY! albeit to a far less ENCOMPASSING EXTENT, ALAS. AND EVERYONE THOUGHT IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, RIGHT?? WRONG!! IT WAS ALL ABOUT CULLING, CULLING YOU AND ME!!!! COOKOO, WAKE UP!! ARE THOSE BRAIN CELLS STILL FIRING, GIRLS AND BOYS?? If they are not, then READ ON, or perhaps give those nerve cell synapses a rest first, for your attention span now probably first needs to RECOUP:


Just like everything else, finance is based on fallacy. We start out with a fractional reserve system which literally rips you off through inflation, which is not immediately devastating, merely BARELY PRECEPTIBLE, since the 10 to 1 leverage the banking system enjoys makes for reckless lending practices. Hence LOSS of purchasing power parity is rarely ever focused on by anyone involved; instead, it is the concept of inflation being the barometer. THE STORY is ALWAYS the same: DECEIVE, MISGUIDE, CONFUSE, CONFOUND and CONTROL. 

Again, as everywhere else, the same technique is deployed: Focus the flock of Christ’s attention on something that is not quite the issue, then re-focus on a specific which indeed is of even less consequence. It is thus that the financial pundits all concentrate their attention on “core inflation” as well as an incredible plethora of variables, all apparently very significant and readily justified, yet diverting us, the sheople, from questioning the absolutely essential: Where in fact does all that MONEY come from? 

You then suddenly discover that the Central Bank issuing the world’s Currency Standard, the FED, actually is a PRIVATE institution, the members of which are merely suspected (they are members of the 12 families who reign on this planet, the geckoes representatives, namely, apparently according to David Icke, the Rotschilds, the Rockerfellers, some Royals, etc), an institution which has NOT been audited since inception (read Congressman, one of the few honest members of the US congress,  Ron Paul’s book “End the Fed”). We are supposed to believe that those who have NEVER been audited, an elite group, have been more than straight-forward over the entire past century, whilst having hidden their roles throughout the entire period. OF COURSE, THEY WERE! Good little boys and girls, right? 

So, a central banks then hands out notes which YOU believe gives you some sort of purchasing power the next day you awake, a piece of paper which has been conjured up out of NOWHERE. They have given YOU that which they do not have and that which is not theirs to give in the first place! Worse, they have given you NOTHING but a sheet if paper which you shall discover is indeed worth NOTHING. So, dear human being you then proceed to go out and buy that which you did not need with that which you did not have, with that which someone gave you, something that was not even his to give to you in the first place! 

They submerge professionals in all sorts of trivia – all those wonderful parameters everyone on Wall-Street follows and feeds on – and then print at WILL! All the while, of course, a tremendous sense of propriety is maintained. Well, GIRLS and BOYS, watch the movie THE INSIDE JOB and see where that sense of PROPRIETY HAS GONE!! What an incredible rip-off. Can it be a surprise that the US Dollar has lost over 96% of its purchasing power in the last 100 years. For those of you who are still in position to count and reflect, a testimony to your great resilience, 1,000,000 (one million) is now 40,000 (forty thousand) and that courtesy of buying everyone and everything in their sight, at YOUR expense! 

IS it any surprise that POLITICIANS SERVE THEM? PLEASE!! WAKE UP! OBVIOUSLY, the police serve them too! In the meantime, the planet is a SHAMBLES! A testimony to the greatest of misnomers for these sad individuals who call themselves the illuminati is the state they have left the planet in, no doubt a tribute to unbridled GREED and the incredible organizational power of the reptilian dimension to so effectively and steadfastly control their pawns on this dimension, thereby implementing their Confuse, Confound Control and Cull AGENDA.

Listen to JFK’s address regarding secret societies on youtube! Little did he know they were actually members of representatives of another dimension! The problem with the grand plan is that, besides desecrating a wonderful planet, the pyramidal structure they have created with the current human population size is such that the base of this pyramid has become incredibly large, meaning that too many of those who benefit are now at risk of also losing everything with their programmed implosion of society. See Alex Jones’ youtube video on the “programmed economic collapse”!

They, the geckoes, have made us DEAF, DAFT AND DUMB and truly TOXIC to the brim in every imaginable and unimaginable way POSSIBLE, out of fear we are going to take back control and leave the energy they so yearn for behind with them. Well, we are, despite all the odds.


Any surprise that EVERY YEAR teaching standards are going down, better grades are being achieved with ever-decreasing levels of language proficiency!? Yet entrance into the universities remains a challenge. Why? Well, they want as many non-thinkers as possible! The HERD. And those who do STILL think, despite all odds, they want to necessarily “use” in their structure, but only having thoroughly programmed and formatted them and significantly bolstered their EGOS. Brilliant thinking, no!!? Let’s take off our hats again and BOW! Yet they have to keep most of us dumb!!! They do not want us to REFLECT or, God forbid, or even think of MEDITATION and PRAYER. And we are not supposed to construct a proper prayer, are we??!! But there are some for you at the bottom of this presentation!

The entire pyramidal structure of command is designed to literally ENSLAVE us all. They use the ELITE to exercise and implement their plans, they always have. The elite, even at the cost of their prime pieces, like the royals, poor royals, lower case “r”, pave the way for the rest of mankind to cull itself, for we always SEEK to emulate the RICH and the “high-ranking”, the “elite”! Little does most of the “elite” realize that they are all dispensable pawns in the eyes of the darkest one. 

