Aurora Shooting Drill Held Same Day as Massacre

I didn’t want to write anything about the Colorado& theater massacre, but things got a little more complicated.

There is evidence that the attack was staged, in order for the government to take away even more of our liberties. They are now planning to take us the right of owning and carrying a weapon for personal defense.

Minute 5:28 : “Colorado University held identical drill, the same day as the Batman massacre”.

After studying the pattern of their fabricated terrorist attacks for years, to me, this is irrefutable evidence that the Batman massacre was staged. 

Just as it happened in the 9/11 attacks, 7.9M Mexico earthquake and the 7/7 London subway bombings, identical drills were scheduled to take place in the same day and the same locations where the actual events occurred. That’s no coincidence, but is in fact the exact modus operandi of our criminal governments.

The US government has a history of faking attacks and creating “terrorists” out of CIA agents, or mind-programmed humans: FBI Coax Muslim Into Bombing US Capitol + Top US Fabricated Attacks

Read everything about CIA’s illegal human research program into behavioral modification, called Project MK-Ultra.

A very interesting addition is Lil Wayne’s most recent video, where he is performing in a movie theater full of skeletons…12 to be specific, which happens to be the exact number of victims shot and killed in the Aurora theater massacre. This may be a coincidence, or a sick Illuminati ritual. As everyone should know by now, they control the musical industry for ages.

By Alexander Light,;