George Carlin Doesn't Vote

Why George Carlin Did Not Used To Vote

Today I’ve decided to post a couple of videos from late George Carlin: the first one is took from a stand-up show where he presented his opinion on voting and the political class, and the second one is composed of several snipped fragments from TV shows. Of course, there is strong language, but you really need to hear this.

1. George Carlin’s opinion on voting:

2. The illusion of power:

I don’t agree with the conclusion that the current political class is the best of what we have to offer. There are wonderful and most capable people in the US, unfortunately they do not resonate with politics, which is a corrupt and obsolete form of government, or they are excluded from the start by those who don’t want things to change — the shadow elite.

Personally, I don’t vote because I know that the president is selected (not elected) by a group known as the “shadow elite”, and which is composed of blue-blooded trillionaires. Our leading figures are nothing more than puppets for their masters, and there is one global agenda, and one secret government behind it — everything else is deception, a Hollywood production. 

Unfortunately, I’ve met some really remarkable people who had no idea of how rotten and corrupt this system really is on the inside, and it was not easy for me to get them out of their comfort zone and present them the facts; but once I did, I could – literally – see on their faces the awakening starting to happen.

So, my advice is to always tell the truth, because there are many people ready to hear it.