In India, it is the rich who can buy the deadly vegetable oil for frying , the poor ONLY have GHEE, the stuff that does not CULL. But, alas, it is the RICH who are getting “INEXPLICABLY” ill, CULLED. Oh, yes, what is happening??? Let us ORDER a complex DOUBLE-BLIND trial and make it BIG! Then CONFUSE and CONFOUND, for there are simply so many variables and these can always be twisted with the right people in the right places, and the Lord knows, there are always people around in a system like this, and it could be YOU or ME, quite literally, given the wrong circumstances. So, live and let live, forget and forgive, let us move on from this nightmare of a DUALITY gone wrong, seriously wrong, courtesy of some wayward lizards who did not know better and the entire population of human beings who have been playing their part perfectly, the part of the proverbial Flock of Christ, heaving disrespect on fellow beings and desecrating the planet perfectly. 

The human race has won a whopping, mind-numbing OSCAR AWARD/Nobel Prize (another little gecko, by the way, who served the dark well by creating an elitist structure which filters out the inconvenient TRUTH which hardly ever sees the light of day, despite the best efforts of members from the light within) for playing the part so, so well. Fooling MANKIND into believing that we are ALL doing our very, very best for one another is simply INGENIOUS. Lets us give them as standing ovation! A pity the entire planet has to be mindlessly sacrificed, a tribute, alas, to their, the GECKOES, sheer STUPIDITY!!

Yes, GIRLS and BOYS, whenever MONEY is at the forefront of whatever we undertake, there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, the tendency for the geckoes to have their way. THIS IS A RIGGED GAME!

So, embrace the MOTTO, COMPLETE, NOT COMPETE. And RELAX; REFLECT, and PRAY, PRAY HARD, but first focus on that which will boost your vitality and power of prayer!

    1. Get off fast foods and soft-drinks immediately! Eat more fruit and vegetables, ORGANIC! Throw out that microwave! At a minimum, disconnect it form the plug, for microwaves often are emitted not only when the machine is actually on, but also when it is plugged in, believe it or not! Drink clean, pure WATER…a REAL challenge nowadays with all the plastic bottled water! GET YOURSELVES A WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM (H2O concept 2000).

    Watch this juicy video:
    2.  GET YOURSLEVES SOME PRILL BEADS and add them to “mineral water”, but only if you have no amalgams or metals in your mouths, for otherwise you will end up distributing the heavy metals throughout your body instead of ridding yourself of them. EAT ORGANIC. READ ARNOLD EHRET’s THE MUSCUSLESS DIET SYSTEM AND RATIOANAL FASTING, THEN READ Patrick Holford’s works on decent eating habits. Drink “proper” water, not plastic bottled rubbish or highly toxic tap water. AND NO, the water coming out of your tap is not great at all, it is a TOXIC chemical soup unless you live in a big city in Canada or another rare city in Central Europe.

    3.Go to a holistic dentist. Check your teeth, most likely they are a MINEFIELD for your health! After treating your teeth properly, ONLY THEN, undertake a proper detoxification program. Read Andreas Moritz’ work, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. If you are sick, read SICK and TIRED by Robert Young.

    4.Get off any drugs, SLOWLY; go to a naturopath or alternative healthcare practitioner, shun the medical establishment, unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure the person is not brain-washed and formatted by the system, a very tough call

    5. Avoid vaccination like the PLAGUE, except for the absolute essential. Go to Dr. Mercola’s site and and do your own research. The vaccination blitz on humanity is a major corner stone of the gecko agenda, for it seriously crucifies your health, albeit stealthily. READ DAVID ICKE’s books. The reason for the early vaccination schedule, in Japan formerly only after the age of 2 years of age, a country where the incidence of autism is very low, is for the damage to occur during the wee years of age where modifications of conduct and development are barely noticeable, BARELY PERCEPTIBLE, only gross alterations being detected by the children’s doctor or mother…when they are not too TOXIC to notice!

    6. DRINK AND BATHE IN DECENT WATER. DEMAND DECENT WATER! PRAY for it! IN the meantime, get yourself a decent water filter!! 

    Unless you live in certain cities in Canada or Europe, your water SUPPLY is most likely laden with ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS, these molecules mess with your MIND, WITH YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, WITH YOUR OVERALL HEALTH! GUESS WHAT BOYS, THEY MAKE YOU LIKE GIRLS, AND GIRLS, THEY MAKE YOU LIKE BOYS! THEY CONFUSE; LITERALLY! THEY LITERALLY INDUCE DISEASE. GOOGLE “Endocrine disruptors”, if you are in disbelief, and check out what happens in FISH in those rivers!

    MALE FISH GROW FISH-EGGS, YES THEY GROW THE FEMALE SEXUAL ORGANS!  Oh, you are not a FISH! No you are NOT, YOU are a special being who is TOXIC BEYOND your WILDEST DREAMS! Where does this great water come from? The herbicides, pesticides, the molecules stemming from all those drugs everyone is taking nowadays and NO ONE IS LOOKING FOR and which are being recycled and reintroduced into the water supply. The experts’ eyes are TUNED to heavy metals and parasites, ALL erstwhile problems! The typical Gecko M.O., namely, have you focus your attention on issues of the past which they had us create in the first place!

