Are We Ready For The Coming 'age Of Abundance?' Dr. Michio Kaku (full)

Scientific Lecture: Getting Ready For the Coming ‘Age of Abundance’

An interesting lecture about where we are heading as a species, from a scientific viewpoint. Even thought it hosts speakers like Michio Kaku (brilliant mind, but financially corrupted), the presented information will be a revelation for many. 

I have decided to share the lecture with you, because there is something that I deeply believe in: no matter how many of our liberties will be taken from us, and no matter how much weapons they plan to use against us, the human species will prevail. 

If we’ve managed to come this far, I have no doubt that we will be able to evolve far beyond today.

Watch from 15:50 onward to skip introduction:

A big part of our history is about massacring the world’s intellectuals and scientists. The Roman Empire, for example, was a military state, where soldiers obeyed without question. The brilliant minds of all conquered states have been massacred. 

The truth is that no dictator ever encouraged free thinking, because it was challenging his own power. A recent example was the Nazi regime – a military state where intellectuals have been wiped out. Without wars and suppressed technology, our world would have been a Paradise.

By Alexander Light,;