Fukushima Is Out Of Control!

After a 29-month cover-up, the Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) is now calling for international help and has all but admitted Fukushima’s radiation leaks are spiraling out of control. In addition to the leaking water storage units that are unleashing hundreds of tons of radioactive water each day, Tepco now says 50% of its contaminated water filtration capability has been taken offline due to corrosion.

The result is that radiation leaks are escalating out of control and attempted remediation efforts are faltering. This is in addition to the fact the Japanese government’s attempted brainwashing propaganda campaign has also been exposed.

It attempted to convince people that if they drank beer or smiled, they would be immune to radiation poisoning — Yes, this is how desperate they’ve become. From day one, the Fukushima fiasco has been all about denial: Deny the leaks, shut off the radiation sensors, black out the news and fudge the science. Yet more than two years later, the denials are colliding with the laws of physics, and Tepco’s cover stories are increasingly being blown wide open.

As Businessweek.com now reports, Japan seems to have no practical interest in solving this problem:

“Russia’s nuclear company, Rosatom, of which Rosenergoatom is a unit, sent Japan a 5 kilogram (11 pound) sample of an absorbent that could be used at Fukushima almost three years ago, Asmolov said. It also formed working groups ready to help Japan on health effect assessment, decontamination, and fuel management, among others, Asmolov said. The assistance was never used, he said.” [1: Natural News]

Mike Adams concludes that “for Tepco to welcome any assistance, it would first have to admit it has a problem. And that’s unacceptable in a business culture where egos run rampant and the idea of taking responsibility for your actions is considered abhorrent.”

He may be right, but I’ve spotted many red flags behind this massive and deadly cover-up, so I believe that there is a deep conspiracy behind this nuclear disaster, and it is possible for Tepco officials to be involved in it.

First of all, back in June 2011 I brought to your attention a video stating that Japan was threatened by USA with HAARP-caused earthquakes prior to Fukushima. 

Another major red flag is the leaked information that NSA’s virus “Stuxnet” hacked Fukushima before HAARP caused earthquake.

Another worth-mentioning information came from Jim Stone, a former US Government official, who stated that “Nuclear Devices Set-off Fukushima”.

Eventually, Jim Stone dedicated his time and efforts to the creation of a website where he brings evidence contradicting the official stories regarding the Fukushima events. He was even able tot bring compelling evidence that there was NO 9.0 – 9.1 earthquake! And after you get deep into his research, you will probably find his evidence extremely accurate.

There is definitely more to the story than what we are being told!

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