    7. STOP microwaving your food and any drinks. It destroys the food and drinks. Check out how plants wither or grow depending on whether the water is microwaved or not! You are not a plant, you might retort? No you are not, but you do eat them or you do eat that which does eat the plants. And remember, you are above 70% water!

8. Study anti-microbials, particularly HERBALS and other natural remedies to properly deal with parasitic infections. Forget TOXIC pharmaceuticals, for they will TAX your health severely!

    9.Stop using your mobiles without good earphones (see mercola’s site). Demand lower levels of radiation, pray for makers of units to come out with units which emit harmless radiation within months. Current mobile phones literally fry your brains over time!

    10. Stop watching TV daily. Be criterious in what you watch. ABOVE ALL, STOP Watching the Gecko controlled NEWS! Go on the INTERNET and scour for a decent news source. Take a nap in a dark room, for only if it is dark will you actually rest! Realityzone is one of many, Wikileaks is another. EVER wonder why “they” are trying to crucify the man who owns Wikileaks?? Watch movies like the Matrix, this is it, The Island, WE ARE the ECHO’s and the DELTA’s, most of us are only FOXTROTS because of our LOW, LOW level of consciousness, and The Thriteenth Floor!

    11.  Stop listening to destructive radio and music…heavy metal, metallica, rap, all reverse beat music, etc., AVOID All those subliminals

    12. Take more time out. Meditate and PRAY! Ask God of the Universe for ABUNDANCE BEYOND MEASURE, ABUNDANCE YOU MAY PASS ON TO OTHERS, NOW, FOR PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH, FOR PERECT HARMONY, DAILY, in the morning, preferably, spend more time with family and friends, in the SUN without any brain-toxic, cancer-causing sunscreen, whilst keeping a keen eye open for all those CHEMTRAILS the GECKOES are having sprayed down upon us. Undertake something to help others see the Light. 

    Help your friends and those whom you do not know or apparently care for to the extent they want to accept your help, do not interfere with their WILL or impose your beliefs upon others, and discover how life can FLOW. ABOVE ALL, DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERs WHAT YOU WOULD NOT HAVE OTHERS DO UPON YOURSELF….that goes with thinking too! And make an effort not to JUDGE, NOT EVEN THE LITTLE GECKOES WHO ARE TRYING TO CULL YOU! SEND THEM LOVE, JOY AND LIGHT, preferably in ABUNDANCE!

    13. Focus on opening your 3rd Eye and develop your inherent Power of Prayer so that you may discover your true POWER, the PATH TO TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSLNESS and develop the perfect HARMONY WITHIN YOU. RESPECT AND LOVE OTHERS.

    14. Recognize that it is in “DIVIDE AND RULE” and “BARELY PERCEPTIBLE” that their, the geckoes’ trump cards reside.

    15. Recognize that mankind can ONLY SURVIVE in its current structure when – sooner rather than later, for TIME, is a construct of this dimension (physicists insist that there is, in GOOD TRUTH, NO TIME, NOR SPACE) – it becomes CRYSTAL CLEAR TO ALL that we can no longer COMPETE WITH ONE ANOTHER, RATHER WE HAVE TO COMPLETE ONE ANOTHER! We are like droplets in the Ocean which is this universe, like a cog-wheel in a highly complex and sophisticated Swiss watch in which the tiniest part in this intricate structure CANNOT go missing without compromising the watch’s finction, without putting the time-piece’s ENTIRE FUNCTION into question, without putting perfection into question, which, in our case, dear reader, means, LITERALLY, putting our existence into question. YES our existence is in INNIMENT DANGER!! So no matter how big or small YOU FEEL, REALIZE, WAKE UP!, the WHOLE will NOT FUNCTION. Just like the WATCH, some larger cog-wheels will potentially be in intimate contact with more cog-wheels, but, when ONE SINGLE cog-wheel is NOT PROPERLY integrated, your TIME-PIECE is USELESS and, at a minimum, cannot be trusted! 

    Thus, it behooves all members of mankind to ALWAYS RESPECT HIS FELLOWMAN, Practice patience, tolerance, acceptance and, importantly,  recognize that without the other, the WHOLE would fall apart and not function, which, as mentioned, in our case, implies becoming EXTINCT; and it could happen sooner than we think in light of the fact that the Gecko and its cohorts are so deeply unconscious of  their dependence for their own continued survival on the rest of us, that we ALL risk succumbing to a disaster far greater than the atomic nulear power plant disaster in Japan, for the geckoes are convinced they can survive without us. But the Light shall prevail!

    16.  Beyond this very basic but crucial realization, there is an immutable TRUTH, which necessarily implies that MONEY CAN NEVER be an ultimate objective, rather it has ALWAYS to be secondary and indeed has to be faded out of existence over time once and for all. The effort we all have to undertake is to realize that SERIOUSLY ADDRESSING OUR OWN TOXICITY – Chemical, Biological, ELECTROMAGNETIC – is at the FRONT of the LIST of ABSOLUTELY MUST DO’s as well as to consciously DAILY PRACTICE RESPECT FOR OTHERS, LITERALLY HELPING OTHERS, in whichever way one can, and to PRACTICE REAL Prayer, REGUALARLY, not prayer which is envisioned by most religions, for many sought only to control. And dear fellow Being, REMEMBER, when that tiny little cog-wheel, the one which seems most insignificant, gets RUSTY, just remember what happens to the WATCH, the WHOLE, US, MANKIND! In the meantime, also, do remember that there are forces out there which are bewildered and rather malevolent, so do rid yourselves of toxicity, pray, for the power that lies within every single Being to realize his/her dreams, provided they are for the HIGHEST GOOD, is beyond nearly everyone’s imagination!

