A Dark Fleet in Black Space

by Vincent R. White, UFO Digest

A case made for a hidden space program and space fleet. Six decades of suppressed science and technology have yielded a harvest of awesome proportion, from retrieved ET craft, exchange programs, and human talent.

A review of evidence of an enormous breakthrough in gravity knowledge and control.

Here a case is made that the public NASA is in a large part beyond it’s public missions, a magician’s prop, a “Watch the Birdie” distraction, while all the time a new, radical paradigm of physics has been developed and kept in the black, but which will one day lead to the use of current physics text for landfill. – Vincent R. White

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, people stumble over great truths every day, but they pick themselves up, and hurry on as if nothing had ever happened. This, it will be argued is precisely what has happened to the case for operational field propulsion-another name for gravity control.

What has been stumbled over is an immense and still expanding rich variety of sources, of one of the biggest secrets around. Worse still , after stumbling over the evidence for a great breakthrough, most deny anything important took place, especially if it isn’t officially acknowledged reality.

The mental roadblocks are many. Some say, we would know about this in a week, or it would leak all over.

That this technology would be used, and be employed against terrorists, and the airline industry would be flying these “Jetson” like sleek “G” ships instead of kerosene burners, that every day darken the brown fog now growing around the planets skies.

These heterodox constellations of a variety of sources that we will present, do paint a very different picture that indicates that such simplistic thinking does not describe our reality.

While surveying a spectrum of sources, we will ask what “Donny” Rumsfeld, the new Secretary of Defense was trying to say a day before 9-11 when he, in rather jocular fashion, mentioned almost in passing that the DOD seemed to have misplaced several trillion dollars.

What was he trying to say?

How much would a black budget R&D gravity program cost?
How much if it required a new paradigm of physics?
How much if the price tag included a secret space fleet, and a remote hidden space port, and an immense bodyguard of lies to keep this from the world — and from the scrutiny of the taxpayers who paid for this?

Who says it hasn’t leaked all over?

And what meaning is there to such leaks when minds are so made up, that leaks are trashed faster than the leaks take place? And how do you know what vehicles special operations use in Afghanistan and elsewhere?

Can you say we are not using such vehicles in carefully camouflaged manner? For this truth search does take in an atmosphere that is thick with the half truths and lies of professional disinformation peddlers.

These many sources of origin, by the very many forms in which they appear, are mutually verifying. When a deep insider reveals a gravity program, an independent engineer reports working on the same craft, and another pilot reports seeing a craft that resembles, down to small details, while flying near a premier aerospace center, then this spreadsheet of truth that one builds to study this, becomes formidable indeed!

This methodology however requires a fine eclecticism, a wearing of many hats, for these nuggets of newness will not be found by digging deeper in the same posthole endlessly. We must prowl in new directions.

We have an embarrassment of evidence, as in the case for the UFO itself.

It is from insiders who have told of working on actual field propulsion engines, to a reporter with a major daily, who in a deep back ground interview, speaks of vast sums of money spent to achieve breakthroughs in gravity propulsion, with nary a word on the pages of the paper that this individual works as a senior editor.

It ranges from a radio station editor in Wytheville Va. who witnessed, with others in the area, a B-2 that was nearly hovering, which is impossible, unless it has another propulsion mode, to two UK hackers , one of which discovered antigravity engine document files at WPAFB, and the other who it seems stumbled on what seems to be a database on a secret space fleet.

It is so large a pile of evidence that indeed, those who ignore this were required literally to walk around the evidence piled so high. For there is an overwhelming case, that a scientific Holy Grail, an absurdity to skeptics, a realizable dream to the optimists, was a black world milestone that was achieved decades ago.

This is nearly an open secret for those who are willing to walk through the data, in all it’s, manifold, intersecting, interlocking and mutually reinforcing facts.

