Avengers Movie — NWO — Connections

A video compilation by NexusX22:

“The Avengers is gaining popularity throughout the World and is one of this years Blockbusters, taking in nearly over a Billion dollars at the box office in just the first two weeks alone. 

Despite the high-octane action as well as the great CGI effects, this comic book action hero film carries with it a disturbing and hidden message. For those whose eyes aren’t open the message has a subliminal and manipulative subconscious effect on you 

Watch this and see the revelation of this message before your eyes, the hidden symbols and meanings that are right in front of you, but if you aren’t up to speed on this it goes unnoticed. 

This video I made goes behind the scenes and brings you the REAL STORY on the propaganda that is rampant and rife in this film. Prepare to be amazed and have your eyes opened.