A venue for real prayer:
Some prayers you may want to contemplate…and, yes, they do work! Believe, remember, both Jesus Christ and Nemo BELIEVED
God of the Universe, please give me peace of mind and spirit, serenity and tranquility permanently within the next 24 hours, give me perfect clarity of thought and capacity of reflection which illuminates my mission in this dimension/on this earth, give me courage, fortitude and determination to accomplish and fulfill my mission perfectly, without disturbing the harmony of my Being minimally, and restore my mental, emotional and spiritual health perfectly within four months and restore my physical health perfectly within 12 months, whilst enhancing the harmony of my Being perfectly. Thank you.
God of the Universe, please purge me completely, immediately and permanently of all sense of fear, of all the emotions and sensations which accompany fear, please purge me completely immediately of all sense of guilt, of all the emotions and sensations which accompany guilt, please purge me immediately completely and permanently of all sense of shame, of all the emotions and sensations which accompany shame, please purge me immediately completely and permanently of all sense of apathy, of all the emotions and sensations which accompany apathy, without disturbing the harmony of my Being and whilst retaining the wisdom, the knowledge and understanding my Being acquires on this journey throughout this my life and my different lives. Thank you
God of the Universe, please bless my food (the food on the table)/my drink, transmute anything harmful to my Being into harmless immediately, make it eminently and perfectly beneficial to my Being. Thank you.
God of the Universe, please bless all angelic Beings and pure soul beings who live and work in this house, purge all evil energies of the universe from this house and garden immediately and permanently bless absolutely everything and permeate absolutely everything perfectly with unconditional love and the Light of the Universe, everything which now and at any moment finds itself in and is an integral part of this house and the garden of this house, create NOW and PERMANENTLY an impenetrable, inviolate, invisible and indestructible and incorruptible shield in the face of all evil forces and harmful energetic forces of the universe, and consequence of the same, surrounding this house and the confines of the garden of this house, including the shared garden walls of the neighbors of this house. Thank you.
A very short and very incomplete LIST of HOW the little geckoes, David Icke’s Reptilians, have been dumbing us, Human Beings, down and keeping us TIED DOWN in our BODIES AND EMOTIONS, LEST, god-FORBID, WE REMEMBER TO REFLECT, PRAY, BECOME MORE SPIRITUAL AND PRY OURSELVES FREE FROM THEIR CONROL!

Hence a FAR from exhaustive list follows of how the ingenious Reptilians have been and are interfering with our level of consciousness, women, as mentioned earlier, being the prime targets for concern, indeed fear, of their greater potential for harmony in this dimension and their greater potential power for prayer and hence impact on the Universe and consequently release from control, control which is so perfect that barely ANYONE is aware of just how seriously formatted they are. It bears repeating that most Beings in this dimension, meaning practically ALL of US haven’t the slightest clue about what life in this dimension of DUALITY is all about, but that is EXCATLY how the GECKOES and their dimension, the planetary system of Niribu, wants it. They want us under their complete CONTROL, closing our 3 eyes and keeping us all hunkered down in our BODIES and our EMOTIONS, lest we reconquer our power to shape this REALITY and realize we can do without them! So it is that we spend our lives, NEARLY all of us, nearly flawlessly executing our missions, frequently not to our highest good and certainly not to the highest good of all, courtesy of our guides and angels who seek to jolt us with non-coincidences in our lives which, most often, we do not understand or even perceive – which is exactly as the geckoes would have it for it hinders our finding the Light – resulting in our constantly having to relive on this forsaken dimension called Planet Earth, a great prison were it not for some pathological lunatic reptilian brains who believe that desecrating GAIA, Mother Earth, is part and parcel of a grand plan. 
Change in time – “day-light saving” (typical construct of the reptilians to confuse our biorhythms)

Change in the yearly calendar courtesy of the little gecko Pope Gregory XIII who created the Gregorian Calendar, formerly we followed the rhythm of the moon and had 13 periods per year and Gecko Greg had it changed to 12, to confuse the female cycles in particular (use a search engine for “circadian rhythms”)

TV (subliminals) – most programs are permeated by mind-control material, particularly the news, soap operas and advertising

Destructive Music (Reverse beat) – scrambles the brain, so one cannot reflect or think straight

Chemtrails– the ultimate weapon being rained down on the unsuspecting flock of Christ!

Cosmetics– The ladies just lather it on as if the skin was not the body’s largest organ and as if it did not absorb whatever was in the poisonous cream/lotion
Lipstick(lead laden) – the ultimate stealth weapon worn for vanity’s sake which serves as the perfect vehicle for all sorts if destinations!!

Lighting (mercury and neon) – Another CCCC agenda item, one of the more recent ones, energy never really was an issue, neither is the size of your bill a concern. If it ever is, and it is, for, to the contrary, the higher YOUR expense the more beholden and enslaved YOU are, but alas it is the MERCURY in the light that is of interest, for, whilst you live under it, it STEALTHILY CULLS you, for mercury lighting weakens the immune system, it reduces your vitality – Don’t believe it? Investigate how they already demonstrated that poor lighting induces LEUCEMIA in children at primary schools in the US over half a century ago!

