Scientists: Global Consciousness Exists & Interacts With the Physical World

Coherent consciousness creates order in the world. Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth

When human consciousness becomes coherent and synchronized, the behavior of random systems may change. Quantum event based random number generators (RNGs) produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones.

But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, our network of RNGs becomes subtly structured.

The probability is less than one in a billion that the effect is due to chance. The evidence suggests an emerging noosphere, or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.

Global Human Consciousness Reacting to the September 11 Terrorist Attacks

The Global Consciousness Project is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers. We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in 70 host sites around the world.

The data is transmitted to a central archive which now contains more than 12 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials every second.

Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We predict structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events. The data overall show a highly significant departure from expectation, confirming our prediction. Go to the Main Menu on the left to learn how the science is done. For some philosophical and interpretive perspectives, look to the Aesthetics menu.

Subtle but real effects of consciousness are important scientifically, but their real power is more direct. They encourage us to make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world. Large scale group consciousness has effects in the physical world. Knowing this, we can intentionally work toward a brighter, more conscious future.”

GCP Team VS. Wikipedia

As I have stated many times before, Wikipedia is just another brainwashing tool, promoting established ideas by means of censorship, truncating facts and spreading disinformation.

While reading the GCP Frequently Asked Questions, I was pleasantly surprised to see a firm reaction from the GCP team against Wikipedia’s misleading article.

Q: I looked up Global Consciousness Project on Wikipedia, and it appears that the editors there don’t think much of the GCP.
A: “Yes, we have noted that the Wikipedia article on the GCP changed substantially sometime in 2008 or 2009 from a previously reasonable state. We believe this is the work of a couple of non-neutral editors (evidently passionate skeptics), who “revert” efforts to correct errors of fact or attempts to create balance. In the discussion page, I made some comments about the situation, which produced an invitation to say what errors I see in the article, and a promise to try to fix them. Here is our discussion of skeptical bias in the Wikipedia GCP article. This is the best we can do until Wikipedia takes care of itself via its slow but sure process of signal replacing noise.”

Roger Nelson (GCP Director), Oct 27 2009 – “The Wikipedia article on the Global Consciousness Project is marred, apparently having become the focus of biased editors with an agenda. It has always been controversial, but in my view it improved over several years to become an informative encyclopedia article with reasonable balance as of some time in 2008.

I don’t pay attention often, but in late 2009, I discovered it had been redone in what is termed on Wikipedia a POV, in this case one of obdurate and uninformed skepticism. For example, the first paragraph, which should be an introduction of the encyclopedia item, immediately informs us that skeptics question the methodology of the Project. In itself that’s not seriously out of line, but the documentation for that statement is not what one expects from an authoritative source.”

Infinite thanks to all those involved in the “Global Consciousness Project” for their amazing work and congratulations for making a stand against censorship and disinformation. You are currently writing a new chapter in the science books and your work will be properly acknowledged and understood by the future generations. Much Love!

[UPDATE] Gregg Braden about GOES satellite anomalies during the 9/11 events:

GOES Measuring the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field   Notice the anomalies during and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Source:The Global Consciousness Project – Princeton University;