A Cry To America From A Syrian Mother

Yesterday, I was urging you all to forever disconsider war as a solution to anything, and instead look at these events from the perspective of the average Syrians, because they are the ones who will suffer the consequences of a NATO bombardment. 

I want to remind you that they are average people, not different from you or I, and we have so many things in common! Today, I’ve stumbled across the testimony of a Syrian mother and I want to share with you, her message to us:

“I am Syrian and a mother. Since about 2 years, this proxy war installed by the USA and her western, Turkish and Arab lackeys, is devastating my homeland and killing my people. I have lost several friends. Your mercenaries shot at me and I got wounded. 

Some days ago, my daughter, aged 15, said, it was better we’d die now rather than suffering the rest of our lifetime as she expects this war won’t end. What shall I say to her, at the eve of a huge war to come? That life can be nice, in case the greedy US-Imperialism would allow you to live? 

Can you really imagine how life is for a 15 years old teenager seeing bodies in the streets and destruction and displaced people and hearing the shells of the terrorists exploding and the cries of the wounded and the noise of grenades and shooting all day, 24/7?

…with all due respect, in all your words I do not see any concern about the lives of Syrian women, children and men which are threatened and taken away here by your mercenaries of al-Qaeda. Don’t we count? Are we worthless?”

No human life is worthless! Take action now by exposing “The Global Domination Agenda“. No more wars!