Enaction VS Enactation — Absolute Must-Read!

(Für deutsche klicken Sie hier) From the PhD author of Discovering the Power Within You to Heal Yourself” and “The Human Sponge“, the following article is an absolute must-read. Please, find the patience to read and re-read it, until you resonate with the mind-healing message from within.

Enactation, as opposed to enaction, is action resulting from perception exterior to the body, one that depends on beings/forces, Higher realm Beings, of the universe which simulate the portrayal of enaction, of action originating from within.

When one possesses close to 100% free will near perfection, near perfect enaction takes place, the Inner Being expressing herself/himself through her/his vehicle as perfectly as humanly possible.

When one looks at a Pikmin [1] from a Nintendo 64 game, the Pikmin moves because a human being apparently presses a few buttons on a Nintendo Controller physically connected to a box. 

What is happening in this world, in this reality, is that, more often than not, the human being thinks, when indeed she/he is capable of thinking, she/he presses the button, when in truth, through enactation, certain Higher Realm Beings, with or without Divine Heart, formerly ALL without Divine Heart, most recently increasingly with, and may this tendency ALWAYS remain in place, God Willing, act upon Beings intimately related to one another, Beings, which have “joined” the individual human being and thus comprise one’s Integrate Being throughout one’s existences here on Earth as well as on other planetary systems and realities (amongst others, Nibiru and sub-system Gememtec, Pleiadian, Sirian and Sumerian), and whose activity results in one’s expression. 

As consciousness, conscientiousness, respect, empathy, and other divine facets of Divine Heart evolved throughout time and successive civilizations, the Beings pertaining to one’s Integrate Being on any reality matured and also increased in number to accommodate an ever more refined expression of reality, one which was, however, during the average human being’s existence, sometimes apt to undergo a serious downgrade, either through Being’s addition, subtraction, neutralization, contradiction, and/or, indeed, through the alteration of the human DNA sequence and/or expression.

The ensuing result is that free will is a concept which has suffered a great deal of volatility. What is of particular interest, though, is that the realities in our Universe interact to a degree beyond our comprehension, one which has led to infringements and incursions upon the realities acted upon; needless to say, abuse has been the norm, usually however the product of relative unconsciousness of the respective reality’s reality. Imagine that in the Pikmin game one suddenly discovers that the little ones on the monitor actually do suffer! 

In each reality, consciousness is such that the actors on stage – Shakespeare: “The world is a stage, women and men are its actors” – actually believe in their respective free will – Goethe: “No person is more imprisoned than he who is convinced of his freedom” – and perform relatively unconsciously of the other participants, unless they possess an unusual level of consciousness which provides them with the insight and understanding of some of their interrelationships, something which is of essence to the extent that the consciousness of the responsibility for self and others reflects the need for an understanding of the critical recognition, if not an understanding, of interdependence and the crucial requirement for respect for self and others, independent of apparent relative significance, an evolution possibly of Divine Heart, here on Planet Earth an evolution of the expression of Divine Heart in the Human Being through God of the Universe’s intervention, so that a Universe may remain extant, preferably with an ever increasingly Divine expression.

In the struggle between the Light and the Dark forces, and in an attempt to snuff out Divine Heart and disconnect the menace called the Human Being from God of the Universe because of her/his potential for an increasingly divine expression with intelligence in Heart, the focus being on unacceptable competition instead of completion, with survival for the fittest at the fore taken to an “unwholesome” extreme through a bogus monetary system, TOXICITY [2] was recognized by the internecine members of the Dark to play a decisive role to bring humanity, not only to its knees, but, literally, to an end. 

As toxicity levels rose due to the implementation of their plans, Fukushima was/is an orchestrated boon, adulteration of the expression of the human being ensued, plasticity of the cellular membrane seriously conditioning divine expression. Imbalance at the highest density level of reality, the Niribu Planetary System of which we are a part, most probably led to an apparent need to replace the lost expression through the creation of a myriad of new Higher Realm Beings to simulate a reality typically beyond mankind’s perception for the necessary compensation of the unnatural plasticity which resulted in the Divine Creation called the Human Being.

