Use a Website’s IP Address in Case it’s Banned – Easy How To

Lately, the war to regulate the informational free flow over the internet reached a new level. With quietly voted laws, like ACTA, incommode websites can easily be banned. But there’s another way to access your favorite website: by IP address.

Here are 5 simple steps to find a website’s IP address:

1. Open then START menu,  type “run”, then hit enter:

2. In the newly opened window, type “cmd” and hit enter/OK:

3. A black command prompt window will appear.
Now type “ping” followed by the name of the website
(e.g. ping humansarefree.com), then hit enter:

4. The website’s IP address is the repetitive numbers series.
It is composed by four numbers (0-255), separated by periods:
The IP address for HumansAreFree.com is:
In case it ever gets banned, just type this IP into the address bar and press enter.
Now you can make a list of IPs for all the websites you enjoy.

5. Another way to find a website’s IP address is to visit one of the following websites: