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Reptilian Creator Gods in Australia: Gold Miners and Human Eaters! + Intentionally Buried Monuments [Revised]

Puzzling together small pieces from long gone ancient cultures, I always end up with the same pattern.

No matter how distanced by space or time period, all major cultures have the same or very similar creation stories: Serpent/Dragon/Reptilian “gods” came down to Earth in flying crafts, genetically engineered the humans species, offered them knowledge, and eventually returned to the stars.

Another striking feature of our ancient history is the link between “gods” and gold.

All ancient cultures – same story!

I. The Reptilian Creator God of Australia (aka “The Rainbow Serpent”);
II. Pyramids and other ancient sites – intentionally buried;
III. The human and reptilian connections;

I. The Reptilian Creator God of Australia

Connecting our true history to modern science

While watching the latest series of Ancient Aliens on History Channel (S.03 – Ep.10), I was exalted to find almost the same creation story in Australia, as everywhere else on Earth. Not only that, but things will get even more amazing on the way.

Before proceeding, please, allow me to make a brief introduction and tell you how the creator gods are usually described by our ancestors (all over the planet).

The serpent gods, the Reptilians, were very advanced in technology. They came down to Earth in flying vehicles and they were able to genetically alter our species. The official story – written in clay tablets, wall paintings & carvings or  passed on orally, from generation to generation –  is that they used DNA from a female primate, combined it with some of their own DNA and upgraded the primates into a new, better species…we, the human beings.

The reptilian gods upgraded us three times, perfecting their creation. Our modern science confirms three sudden evolutionary leaps and invented a theory trying to explain the unexplainable. The theory is called ‘bottleneck population‘ and refers to the ability of a species to suddenly evolve into a better species when facing extinction (highly unreasonable and improbable, in my opinion).

But there is another interesting scientific fact that supports the reptilian involvement in our evolution. All modern humans can be genetically traced back to one female that lived in Africa, about 200,000 years ago.

Are you interested to know the definition of ‘Human’?

Humans (known taxonomically as Homo sapiens, Latin for “wise man” or “knowing man”) are the only living species in the Homo genus. Anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago.

The Rainbow Serpent – Another Reptilian Creator God

19:20 Near the city of Cooktown (16 miles South), Australia, resides the Black Mountain. A huge formation of stacked up black granite boulders. Who stuck them together and for what purpose?

The Kuku Nyungkal people are the descendants of the first local tribes of Australia. Their stories are amazing, speaking of lizard-like creatures who used to live there. They are the Creators of their ancestors and refer to them as ‘Demons’.

(Read more about the Reptilians and their connections to the Bible and St. John’s Revelations
The correlations between Reptilians, Demons and human possessions);

As all the stories involving reptilian ‘gods’, the rainbow serpent also used to eat humans.

28:20 The most plausible explanation regarding why did the reptilian ETs stacked the gigantic rocks together, is that they were trying to cover something up, to erase their tracks.

But what were they trying to cover? In 1872 an expedition found massive quantities of gold in a nearby river. Within 20 years, 55 tons of gold have been removed. This is another huge piece of evidence that reptilian extraterrestrials genetically engineered humans in that area, in order to use them as gold miners.

(The oldest metropolis on Earth was discovered in Africa and was dated to be 200,000 years old. Just as old as the ‘mother of all humans’ and, more importantly, on the same continent. It cannot be just a coincidence!

The history of the African people is held and passed on from generation to generation by Zulu shamans. The story of their creation speaks of reptilian gods who came down to Earth searching for a metal they were in great need on their home planets: gold. They’ve created the first people of Africa as working slaves. Click HERE to read article). 

II. Pyramids and other ancient sites – intentionally buried

1. The Egyptian Great Pyramids have been found half-buried in sand. Today’s Egyptologists say they were covered by sand storms (idea promoted by the corrupted ones), but I am almost certain that the powerful winds actually uncovered them.

I also recommend you the article: The truth about the Egyptian Pyramids

2. The pyramid of Senusret I,  Lisht, Egypt
“The valley temple of Senusret I’s complex is buried beneath considerable sand and a Roman cemetery…” – TourEgypt.net


3. The Mayan First Temple
In the book “The Cydonia Codex: Reflections from Mars”, by George J. Haas & William R. Saunders, they write: “…ancient Mayan pyramid that was intentionally buried around 50 BC…”

4. The Teotihuacan site, Mexico
It has been difficult to find these old images showing the Mayan ‘Pyramid of the Sun’, located in the Teotihuacan archaeological complex. But they are so rewarding!

The Pyramid of the Sun, today:
At the peek of its glory, the Teotihuacan complex was probably the largest inhabited area in the world. As many as 200,000 people once lived here. Teotihuacan means ‘birthplace of the gods’

The Mayas had a complex pantheon of deities whom they worshiped and to whom they used to offer human sacrifices. The great god was named Kukulcan (a.k.a. Quetzalcoatl) and the Maya history says he came to Earth from the star system of Pleiades, in a flying fire ball.

