Resource Based Communities: Sustainable Communities And Nature Preservation

Resource Based Communities: Sustainable Communities and Nature Preservation

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Resource Based Communities is dedicated to education, preservation, and sustainability. Our mission is to work together to acquire and preserve vacant land for sustainable living environments and educational centers for the public.

We wish to volunteer our efforts for the sake of reconnectinpeople to the planetg, ridding ourselves from the consumerist culture that is commonplace today.

As a 501c3 Charitable Organization, we will use funds and resources as intelligently as possible to meet our need for sustainability, and also to prove that successful communities can be established while replenishing the environment around us.

These sustainable communities will educate people in a way that is respectful to the Earth and everything on it and hopefully ease the transition to a Resource-Based Economy.

– Mitchell D. Jacobs
of Resource Based Communities 

For more information, please email: [email protected]