My Perspective on God and Religion

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, 

Many of you have asked me if I am a religious person and if I believe in God. I have finally decided to offer a public answer to these two questions.

1. Do you believe in God?
2. Are you a religious person? 

Introduction (Later Update)

I believe in Love, Compassion, Empathy, Oneness, Selflessness, the Greater Good, and in the concept of a Higher – Common – Consciousness.

The Old Testament contains stories describing the arrival of the Anunnaki on Earth, long before the recorded history. These stories have been selected, corrected, truncated and even contain additions, in order to make them fit a legend that never happened.

Religion is a form of control based on dogma and fear. It strips the human beings of their power and knowledge, and instead feeds them fear and insecurity.

The Biblical God is a fictional character, based primarily on the Anunnaki supreme ruler, Anu, whose name translated as the “Sky Father”. He also borrowed traits from Anu’s sons, Enki and Enlil, and many of their actions were later attributed to the Biblical God.

This is the reason why there are still passages in the Bible that say “Gods,” instead of “God”. And this is why the ancient religions worshiped multiple gods, instead of one. For example, the gods of the ancient Greek were the same as the gods of the ancient Romans, but known under different names.

All religions, including Christianity, are based on the ritualistic worship of the Anunnaki. And that’s why the clothing, the rituals and the temples of the Christian priests borrowed so many traits from the pagan ones.

Please observe that all religious people consider their religion to be the “true one,” and so did all other religious people before them. There were many religions in this world, and millions of believers died and/or murdered in the name of the religion under which they were born, strongly believing they were doing the right thing.

So, what do Christianity, Islamism, Hinduism and Buddhism have in common? They are all used as brainwashing tools by the priests, who – unknowingly – control and enslave mankind in the name of the Anunnaki, for millennia.

So, are you asking me if I worship Anu and support the enslavement agenda of the Anunnaki?

1. It is impossible for me, as a mentally sane and spiritual person, to literally worship a cruel and egocentric punisher, who demands human and animal sacrifice to his name. 

Secondly, after studying our true history for years, I have discovered that many of the biblical stories are Sumerian and Babylonian legends. The Anunnaki were the ones who demanded human and animal sacrifice (in sadistic, blood rituals), and they are the ones who used to kill and eat the first born human children.

But I have no doubt that there are spiritually elevated beings in the higher realms, operating within the “All that is” in ways we cannot yet comprehend, being able to seed worlds and life in such beautiful ways that we can only start to imagine. 

It is selfish, close-minded and naive to think that we are the only existent beings in this multiverse.

David, the child from Inua, revealed that somewhere “above” “All that is,” in the form of an ocean of the purest energy, resides a being that we could decode as a “Supreme Creator.” 

David explained that the highest goal of each living thing is to return to the Source, by dissolving into this ocean of energy and becoming a Co-Creator and one with everything that there was, is or will ever be.

Giving the fact that everyone and everything is energy in different states and forms, it makes more sense to me to imagine that, if a Creator exists, it probably exists as an ocean of vibratory energy of the purest form, rather than a physical humanoid, constantly demanding to be praised. 

According to Albert Einstein, “What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.” 

Therefore, the human body is low-vibrational energy. The higher one’s vibration is, the lighter the body — until there is no need for a body at all.

The purest energy is infinite Love, Wisdom, Compassion, Empathy, Altruism and Bliss. Some call it Nirvana, others call it Heaven. According to David, our goal is to become this pure energy once again, so we can return to our alleged Creator, and “pour” back into the ocean of Love from which we have originated.

So, here is a far better version of God – if you really need one.

2. Regarding religion, my answer depends on how would one define “religion”. If you are referring to these corrupted cults and dogmas created by the Anunnaki to enslave mankind, then my answer is NO! I will not blindly follow these false teachings, and I will not bow before a Satanist pope and secret society member working for the Illuminati. 

Did you know that the mission of the first priests was to conduct the rituals of human sacrifice and to present the fresh blood and organs as offerings to the Anunnaki? In exchange, they had received high positions inside the secret societies, power over the people and the permission to amass wealth.

I do not deny that there are a lot of wonderful and spiritual priests around the planet, and I Love them with all my heart, but they need to know the truth and stand firm against the corruption and deception that is going on inside of the highest circles of power (of their religious institutions). 

For example, the wealth of the catholic church is enormous, as I have presented in one of my articles — while more than 30,000 children under the age of 5 die of hunger each single day. 

Did you know that according to the “Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations”, we need only $30 billion/year to eradicate hunger on planet Earth? 

(Also, if we invest money in sustainable programs, we can eradicate scarcity of any kind, with almost no financial effort, in a short period of time).

The world’s religious institutions have the greatest power over the masses, greater than any governmental institution, including the army. Have you ever heard of a religious cult who firmly stood against corruption, deception, famine or wars in our history? I, for one, have not. 

But I’ve heard of the Christian crusades, where millions died (mostly executed by: beheading, hanging or even burned alive). Millions also died (even though the number was recently – artificially! – reduced to tens of thousands) in the most gruesome ways and after enduring torture, during the 354 years of Spanish inquisition.

And did you know that the Christian and Catholic churches have big investments into the war industry (steel production, oil and gold extraction, etc.)?

So, why would I (or you) bow before these corrupted institutions, created by the Anunnaki, with the sole purpose of deceiving and enslaving mankind?

The “religion” that I crave for, is a spiritual state of Love, Unity, Oneness, Empathy, Wisdom, Altruism and Respect for “All that is.” 

This “religion” cannot be taught — it can only be felt, and this “religion” has no representatives, because it is already present in all human beings.

I hope everyone understands that I do not intend to fire up a religious debate. I honestly Respect you and your believes, and I know for fact that all beings have a supreme, common, goal: to complete all their missions, learn all their lessons, and return Home – wherever that might be. 

~ I’ll be seeing you all back Home ~

Love and Oneness,
Alexander Light,;