Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet!

Manifesting the year of your life: How to make 2013 your best year yet

by Vanessa Petronelli B.A., W.W.H.P. and certified yoga and mindfulness teacher

“Did you know that you are a powerful and conscious creator? Did you know that everything in your life that has unfolded is because on a certain level you have created those experiences consciously or unconsciously? Did you know that your thoughts and feelings are merely energy rippling out into the world bringing back into your reality what you are putting out?

We don’t live in a world that strives to tell us just how powerful and unlimited we are on a regular basis. We are conditioned to believe that we are limited beings and that with hard work and often times with struggle, we can attain and have a life that we desire. But most often than not, we still feel that we fall short even when we are goal oriented and ambitious, why? 

Cloud climbing 🙂

Your capacity to create is greatly dictated by your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life. Your mind is like a filing cabinet storing away memories and experiences from the time you opened your eyes and took your first breath.
If in your filing cabinet you have files that contain limiting beliefs and programs from childhood and beyond that do not foster a true sense of self-empowerment, than more often than not we create from a place of limitation and fear whether we are aware of it or not. In turn, we sabotage our dreams and sometimes don’t even recognize that we are doing so.

With that being said, I am sure I can safely say that we have all experienced uncomfortable, painful and traumatic situations throughout the course of our lives. 

Depending upon the lens in how we have perceived and handled those experiences, they lay dormant in our minds sometimes for an entire lifetime. 

Most people would not even know that those dormant thoughts and feelings around those experiences are dictating the life that they are creating for themselves each and every moment. 

What we have to remember is that it’s not enough to create from a conscious state. If we do not clear up the limiting beliefs and programs in our filing cabinets of our minds, than those files will keep popping up and unfolding in different ways stopping us from being and living to our fullest potentials.

Many self-help teachers often talk about reciting positive affirmations to create a new belief system and pattern for the conscious and unconscious mind. I have found, that as much as this does work and can work for many, it can only take you so far. If the roots of a certain belief system are so deep and awareness has not been made to the limiting thought or belief system, then reciting affirmations can sometimes bring little to no lasting change in your reality. Thinking positively is only a small portion of the creation and manifesting process. What you feel under those thought patterns is what is really lining up the next stages in your life. So how do you create the life that you want today?

1) Recognize and remember just how powerful of a creator you are. The Universe is always responding to the thoughts and feelings (your energy) you are putting out in the world.

2) Watch what you say. The more you reinforce certain beliefs and limitations the more you will create that for yourself. Your words are extensions of your thoughts and the feelings behind your words are very powerful. This is where affirmation work can come in handy, especially if you are just starting out on doing your inner work to invoke change.

3) Discipline your mind and become an observer of your thoughts and feelings. Write down any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and ask your higher self to help you to release those limiting beliefs and mental programs that no longer serve you or are blocking you from achieving your goals and dreams.

4) Work with a professional coach, healer or therapist to get to those deep-rooted beliefs that you may not be aware of. A professional can offer you alternative perspectives and recognize patterns and cycles that you may not be aware of.

5) Always be clear and specific about what you want. Remain open and surrendered to the process and allow the Universe to assist in helping you to create your best life possible that is in your highest good and the highest good of all.

Get excited at how powerful you are! Today marks the day to start over and start fresh. You can have the life you want for yourself. You can be the person you are meant to be. You can be in your purpose. You are an unlimited being filled with unlimited possibility. Start to create that life for yourself today!

 Many blessings to all of you for a healthy, prosperous and love filled 2013!” – Source