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The Forbidden History of Our Planet — Evidence and Insights

(GermanI. Michael Cremo about the true age of the human species;
II. Personal insight;

I. The following is a 1994 documentary, composed of a series of interviews with author Michael Cremo. He speaks of hundreds of professionally documented cases supporting the theory that the modern human species is, in fact, hundreds of millions of years old, and the main stream scientific community is putting up a fierce fight to bury the truth.

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II. Personally, I am a strong supporter of this theory. It is the only one that makes sense after adding up all the evidence. An advanced human species existed on Earth for at least hundreds of millions of years.

It predated the dinosaurs, co-existed with them, and finally outlasted them. The human species probably barely survived the great extinction, but it somehow did. Our ancestors might have used advanced knowledge and technology to survive, or maybe it was pure luck, but the human species did not went extinct almost 66 millions years ago.

I also believe that humans were very technologically advanced millions of years ago and this is the exact reason why we don’t find evidence of ancient “heavy industry”. A paradox? Not at all.

When we say “advanced ancient technology”, we instinctively think of vast modern cities, similar to ours, and signs of a heavy industrialized species. In my opinion, searching for nuclear power plants, oil refineries, car manufacturing factories, suspended highways, etc. is not the correct approach. I strongly believe that we are currently undergoing a destructive phase, and if our species will survive long enough, we will overcome it and completely change our lives for the better.

In my opinion, most of the things we do today are wrong and of negative polarity. Let’s take for example our modern apartment and office buildings. These gigantic vertical constructions, where many of us live and work today, have a very negative impact on health. 

Besides the physical, visible, body, human beings have an energetic body as well (i.e. electromagnetic field, biofield, energy field). The energetic and physical bodies work together in perfect harmony, until one of the two is disturbed by outside factors.

In a healthy organism, the energy flow throughout the body is powerful and constant, entering it through the crown chakra and leaving it through the root chakra (down the legs and into the ground).

Because our modern apartment and office buildings are vertical and extremely tall, we loose our connection to the Earth. Actually, there are voices stating that above the second floor, the connection is lost completely. Just imagine how many of us live and/or work above the second floor!

Also, because the buildings are reinforced with iron or steel, they interfere with our energetic bodies in a negative way, distorting our biofields and making us ill.

Please also take into account the fact that these constructions are not built to last — not like the ancient ones. Today’s skyscrapers require expensive periodic maintenance and the life expectancy is relatively short. If abandoned, the skyscrapers would decay (mainly due to rust) in just decades. By contrast, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, for example, are 5,000 – 10,000 years old (official VS. new studies) and still standing — without any kind of maintenance.

So, why are there no signs of a modern civilization, very similar to ours? It’s either because our ancestors evolved beyond this stage long ago and recycled everything (e.g. “antigravitational” technology used correctly, would render useless most of the paved roads and highways we have today — more than 11 million miles, to be exact), or either because they took a completely different evolutionary path, and haven’t built them at all in the first place. As I was saying before, searching for nuclear power plants, oil refineries, car manufacturing factories, suspended highways, etc., may not be the correct approach.

Another interesting aspect to consider, is that Earth’s population might have never been so high, in the old times. A population of less than a billion individuals, dispersed all over the planet, growing their own food, living in perfect harmony with the environment and using only biodegradable materials would only leave a minimal print on the Earth’s surface. And what if their main buildings were not located on the surface at all? Just think about it…

Alexander Light,;