Earrings– These usually are METAL and the piercings are usually made in an area corresponding with the PINEAL GLAND, your connection to the universe, and you thereby hamper your potential for prayer….how convenient! Women and men who love piercings! And of course, noblesse oblige, society obliges you to have a pair, preferably BIG ones, to keep up with appearances and demonstrate your status. As ALWAYS, the geckoes want to hamper you BADLY if you are in a position of influence and power!! Obviously, the metal in your ears also messes with your energy flow in the BRAIN, which is of course the point. Better still, if less noble metals are used, then these intoxicate locally and in the corresponding acupuncture region, in this case, the BRAIN!

Belts– Again, a triple whammy! On the one hand you strangle off the abdomen from the pelvic region, interfering with digestion, absorption and irrigation, creating reflux, relative obstipation, relative indigestion, and hernias, then you have BARELY PERCEPTIBLE interference with RESPIRATION, which those who deal with PRANIC healing know the fundamental importance of, and, on the other, the metal buckle interferes with the MAIN meridian of energy flow in your body, the CENTRAL Meridian! What does that mean? You investigate! The metal zipper had the same function when it comes to interference with energy flow of the energy meridians. BARELY PERCEPTIBLE is the OPERATIVE CONCEPT!! We shower praise on the REPTILIAN DIMENSION for their BRILLIANCE! Indeed, we should BOW in AWE!!

Metal Jewelry (necklaces, wedding rings) – Metal necklaces interfere with the energy flow of the kidney and liver meridians, FEAR and ANGER are thus amplified. JUST WHAT THE GECKOES ordered. The metal WEDDING ring interferes with the triple warmer meridian and the metabolic energy meridian and when placed on the left hand it is female related. Further, it is a finger which is related to VITALITY, so placing a metal ring there crimples VITALITY, get it?! The emotion related to the ring-finger on the other hand is anxiety and preoccupation, and a ring here, the tighter the worse, enhances these emotions! Wonderful, LADIES and GENTS!

Piercings– See above. Depending on their placement, we have interference with the corresponding organs/body regions and corresponding emotions.

Change in pitch – This seemingly small change had a profound effect on the human psyche for this pitch is out of harmony with our beings and is thus DISHARMONIOUS

Female circumcision – The clitoris in the female has its energetic equivalent in the ……..

Preservatives– These ingredients besides being toxic to a BARELY PERCEPTIBLE OFFICAL ENTITY-APPROVED EXTENT are also preservatives of your own BODY, something you would usually only want to consider for mummies.

MSG (taste enhancers) – another neuro-toxic

Fluoride– neurotoxic and also shown to cause bone cancer in children, that is obviously why it is in the water supply and in your toothe-paste, or did you really think that someone cared for the wellbeing of your teeth??
Your next-door neighbor maybe, your average human being not bent on making the biggest buck out of you might, but not those who implement the reptilian agenda through remote missions on this dimension.

Tampax– Dioxins in the structure, just BARELY PERCEPTIBLE, yet strategically located next to the source of future generations! THE OVARIES. What foresight! Such planning is taking place on the reptilian plane that it befuddles the mind!

MobilesDig into findings of the Swedish Karolinska Institute to find out just how damaging the radiation is to you. Neuro-surgeons appanrently AVOID mobiles like the plague!

Episiotomy– Another juicy procedure which most women who can still give child-birth “normally” undergo and which, as always, BARELY PERCEPTIBLY, interferes with both the CENTRAL and GOVERNING MERIDIANS, the two most important meridians of the BODY, your body being that of a woman, hence you are considered a major threat…indeed throughout millennia!

Female contraceptives Just about the most toxic SOLUTION to HUMAN CULLING, sorry, “Family PLANNING”, avaibable.   

High heel shoes – dissociates the two hemipheres. Again, it is the WOMAN who is the real THREAT

Rubber soled shoesThis little gimmick reduces your conncction with Mother Earth, it alienates YOU. And it also interferes with your natural capacity to detoxify! AGAIN, the effect is BARELY PERCEPTIBLE, absolutely PARAMOUNT!

Marking the forehead (3rd eye) in some religionsthis is a sense WE ALL had, and it was by curtailing this sense that we were made WHOLLY dependent on written and spoken language for communication, which is wholly unsatisfactory for it dampens ones capacity for EMPATHY and COMPASSSION, for it is all too dangerous for us to FEEL and UNDERSTAND our fellow HUMAN BEINGS, that being exactly how the geckoes want it, DIVIDE and RULE!! It is a very basic principle, for if it is in COMPLETION that HUMANITY can ACHIEVE PERFECTION, then it is in DIVISION that IMPERFECTION is GUARANTEED. BUT WHY, you may ask, ALL THIS CONCERN?  BECAUSE YOU, THE AVERAGE HUMAN BEING, is FAR MORE POWERFUL THAN the GECKO run system would like to EVER HAVE you REALIZE. EVER. YOU are CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD!! THEY TREMBLE, LITERALLY, at our DISCOVERY OF THE SAME. We can be REALLY FREE! We can PRAY FOR ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE FOR US AND FOR US TO PASS ON!!

BaptismIN certain RELGIONS, this ceremony is also a strategy to CLOSE THE 3rd EYE!

