Wide Awake: Sinkhole Is Only A Symptom... Radchick & Charlie Mcgrath 10.05.2012

The Sinkholes Are Only Symptoms [Wide Awake News Radio]

Interview on Wide Awake News with Charlie McGrath. The next day, the MSM reported 4 mile oil sheen from BP spill and earthquakes moving S/SE in LA towards the Mercondo well.

A discussion of theory, research and various data attempting to tie together the BP spill, Assumption sinkhole, New Madrid Fault, strange and untimely death of Matt Simmons, Fukushima, Fema Camps and coffins, troop movements and continued cover-ups, Corexit, Synthia, Sandia, munitions/nuclear/hazardous waste storage in sinking caverns, and the “Mission: Assumption” Drill started October 1st, 2012.