Currently, most human beings are being enactated rather than enacted, meaning they are driven by forces which give them an expression which does NOT correspond to their Inner Being’s volition, their origin of expression thereby being extraneous to their Divine Integrate Being. 

These forces, Higher Realm Beings in reality, in the past without Divine Heart, contend for expression of the Human Being. To provide an analogy for better comprehension: The driver of a car is currently usually NOT that Human Being in one’s presence, at least NOT most of the time, due, amongst other factors, to the lack of free will and a lower degree of consciousness, but rather that of the Higher Realm Being(s) who are holding the “Remote Controller”, the Inner being of that Human Being actually occupying the passenger seat rather than the driver’s seat, if not the Boot of the car as my youngest son affirms, her/his free will and consciousness being so abysmally low. 

Fascinating is the fact that even the Higher Realm Beings who are enacting through the remote upon a human being are often also being enactated, meaning that they too believe that they are free and possess complete autonomy and free will, but, in truth, they are also being commandeered, currently, increasingly though, through programming which is much akin to unquestioning formatting of an artificially intelligent robot which cannot step out of the box (watch the animation “Basil – The Great Mouse Detective” [3] and see how Basil enacts the queen in front of the evil rat!). 

Question, though: When we move our arm, are we AWARE of all the processes and the mechanisms and all those structures which require that gesture? Of course NOT, what a BURDEN!!! The complexity of our reality, the highest density reality, contains the greatest amount of information, including and in particular that of a quantic nature, much of it probably proving a boon, provided we embrace the divine direction which God of the Universe offers us.

Power and its expression has been at the forefront of action in the Universe because of the conviction of actually having to wield it through the process of enactation at different levels of reality, leading to an urge to play god, small “g”, by different participants, some inspired by God of the Universe who is Magnanimous, others, less inspired, by the internecine influence of other universes’ members and their fixation on experimentation and control, hence the increasing pain and suffering in our reality, the desecration of Divine Heart and all that it represents and portrays, including the concepts of marriage and family which draw attention to the fundamental concept of both inter-dependence and completion.

Now, the original Divine Human Being, approximately 270 million years old, whilst probably relatively simple in her/his expression, came into creation with free will of more than 99%. At the beginning of the year 2000 AD, the average human being’s free will stood at less than 2%, having been whittled down over millions of years through different stratagems, including DNA downgrading by, amongst others, the Reptilians! [4]

Whilst the Reptilians may be pointed out for their role in confusing, confounding, controlling and culling humanity, it is paramount to remember that they too were subject to enactation, their free will being on average lower than 1%, only the most intelligent in an hierarchical structure having 3% free will, meaning that Higher Realm Beings in different realities were acting through them too. The only reptilians currently left are Earthlings, Pleaidians, Sirians and Sumerians.

Whilst the focus here is on enaction and enactation, a few words on Missions and Decision Trees. 

All Human Beings come with missions to this life divinely equipped to realize their potential and fulfill their purpose and to make their contribution to self and all, the twelve shamanics which humans carry with them as of the age of 3 months old proving fundamental in guiding them and enabling them to rise to their respective challenges, their activity being guided by their Decision Trees, the crucial points of which are reflected in the Akhashic records with which one has resonance, which, because of relative free will, possess a dynamic component (watch the films, “The Adjustment Bureau” [5] and “The Truman Show” [6] to get a simple glimpse of what is happening), a dynamic aspect which was interfered with increasingly in order to favor either the Forces of the Light or of the Dark.

