War Flag in Europe: UEFA 2012 — Chinese TV Ad

The upcoming UEFA 2012 soccer championship is being promoted in China in a very peculiar manner: bombers are carpet-bombing major European capitals, like London (UK), Paris (France) and Rome (Italy), tanks and rocket launchers releasing their deadly shells and soldiers are shooting the sportsmen.

But the most disturbing subliminal message is the clash between a human team, represented by a Lion, and a non-human team, represented by a Serpent.

Flagging a War in Europe — Humans VS. Serpents

In my interpretation, it is the war between humans and reptilians. We can clearly see that humans have very expressive faces (during the video, one is able to read joy, pain, distress, etc. on their faces):

The Lion’s Team = Humans

Meanwhile, the non-humans seem to be wearing inexpressive masks with black eyes. When the serpent power is being “activated”, the leader’s eyes become bright red — just like serpent’s:

The Serpent’s Team = Non-Humans
A clear representation of both teams and their “avatars”:

The clash between the two “teams”:

The result of their clash is a war in Europe, where prominent capitals are left in ruins:
UK, France and Italy are left in ruins, while tanks are visible on the ground
Carpet-bombing London, UK
Bombers before dropping their load over London’s prominent tower, Big Ben 
Multiple-barrel rocket launcher in action
Tank and soldiers fighting on the ground – Apocalyptic scenario
Soldiers shooting at the human team
The singer resembles a dictatorial figure, wearing a black army-style coat

This TV ad is either flagging a war in Europe, or trying to make a statement. For those who have eyes to see, the message is there.

Much Love to All,
Alexander Light,