Watches First the manual, then the automatic, and finally the QUARTZ! With each generation, the concept of TIME which PHYSICISTS INSIST does NOT EXIST, with each GERNATION of “EVOLTION”, let us call it EVOLTIONARY IMPLEMENTATION OF CONTROL by the GECKO dimension with each new generation the concept of time becomes increasingly IMPRESSED on the HUMAN psyche!

Bras (interrupt meridian energy flow and lymphatic flow)ALL IN THE NAME OF VANITY. with toxicity accumulating in the most sensitive tissue of the female gender. But no problem, all we need to do now is create guidelines to regularly radiate the two breasts to properly increase their risk of becoming seriously ill, all in the name of good science and preventive “healthcare”.

Anti-perspirants/deodorantsrelease of toxicity, which is supposed to FLOW and be ELIMINATED through the arm-pits, is hampered. Anti-perspirants raise levels of TOXICTY, local and general. All those great breast cancers waiting in the wings to pop out of nowhere, those special hereditary characteristics are of course the culprits. Add the BRA and you have the PERFECT COMBINATION to increase the ODDS of BREAST CANCER. And remember the secret: BARELY PERCEPTIBLY, intoxicating and the CULLING

Refined sugarLike so many other foods, sugar went from GOOD (pure unrefined sugar cane) to BAD (refined sugar) to a “SOLUTION” (not yours, the GECKOES’) which is DEADLY, your TABLE-TOP SWEETNER (aspartame or equivalent)

Refined salt Like so many other foods, salt went from GOOD (pure unrefined seasalt, celtic salt) to BAD (refined salt) to a “SOLUTION” (not yours, the GECKOES’) which is DEADLY, your TABLE-TOP FOOD taste enhancer (MSG)…remember when food did not need taste enhancers? Possibly not, because all you knew were prayer inhibiting, biological, chemical, energetic-TOXIC BURGERS (remember that before they were injected with over 40 antibiotics, chemicals and synthetic hormones, they actually drank that toxic soup called WATER!)

Refined flour – Now here is a product which is doubtlessly one of the BEST EARLY CULLERS, no doubt invented and introduced as a staple by some little GECKO, for it induces CELIAC DISEASE and other great allergies which obviously interfere with digestion and absorption and obviously the entire well-being of a person. REFINING IT merely had the advantage of removing the little NUTRITIONAL value it initially had. This is basically a staple which CLOGS the HUMAN SPONGE as does the REFIEND SUGAR

Refined carbohydratesCLOGGERS of the SPONGE, helps to keep the toxic soup in our system

Homogenized milk – CLOGGERS of the SPONGE, helps to keep the toxic soup in our system. Cancer-Inducing

Soja (soy) derivatives – Cancer-Inducing, the typical GECKO SOLUTION, your DEADLY SOLUTION, the latest replacement to what is nowadays seriously adulterated milk!
Fast-food – The GECKO SOLUTION to the LACK of TIME

All “LIGHT” and many “DIET”-labeled products have the ultimate brain-toxic SOLUTION, aspartame or an equally unhealthy equivalent

Practically all chewing gum containing the artificial sweetener, BRAIN-toxic and immune-toxic, aspartame –

Microwaves – Dr Hertel, a Swiss-GERMAN doc, showed this process to be utterly unwholesome over 20 years ago!

Sunscreens – BRAIN-TOXIC CHEMICALS containing the latest nano-technology which crosses the blood brain barrier of mom and the child she carries – CULLING TWO HUMAN BEINGS IN ONE, not to mention the stuff you catch when you lie down on someone else’s sun-lounge…pass it on!!

Pesticides/Herbicides/Chemical fertilizers – These are great culling agents which when used in small quantities fit the required formula: A BARELY PERCEPTIBLE CULLING MECHANISM of ACTION. Oh, some brain-washed idiot or little gecko will say these are required to contain the pests and the herbs and increase the YIELDS. Sure, show me the unadulterated SCIENCE. READ David ICKE to find where they find the pseudo-science.

Radiation from nuclear bomb testing With the need to defend themselves, radiation was spewed into the atmosphere over decades, literally! Then we had Chernobyl and now we have Japan. Now we have the very serious fallout from Japan which was GECKO custom-made! The doc even mentions the REPTILIAN BRAINED men, poor souls!

Depilation –Disconnects the person, scars them and sets them up for better uptake of BRAIN-TOXIC chemicals from the sunscreens that follow. VANITY is the root cause as is the need to conform to the NORM of beauty no doubt setup by some little GECKO whose mission it was, probably unbeknownst to him/her, upon incarnation

Subliminals (radio/TV/CDs/DVDs) – Mind control is the objective, KEEPING US CALM and ENTERTAINED whilst they CULL the HUMAN HERD.

Lighting (neon/mercury) –– HUMAN CULLING – as if they EVER were concerned with your bill – posturing as energy saving. Some countries’ authorities have shown that it COSTS more ENERGY to dispose of the TOXIC MERCURY – second most toxic metal on the planet! – than the purported energy everyone actually saves!

Metal fillings/toxic composite fillings – 53% mercury – see , the second most toxic metal on EARTH which is just fine and STABLE in your mouth…a crime towards humanity according     to Otto Warburg, Nobel prize-winner of Medicine over 70 years ago!  According to the EPA the mercury content of ONE molar filling poisons a 100 square meter lake making the fish UNFIT for human consumption

Metal braces – Stainless steel, sounds NOBLE right, now graces the teeth of children and adults for vanity’s sake, and this alloy slowly releases wonderful cancer causing nickel and chrome and other delightful metals, whilst the mid-line crossing interferes with the connection of the two hemispheres of the brain.

