New York Faces Most Intense Storm in History

Dutchsinse: “Hurricane Sandy is currently a category 2, projected to go down to a category 1 over the next 24 hours. The forecasters and MSM are calling the storm a “frankenstorm” due to the mix of two systems (tropical and low pressure arctic) — plus a reference to the general time of Halloween coming up during approximate landfall time.”

NHC (NOAA): “This graphic shows the areas potentially being affected by the sustained winds of tropical storm force (in orange). The display is based on the wind radii contained in the latest Forecast/Advisory (indicated at the top of the figure).

National Hurricane Center

Users are reminded that the Forecast/Advisory wind radii represent the maximum possible extent of a given wind speed within particular quadrants around the tropical cyclone. As a result, not all locations falling within the orange or red shaded areas will be experiencing sustained tropical storm.”

Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities for the next 120 Hours:

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