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Dear Friends,

Many of you are already protesting and taking action against the corrupted system, and I receive your articles and videos via email or posted in the comments section. I am delighted to witness this mass-awakening and the unprecedented desire for taking action and making the world a better place.

Before we can transform our planet into a world of Peace, Love and Unity, we must bring down this poisonous and corrupt system, designed to enslave mankind and keep it in a constant state of misery and suffering.

The solution is for us to unite as one, in peaceful mass non-compliance, while awakening our brothers and sisters to the truth. 

Are you an activist? I welcome and encourage your articles and videos.

All you need to do, is copy-paste your article and email it to me

If you would like to submit an article already posted on your website or blog, please send me the link and I will make sure to post it as soon as possible (you will receive the proper credit and the article will link back to your website, YouTube account or Facebook page — whatever you choose).

The power of an awakened and educated species is above any words! Join the movement, be the change!

Love and Divine Guidance to all,
Alexander Light