Why is UK Preparing for War, Instead of the Olympics?

Instead of making preparations for the 2012 London Olympics, the United Kingdom seems to be preparing for war — fueling even more the speculations of a false flag terrorist attack.

The UK’s military is currently deploying some of the most effective surface-to-air missiles in the world, the Rapier missile systems, at a number of sites across the capital. This makes me wonder: what kind of “terrorists” are they really expecting, and why is the press allowed to disclose the location of the AA installations?

“The Iranian network Press TV published an interview on its website, with the US Military analyst Gordon Duff, who says he has highly credible information that Israel might pull out a false flag attack during the London Olympics and blame it on Iran, to push the US into war with the Persian country.

In the same day that Press TV published it, Sky News released a video interviewing an insider at G4S firm, who says the private security of the London Olympics is a joke and there’s a 50% chance of deadly weapons get snuck into the Olympic village.”

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