RT News: Our Country Is Being Destroyed By Wall Street And The IMF

According to RT News, the USA is being literally destroyed by the banking “elite”, via Wall Street and the IMF. I completely agree with this statement, and I want to add one more crucial tool of financial destruction: the Federal Reserve. I remind you that despite its officially-sounding name, the Federal reserve is privately owned and controlled by the same banking “elite”.

David Icke exposed most of the “elite” families in his books, so I urge you all to read them ASAP. It is crucial to know who the enslavers are, if we want to get rid of them once and for all.

The RT News report continued by stating “the Greek tragedy comes to America”. Again, I completely agree: there will be no economic recovery, and there are no realistic plans to achieve such a goal. Our economy is in free fall, as the numbers show. If you still doubt it, then the following articles will help you understand exactly where we stand and what’s the direction we’re heading for:

1. Russian Leader Warns: “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!”;
2. There Will Be No Economic Recovery — Prepare Yourself Accordingly;