Taking So-Called Skeptics To The Woodshed
Examples abound…

Ewing, Kentucky Triangle UFO Sighting:

A physicist hunting near Ft. Hood, at dusk, was astonished and very impressed by the sight of a large black triangle passing quietly over his head, at low altitude.

In awe-struck curiosity, aiming his telescopic lens, on his rifle at the belly of the silent beast as it passed over his head, he stared and suddenly startled, as he noticed small, stenciled English writing on the bottom of the vehicle.

In small letters was spelled out “Rescue” and an arrow, which pointed to a small square saying “Emergency Release ” with a recessed lever.

It seems doubtful that alien visitors would employ this, unless they are crafty and accommodating beyond any understanding.

Those wearing “If it wasn’t announced officially, it isn’t true” glasses, simply ignore events such as this. They fail to escape an invisible line of . preset limits on what is possible.

The conclusion is obvious.

If something is seen flying, and it flies silently, without helium to lift it, or aerodynamics for lift, and it does not employ jets or propellers, then how does it fly?

By clean living and righteous thoughts? Or, is it gravity control?

And a fundamental question shouts out: Is it ours or is it theirs?

Night Vision Triangle UFO Video

The skeptics, who persist in ignoring this, deserve an empirical spanking for there is no excuse for not reaching a conclusion about this.

This was one of “ours”.

Most NASA Shuttle program employees are unaware of this epochal advance. It is unlikely that the President of the United States or that the Prime Minister of the U.K knows.

Unlikely, for it will be argued this gravity secret is guarded with the same extreme need to know basis as the UFO reality itself. Yet paradoxically this secret has been an open secret to the open-minded empiricist.

There are those who are willing to really look at what sober observers by the dozens and dozens have unambiguously witnessed.

This operational gravity control secret is buried deep in the black USAF world, those projects termed: “Unacknowledged Special Access Programs”.

These Black Programs are purportedly deemed so vital a secret, that their mere existence is lied about-even to key U.S. congressional committees, whose job is to oversee black projects.

This world changing technology controlled by the same quasi-public, quasi-private international transnational entity that Dr. Steven Greer, of the much-maligned Disclosure Project describes. The global stakes are immense for field propulsion is the key to a radically different and smaller planet.

It is also a virtual economic earthquake. For the entire world’s fleets of kerosene burning jets are as obsolete as horse-drawn carriages and presage near complete reorganization of the hub and spoke traffic pattern, when a “G” liner can task off and land anywhere.

Some very anguished discussions must have taken place in a room where the classified programs at say, Boeing’s “Phantom Works”, bump up against the very public commercial aircraft production efforts, when the “white” world engineers say “What do you mean we have to junk our entire investment and manufacturing plant”?

This authors effort is not to prove field propulsion exists. That is impossible in a few thousand words, and it also reflects a misunderstanding of what is possible in the present reality, when a draconian, ruthless secrecy hijacks the hard evidence, and we are forced into a journalistic modality.

The Proof

 “PROOF” will come, perhaps, a day after a stunned world watches our secret space vehicles in massed shining spectacle in a fly over display of the national capital, Washington DC.

It is to appeal to the empiricist spirit of; “Let’s go actually take a look!”

A salute to those ordinary folk, living in California and Nevada, who set out on curious caravans and saw-the wildly unexpected.

They didn’t stumble past and hurry on.

Wouldn’t (arguably) one of the greatest scientific & technological breakthroughs of the last hundred years be immediately recognized?

It was by scores and scores of individuals, in joining primarily three private groups. They spent many nights, staking out the best viewing locations, to watch the unpredictable, occasional spectacular shows, emerging from premiere aerospace test facilities.

Professional aerospace journalists were largely missing, in person or in print, with a possible stealthy exception or two.

Were these “enthusiasts” who gathered in the night with cameras and notepads, wild-eyed fanatics imagining or misperceiving every light in the sky? Or were they alert citizens, such as Gary Schultz, a chemical physicist, who recognized history when he saw it flying through the night sky without propellers or jets.