Metal dentures Same toxic advantage of braces

Some toxic materials in plastic dentures – search the net

Coloring for the hairHighly toxic chemicals applied to the skin out of the sake of VANITY and absorbed directly into the SKULL, ie, BRAIN

Endocrine disruptors in the water (your shower-water/your tap-water) where you are encouraged to take showers DAILY rather than baths, for in showers you are confined into a small cubicle where you can BREATH in those wonderfully toxic vapor–laden ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS and receive them on your SKIN, the BODY’s largest organ the last time I looked

Drinking water form plastic bottles (we are 75% water) – the plastic contaminants make the water unfit for human consumption. We complain about all the plastic, but we see more and more of it.

Heavy metals – The ALL TIME favorite of the GECKOES, first LEAD and now MERCURY. It is the super glue of your terrain, your human sponge body!

Lead piping – great to promote insanity as it did regularly in the Romans.And then you thought INSANITY was peculiar to the ROMANS! No, it is typical of lead poisoning!

Lead crystal glasses This is the same technique as is currently being used by the PLASTIC BOTTLED WATER we all drink and also the Mercury lighting, it affects the structure of the water, making it LITERALLY LEAD-like, just like the plastic bottled water of today makes the water PLASTIC-LIKE! I’m a Barbie girl, life in plastic it’s fantastic…for a Gecko from the other dimension perhaps!

Drinking Alcohol – Many great souls have been culled by the vice! It should be noted that many human’s favorite drink is wine, something that JESUS CHRIST NEVER EVER DRANK. However, the GRAPE provided a great drink, one that cleanses the body as Arlnold Ehret discovered when he decided to cure most diseases known to man over 90 years ago. Any wonder the Rothschilds have the finest vineyards in the world? ?!? Little geckoes, poor little geckoes, so rich, and yet so sad and poor. Any wonder, vineyards are sprouting up everywhere in the WORLD?? The grapes are for WINE ONLY, not for GRAPE eating or GRAPE JUICE! So chique. Oh, yes, ever so chique!

Chlorine in the water (reacts with organic matter creating carcinogens) – just wonderful that daily morning or evening shower.

Catalyzers (VW experiment with flies) –  Much like everything else, the mercury lighting etc, etc, the catalyzers were never needed to be introduced except to CULL us, the HUMAN RACE, better than before. Flies placed behind the conventional exhaust became really drunk, LITERALLY, whilst those behind the catalyzers LITERALLY DIED. Oh, yes, “we are NOT flies”, replies the reptilian or hamburger laden human being!

All pharmaceuticals All synthetic and alien molecules to the body, some are great for one thing and an absolute DISASTER for other things, but providing it is BARELY PERCEPTIBLE, RIGHT?! No problem! All those side-effects which only affect your neighbor in any meaningful way, providing it is BARELY PERCEPTIBLE and way down the road! It could have been that breathe of stale air you had the other day at your friend’s, or the drink, or , or , or , or……ooops, we shall need a thorough INVESTIGATION!! Something really SCIENTIFIC, preferably using language the author does not really understand himself! Bring out the heavy fire-power, the scientific big-wigs the geckoes will pay off with money created out of nowhere in order to reach the geckoes desired conclusion. We stand in AWE! For we are true believers of all the HUBRIS they present us with!

Chemtrails –having become more and more frantic in their attempts to CULL us more quickly and perfectly, they have resorted to more dramatic measures, namely having toxic chemical rain down on us on a regular basis.

Forceps/Suction – Cripples the skull and the brain, but BARELY PERCEPTIVELY …J

Cutting the umbilical too soon deprives the youngling of oxygen and nutrients  Nothing like an OXYGEN-deprived start to life in this dimension, EH?!

jjabing –First place FAVORITE of the GECKOES along with HEAVY metals, indeed, to some extent they are one and the same.

Biopsies a wonderful way to SPREAD the DISEASE. One really wonders whereall of us have their BRAINS!

Incubators and the tendency for isolation- Deprives CHILDREN of LOVE, the driving force of the Universe

Grains/cereals Same implications as flour. CLOGGER of the HUMAN SPONGE

Modern Toilet seats (pubo-rectalis muscle does not relax and leaves just a little bit of TOXIC stool in rectum!) – BARELY PERCEPTIBLE REDUCTION in VITALITY and…CAPACITY FOR PRAYER, GIRLS and BOYS

Grinding of grain – in the past a great source of ruined teeth, considering all those little stones in the bread.…bad teeth, bad health, boys and girls!

Meat eating (biological-chemical-energetic bombs) – upper end of the food chain does not require much brain power to gather the implications. People, study Biology 101, if you are still capable of the feat! These poor animals which we treat with so much disrespect, see Meet the Meat, are close to the top of the proverbial FOOD-CHAIN!

Fish eating (chemical-HEAVY METAL-Radioactive-energetic bombs)

Destruction of food through heating – The evolution of heating “FOOD” has been wonderful for mankind, in particular when viewed from the Gecko’s perspective, for it has served him, the GECKO, more than well. The Bible insists that man was created to eat FRUIT and HERBs, not much veracity in that statement nowadays. It does however give you a great notion of just how far mankind has been led astray from his path!!

