The Spanish Revolution Continues

This is from Valencia, Spain, about ten hours ago. But you wouldn’t know from watching the media, because they’ve already made the decision not to televise the revolution.

Share this widely if you stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Spain, who continue to fight the culture of banking corruption and greed that rules governments worldwide.

Coal miners joined by thousands of supporters, marched in protest across Madrid (Spain’s capital) last month, angry at government cuts. Spain is facing austerity across the board, in return for 30 billion Euros to rescue its ailing banks and a year’s grace to reduce its deficit. The Prime Minister is slashing social security and unemployment benefits, while raising taxes.

Here is another protest properly done by the Spanish people, eight months ago, in Madrid:
Madrid has only 3.3 million citizen and just look at how many of them are out in the streets protesting. That’s what I call a properly done protest, and I think it’s impossible not to make yourself heard!