David Icke On The Real Background To Syria

The Real Background To The “Arab Spring”

David Icke on the real background to Syria, the ‘Arab Spring’ and the lies galore we are being told by Obama and Cameron:

I have already expressed my opinion about the so called “people’s revolutions” and even presented my first hand experience. The civil unrest taking places throughout the Middle East is not at all spontaneous, but a carefully planned coup, part of the long-term agenda of control and enslavement of the “royal” ones, over the common people.

The best example of how the “elite” families operate, is the “complete history of the House of Rothschild” article.

It is crucial for everyone to read it, in order to understand their modus operandi and the extent of their control.

Please, stay open minded and informed! The truth can penetrate even the thickest cloud of lies…as long as you are willing to listen.