Pole Shift News — When Will It Happen?

The following videos (52 minutes long combined) address the pole shift hypothesis (Wikipedia) and are backed up by scientific evidence and freelance studies. I am extremely interested in this subject because all evidence points towards this scenario. It happened before in our history and it will happen again.

I want to bring once more to your attention the following MSNBC article from January 11, 2001: The fast pole shift closes airport runway for makeover.

YouTube researcher Maverick Star explains that, according to his studies, Earth’s magnetic poles will reverse in approximately two years from now.

“Severe climate change, more volcanoes erupting than ever before, the magnetic pole migrating at a shocking rate of 161 miles in less than 6 months, less than 2 years remain before the critical point that being 40 degrees and it is at this point where the pole leaves the strong field lines which hold it over the northern hemisphere and it enters the weak magnetic field lines.

According to the results of the experiments carried out by myself, the magnetic pole at that point will slide rapidly over the equator till it buffets on the strong southerly magnetic field lines, and it is at that point the earths magnetic field will have reversed.”

Watch more videos on this subject here.