Why Americans Are Against Intervention

Why Americans are Against War on Syria

Stop accepting war as a solution! In the XXI century we can find peaceful solutions to ANYTHING, if we want. The very thought of killing other human beings is grotesque and should NEVER even be considered!

Most Americans have never even heard of Syria a couple of months ago. We know nothing about their lives, culture, hopes or dreams. So, why are we even debating if Syria should be bombed or not? Who are we to decide the fate of others? They are HUMAN BEINGS, just like we are. And we have more things in common with the average Syrian, than we have with the ruling “elite”.

While you read this article in the comfort of your house or office, the average Syrian is waiting to know if his country is going to be bombed by NATO anytime soon. There are parents worrying about their children’s safety, just like us, here. And make no mistake, thousands of innocent people WILL DIE as a result. I’m asking you, decent people, WHAT’S WRONG WITH US?