MICROWAVES – the practical and convenient culling tool

Pots and pans – Whilst heating DESTROYS the value of most food, the pots just add that little bit of METAL to the mixture. Oh, it is only just a little!…the BARELY PERCEPTIBLE DOSE. that is bound not to harm you! And the authorities have approved it, haven’t they? Yes, those cute little geckoes did!! Cute, cute, cute! Give them a little hug.

Asbestos – Great for those lungs!
….and the list is interminable.
To sum up, the human state, in what is called DUALITY, after the GECKO dimension has finished with it, is indeed most pathetic.We are being led around by the nose, LITERALLY, like the proverbial flock of Christ. And Einstein once reportedly quipped that the difference between Genius and Stupidity was that whilst “Genius has its limits, human stupidity does NOT! Given the HIGHLY TOXIC STATE OF AFFAIRS MANKIND HAS ALLOWED ITSELF TO BE MANOUEVERED INTO, it is really little surprise that WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO! Sadly, the “Elite”, no doubt one of the saddest misnomers ever applied in any context, quite clearly does not either, FOR THE PLANET IS A TRUE SHAMBLES, very near to BEYOND REPAIR, save through God’s intervention, and happily for us all, even the few geckoes who may yet see the Light, this moment may be upon us all, and may it be sooner rather than later, for this is an experiment that has truly gone awry.

So, let’s WAKE UP like David Icke suggests, give the GECKOES their well-deserved applause for numbing our minds for millennia, and STAND UP and take the necessary STEPS cited above and then PRAY to GOD of the Universe and his Archangels and Angels for LOVE, JOY, COMAPASSION, ABUNDANCE for yourself and that one may pass on, and bid farewell to one heck of a ride courtesy of the Geckoes!, thanking God for our SPEEDY DELIVERANCE and their speedy passing on back onto their very Dark and DENSE dimension, …or, if it is their will, to join us in the LIGHT!

And if you focus on but ONE single thought about these reflections, then make it the following: That Mankind can redeem itself by having each and every one of us shift our FOCUS from COMPETITION to COMPLETION, remembering that FINE and PERFECT Swiss Watch, where ALL wheels, BIG and SMALL, need the SAME attention, the SAME RESPECT, Acceptance and LOVE, even the “seemingly lowliest”, that little lost gecko, monarch or little Rockie or little Rothie, for us to finally live Heaven on Earth. Some would say that 20% of the pieces in such a perfect time-piece are redundant, but, alas, ask the watch-maker, only at the expense of PERFECTION, which is where God of the Universe would have us when we set our minds to it. 

And working out of COMPASSION, GIVING without thought of RECOMPENSE should not prove too much of a leap when we remember that we have spent a life-time working for something someone has created out of thin air, simply to enslave us! Also, remember that when you charge someone for something you are detracting something from the act of giving, particularly if it is a service, of doing something, or being able to do something for your fellow man without thought of recompense. So go out and help others to the extent it is possible for you to do so, without compromising your own integrity, for to do so would entail disrespect for your own BEING and for the WHOLE, and do not judge others, geckoes or whatever Being, for they have their own road to travel on….and remember to thank God yours is your own, and remember that the power that lies within because you are created in the IMAGE of God, provided you take the appropriate STEPS, is BEYOND your IMAGINATION, until you DETOXIFY and lead a more wholesome LIFE-STYLE!! Difficult for many, but DOABLE for MOST, depending on how CULLED you find yourself! And remember that the power of prayer is intimately related to your degree of consciousness which in turn has the capacity to determine your and everyone’s reality!
What the pseudo-Elite fails to see is that the pyramidal structure of society is now such that the base has broadened quite considerably, a structure which they depend upon to execute their insane plans to cull humanity on a grand scale. Now it shall not take too long for the majority of this base to understand that they too are expendable according to the geckoes! According to a gecko even their child is expendable, if that child does not meet expectations
Check this one out now:
and may as many of them as possible, see the Light too!
Fortunately for us, God of the Universe has not foresaken mankind as we are not at the complete mercy if the Reptilians and their Niribu planetary system, an influence which God has kept in check, literally, through our brothers and sisters from the stars from the Galactic Federation of Light, an impressive grouping of higher consciousness Beings comprised of Beings from some of the most advanced civilizations in the Universe, amongst which are the Sirians from the Sirian planetary system, which act at the behest of Heaven. We can look forward to their intervening, sooner rather than later, and disclosing the Truth of just how we have been deceived over the millennia and revealing the technology which shall ultimately free mankind forever! Count on magnificent spacecraft literally covering the skies, for there are billions of them, and lest the media attempt to convince you that they are invading us, I invite you to use your common sense, and ask, would they ever need to with such overwhelmingly superior and magnificent technology?!

And remember: Your own Being most probably comes from just one of those planetary systems!! Seeing is believing, it is said, and we shall indeed see. Welcome living and embracing the TRUTH as opposed to living the BIG LIE! Live FREE, in LOVE, COMPASSION, JOY, ACCEPTANCE, UNDERSTANDING, and FOGIVENESS. Remember to PRAY and MEDITATE, but FIRST and FOREMOSTLY undertake the other necessary steps mentioned above, particularly all measures involving detoxification and intoxification and life-style changes, for without them you will doubtlessly be hampered in your power of prayer and, most probably, at some point, stray from any wholesome path!!
David Hawkin’s Levels of Consciousness
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