Interference on the part of the Forces of the Light came with the implicit recognition that missions on Planet Earth were increasingly NOT being accomplished, with the members of the Light fulfilling less than 2% of their respective missions in the 20th Century, the main figures of the Light sometimes miraculously accomplishing 35% of their respective missions, whilst suffering severe repercussions on their Integrate form, including their respective DNA, due to this potentially extremely austere and hazardous reality.

The Dark’s vital representatives, the ones at the top of the karmic heap, looked upon this reality as heaven, always innately seeking favour by “successfully” accomplishing their respective missions, missions most often entailing the confusing, confounding, controlling and culling of humanity, in particular of the elite forces of the Light wanting to propound and expound the facets of expression of Divine Heart. 

Both forces of the Light and the Dark, however, were apt to be led astray; indeed, the most intense efforts were typically undertaken, in the midst of lots of treachery and perfidy, for agents of the Light to embrace the wrong path.

The lessons in life: Respect Self, Respect Others you happen upon, Respect All as well as humanly possible, preferably with a great deal of genuine Heart, and do not unto others that which you would not care to have others do unto to you, something which includes thoughts, words and deeds.

As a human being evolves through different Earth lives, though, she/he will also realize that it is prudent not to disrespectfully defy or challenge self or others, and, whilst it is important to question, discern and interpret, it is wholesome not to unduly criticize a specific person and not to judge her/him, unless one’s mission demands it in life, usually in the context of the Highest Good of All, a truly weighty responsibility.

Mankind finds itself at a cross-roads where, through God of the Universe’s intervention, the challenge is to embrace a new paradigm, a paradigm which bathes in TRUTH as opposed to LIES, LIES it is still embedded in, a paradigm where the Highest Good of the Individual rather than her/his lowest good or highest bad, the Individual’s Conjugated Highest Good with her/his respective Twin Soul, and the Highest Good of All is embraced and respected, a paradigm where we recognize and embrace COMPLETION rather than Competition, which promises to bring it to a paradise long foretold.


Pointer: When thinking, saying, and doing things which you reflect upon as being awkward or questionable, please take a moment to pause and ask yourself if such thoughts, words, or acts are genuinely an expression of your own self and perhaps revisit the thought, words or deeds at another point in time to reconsider them. Surprise yourself!

How plasticity evolved – Microwaved food, fast food, trans-fatty acids, industrially processed and refined fatty acids lead to seriously altered cellular membrane structure and function, which, along with TOXICITY, render the entire cell structure more plastic, less authentic, more dis-ease prone.

Integrate Being – The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual being, along with her/his shamanics, her/his multiple enaction Beings and her/his Divine I Am Superior Presence.

Enact: Express the Inner Being, through thoughts, words and deeds, through a vehicle, in our case the Human Being.

Enactate: Simulation of the expression of the Inner Being, through thoughts, words and deeds, through a vehicle, in our case the Human Being by Higher Realm Beings.

Higher Realm Beings – Near Perfect Simulators of different Human Beings’ actions, meaning these Beings are like actors who take on different roles playing out purposeful (negative or positive) small theatrical pieces, basically hijacking the human experience! Imagine a child in a toy store jumping from one video game to another, to another, to another, to another and yet to another! On average, a small group of Higher Realm Beings can enactate a group of approximately 40 human beings simultaneously, independent of geographical location. We are in the matrix. [7]

Karmic heap – The Universe is conditioned by karma, something which was exploited to the core by the forces of the Dark, by both karmic leveraging and by astute karmic hyper-leveraging, the former being the tendency to only compensate those who were most heinous and heartless in their endeavours and acts by having them relive regularly here on Earth under privileged circumstances, the latter entailing the surreptitious insertion of energies which would not allow the perfect release of karma through the Being’s positive interactions on Earth.

Want to avoid being enactated through and take partial repossession of your free will? Detox, properly address your teeth (read The Secret Poison in your Mouth by M.L. Sarlin, making sure you are seated when reading!), embrace proper eating and drinking habits and change your life-style!

By Anonymous PhD, HumansAreFree.com;