He is depicted in both human and reptilian shapes.
In the human form he was a tall man, with white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes (in many cultures their gods are described just like that), while in the reptilian form he was a feathered serpent that ate humans. 

He was known in all Mesoamerican cultures, but under different names:
Mayas – Kukulcan, Aztecs – Quetzalcoatl or Incas – Viracocha.

He was worshiped as the creator god and returned to the stars (Pleiades) when his mission ended.

5. The Chinese Pyramids
Not many people know that China has pyramids on its territory. In fact, China is probably the richest country in pyramids in the entire world! Some say it has as much as 300 pyramids, but nobody seems interested to say more to the general public.

6. The Bosnian Pyramids
I wrote several articles about the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, near Visoko, and the current censorship that is taking place.
You can read more:

7. Göbekli Tepe: 12,000 years old temple
If you are not familiar with this discovery, please CLICK HERE for my article.
Fragment from an interview with Gobekli Tepe’s lead archaeologist, Klaus Schmidt:

“Q: Why was the site buried in 8,000BC? 

A: No one knows. But the way the dust is packed around the stones shows that Gobekli was entombed deliberately, and with some care.”

This is some of the evidence I was able to gather about the – intentionally – buried pyramids and temples, around the world. But there is still one pregnant question that is hunting me:

“The reptilian extraterrestrials buried these gigantic constructions, but are they the ones who built them in the first place?” I don’t think so, because I was unable to find any connection between the reptilians and the construction of these structures. None!

III. The human and reptilian connections – my theory

Based on my research, I do have a theory regarding the human and reptilian connections.

I think that a better human species existed on this planet long before the reptilians came here. It was a very peaceful and spiritually evolved species that was able to work within the Creation. They’ve probably mastered lost knowledge, like alchemy and they were able to work with crystals and create whatever needed with little or no effort.

My guess is that they were a small society, living in the warm areas of the planet. They were farmers and fruit gatherers, entirely vegan in diet. They were probably having group meditations for keeping the waters fresh and their food healthy. Their common goal was most certainly to evolve as a species, not as individuals.

They knew that humans are infinite and immortal as spirits, therefore they were not afraid of death. Probably they welcomed death, because it was nothing more than a ‘change of vehicles’.

I think they were able to remember their previous incarnations, and if so, most certainly with the help of the elders. They definitely had spiritual schools where they were taught about life’s purpose and spiritual evolution.

By contrast, the reptilians were cruel warriors, lacking mercy or empathy. They arrived on Earth seeking for gold, a metal much-needed on their home planets. They probably tried to brake our free-will and make us work for them in the mines. If humans were like I imagine, then the reptilians had no means to brake us. They chose to exterminate us (we stood no chance against them!) and instead they’ve created a lesser human specie, by combining human and ape DNA. 

Our modern science admits that the human DNA is very strange, indeed. Not only that we should have had more than 2 DNA strands, but we only use about 2% of them! How mind boggling is that?

So, instead of upgrading us into a better species, they in fact downgraded us into a lesser one – making us obedient and controllable. The two sudden leaps in our evolution, before Homo sapiens sapiens (the modern human), were probably their first ‘versions’ of human-ape hybrids. Obedient and controllable, but not intelligent enough for gold mining with sophisticated machinery. So they tried again and again, until they made us intelligent enough to work with their machines, but dumb enough to be controllable.

We’ve lost the capability to remember our previous incarnations and we don’t understand life’s purpose anymore.

The third and final version of hybrids, also contains reptilian DNA – David from Inua, says. The reptilians wanted to make us closer to them as a specie, and accept them as our masters with ease – and that’s exactly what happened. The newly created human species interbred with the previous two species, diluting their reptilian DNA more and more over time.

But some of them were chosen as our leaders and asked to keep their DNA pure. They have been taught how to control the masses and how to perform human sacrifices for their leaders. In exchange they received power and wealth. They were not treated as working slaves and received some knowledge from the reptilians. In time, they become known as ‘royal families’ and led the humans according to the secret agenda of their masters.

When humans become too many and too hard to control, the reptilians went in their huge underground cities – just like the Sumerian tablets state. If they are still there or not, I don’t know. Maybe they eventually left, leaving behind their royal hybrids to carry on their agenda: the further enslavement of the human species and their constant demand for gold – as my previous articles suggest.

But now it doesn’t matter how many things the reptilians took from us, it doesn’t matter how much pain and sufferance they caused, it doesn’t even matter if they are still here or not!

If you remember that we have a common goal – to be united and evolve as a species, not as individuals – then we’ve won!

Much Love to All,
Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com