They were ordinary people watching extraordinary things, practicing empiricists, with a “let’s go take a look attitude” over “It couldn’t be happening” prejudice. They happened, for the most part, to live near aerospace test facilities.

They were very unlike SETI partisans, who using the abstract concatenated assumptions of “The Fake Drake Equation,” which in predicting intelligent life probabilities must effectively wear horse blinders to ignore the fallacy, as do those who look for aliens light years away, instead of empirically checking in their own backyards.

“Our” UFOs fly not according to conservative prejudices, but as hidden intense black project real imperatives…

And test schedules.

It isn’t landing lights on Janet Airways Boeing 737’s, the shuttle aircraft that fly in and out of Area 51 being described. It wasn’t a “Red Flag” military exercise flare drop being witnessed by thousands in Phoenix, 1996.

What all these dedicated and widespread groups saw, in spite of hours long observations and close approaches, has been sinfully ignored by the mass media for 6 decades.

A Flock of White Crows

There is a philosophical principle, that to prove white crows exist all you need to do is find one. Figuratively speaking, the observers, previously referred to at Giant Rock and other locales around our country, sighted an entire flock of “white crows,” flying, from at least two “nests” or test sites.

These particular UFOs emerged from an official Northrop RCS (Radar Cross Section) Electromagnetic Test facility, also known as “The Tejon Ranch,” in the Tehachapi Mountains, northwest of Lancaster, California.

Much of this astonishing activity here in the Antelope Valley, took place from the late 80’s through the early 90’s. It is much quieter there today, but highly anomalous sightings still continue…

Seen in the Tehachapi’s were silent glowing pulsating saucer-shaped objects, that looked like UFOs, flew like UFOs, and were lit like UFOs.

In addition flying triangles, “boomerangs,” and orbs were occasionally seen. They were silent, except for a slight hum sometimes heard at close proximity. Flying testimony to a strangely, not so hidden, technological and scientific breakthrough, a mere hour and a half drive from Los Angeles.

In the next four paragraphs are the very condensed and abbreviated highlights of what just a few witnesses have described at the Tejon Ranch and Area 51. They are emblematic of the public database, accessible to all, but ignored by most “respectable” aerospace journalists.

Take the observations of one large group founded by a chemical physicist, Gary Schultz.

They gathered at a spot not too distant from the Tejon/Northrop Facility in 1991. The large group of 30 individuals watched, with binoculars and telescopes, from an elevated vantage point, in the early morning hours, as, in Gary’s words:

“…a white glowing/pulsating silent disc-shaped object about 30 feet in diameter slowly rose up from behind a small hill on the site. We watched in astonishment as it rose only a few hundred feet into the air, then slowly made its way east towards Edwards AFB.”

Over the next couple of hours, the group watched as over two dozen similar silent craft made their way east. One of the “saucers” approached the group’s position, before backing away.

It is worth repeating again, a clear flying “saucer” shape was observed.

Comparing the previous group account, with two other separate individual reports, we have reports of similar craft.

Both football-shaped objects or airliner-like discs were described in the summer of 1991, and on April 15, 1992. Both individuals reported dark un-lit objects sitting on the surface, which suddenly became brightly lit.

The objects then ascended only a few hundred feet into the air. Only a small complex of buildings could be seen where the objects emerged. They both reported up to three or four objects in the air at once-fleet testing?

The objects were all silent, and were either glowing white or orange gold. The aerial activity took place over a period of less than two hours.

In another comparative analysis of a detailed Area 51 report by K.V. March 11, 1993, we find the same “un-lit airliner like craft,” which was sighted on a runway near Groom Lake.

This experienced military aircraft observer witnessed a short-roll takeoff arc of a strobing aircraft, when like turning up a lamp, the entire airframe became brightly lit, the object then hovered, then performed rapid ascensions and non-aerodynamic movements, moving more rapidly than any aircraft the observer had ever seen.

The craft suddenly went dark again, and in a short arc landed.

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