The Wayseer Manifesto [official Video] (hq)

The Wayseer Manifesto — You Are Perfect and Beautiful

Humans of planet Earth, you are beautiful and perfect just as you are: with low incomes – but fulfilling passions, with cheap clothes – but rich souls, with small bank accounts – but huge hearts. You have what the self-proclaimed “elite” will never have: LOVE and UNITY. You are made of Love and this is what defines you. Everything else is secondary.

You don’t have a “soft nature” for defending the oppressed – by contrast, you are powerful for having the strength to oppose an entire system and stand tall for what is right. 

While they build more concrete walls around their properties, we brake new cultural barriers every day. While they hire more gunmen to “protect” them inside their concrete prisons, we see the planet as the common heritage of all the world’s people. There is no need for walls, if you have nothing to hide and no materialistic possession to protect.

We already have everything we need for our species to thrive in peace, but we are badly governed, tortured and oppressed, and you allow this to happen. Stop supporting the soulless, negative, criminals that want to govern you and let us start building the thriving society that we want, together, as one! Follow you hearts and you will know the way.