The Grocery Store Where You Can Pick Your Own Food

The Farmery is a futuristic concept of sustainable organic agriculture, for your local grocery store. Ben Greene, its inventor, perfected the process of food growth and distribution, with a simple and clever idea: grow and sell in the same place.

The food “has to be harvested, packed, transported and cooled. And at every step, there is massive inventory loss.” And this is what made Greene think outside the box: “What if this entire system could be consolidated into one site?”

Retail Prototype: Mini-Farmery

“The Mini-Farmery is located in front of Burt’s Bees Headquarters at American Tobacco Campus in the middle of Downtown Durham, NC. The Mini-Farmery was made possible by our kickstarter contributors, a sponsorship from Burt’s Bees and the progressive thinkers at American Tobacco Campus. 

We use the Mini-Farmery to prototype the unique setup at the Farmery, where customers will have the opportunity to harvest their own food.

Crops are grown in the Mini-Farmery and sold along side locally sourced products. Crops that are grown in the Mini-Farmery include watercress, lettuce and herbs. The entire structure is covering in pollinator crops and herbs except the doors and windows.”

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