National Geographic Promotes the Alien Invasion False Flag

The “alien invasion” BS continues. National Geographic is interested to find out which presidential figure would handle an alien invasion better: Obama or Romney?

“President Obama and his staff might have to be on high alert for an alien attack if the predictions of many Americans come to fruition. Nearly one in five (19%) think Washington, D.C., is the most likely landing zone for a UFO. And more than one in four (28%) think one would touch down in Roswell, N.M., which is certainly best known for unidentified flying objects. 

Furthermore, many think officials have put a tight lid on what they actually know, as nearly four in five (79%) believe that the government has kept information about UFOs a secret from the public. Whether or not the White House is being buttoned up about UFOs, the commander in chief would need to let loose on aliens if our nation were being threatened. 

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans think Barack Obama would be better suited than fellow presidential candidate Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion. In fact, more than two in three (68%) women say that Obama would be more adept at dealing with an alien invasion than Romney, vs. 61 percent of men. And more younger citizens, ages 18 to 64 years, than those aged 65+ (68% vs. 50%) think Romney would not be as well-suited as Obama to handle an alien invasion.”

The indoctrination continues on the main stream media TV channel MSNBC: