It’s ALL a CON

Everything that exists has been constructed upon falsehoods and the structures which control our lives are based on derivatives of the prefix ‘CON:’ Conquests, Constitutions, Contracts, Consent, Conditioning and Control. And the reality is that humanity has been conned on too many things for too many centuries.
In this book I evidence all those things which the majority of people are unaware of from a social legal perspective, because humanity’s been conditioned to believe in a false reality and how we live under constructs which exists entirely for controlling humanity. 

How we live under systems based on contracts and corporations and how people are legally made into corporations and yet have no idea they are.

Before I say what this book exposes let me give you a short biography. I have an upper second class business degree obtained after 2 years part-time study. I have two post graduate diplomas in law and qualified as a solicitor and later opened my own legal practice which I managed for six years until 2012 when I finally figured out what was inherently wrong with the system of laws which completely dominate and control our lives.
When I could evidence this knowing I stopped practising law and now write to share my insight into the legal, political and social systems that we exist under. For several years I perceived that practising law was not was I was supposed to be doing and I now understand that my 15 years in law were to enable me to apply all my legal attributes to dissect the legal system for the benefit of humanity, because I understand the language of law.

This is my second book which provides the evidence of all those things which are misrepresented or distorted in the mainstream teachings of history and through the media, because their purpose is to condition our minds to perceive the world as they tell us it is. I start by detailing the control systems and go on to show which nations were responsible for conquests for worldwide domination and under whose authority.
How what we are taught in history is entirely misrepresented and what they say was the golden age of exploration was in fact a sickening age of exploitation. I evidence the main exploiting nations, who sanctioned the global conquests and its true purpose. How the age of exploration was nothing more than a western European campaign for worldwide dominance and control under the aegis of christianity and carrying out some ‘divine’ will.
I also detail significant historical matters which the majority of people are unaware of, yet these events are absolutely fundamental in understanding why we exist under the systems of government that we have to this day. This is important because almost every political system in the world is based on the western European model which was instituted during worldwide colonisation.
One of the most fundamental events of the last millennium was the 150-year religious Reformation of the 16th/17th century, yet this is generally ignored in mainstream education and the media. The significance of the Reformation is immense as it not only culminated in a 30 year pan-European war for religious supremacy, it was as a consequence of this war that a Treaty was signed which was instrumental in establishing systems of rule by government, purportedly in place of the absolute right to rule that had been declared and practiced by monarchs.
The signing of the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 led to the instituting of government systems of rule that we exist under to this day but this fact is rarely if ever mentioned in the mainstream. The reason for this silence is evidently this –if people knew the true circumstances under which systems of governments were constituted they would know they were no more legitimate than the monarchs who had previously declared some divine right to rule.
But there is much more to this. As the notion of some ‘divine’ right of kings to rule had broken down the system of control needed to be replaced with something which people could perceive as having some ‘legitimate’ authority.  So a system was contrived where it was PRESUMED that people CONSENT to be ruled under government. For this purpose the government adopted a notion called a SOCIAL CONTRACT based upon the writings of social ‘theorists,’ where the government decided that EVERYONE CONSENTS TO BE RULED.
But it’s a legal fiction, it’s not real and no one IN FACT consented to or consents to be ruled. I set out the evidence for this conspiracy to assume authority and show how you can revoke your consent to be ruled. Once I unravel for you the true background to the legal structures, what the law actually represents and enable you to appreciate the language of law then you too can know of the true significance of contract, corporations and consent. I present the facts supported by evidence in a systematic and forensic way and the evidence is incontrovertible.
There is much more to this book, explaining why the law is nothing but a set of rules which only apply when the lawmakers WANT them to apply, and how all laws are silent in times of conquest and wars. How the system permits every act of atrocity against fellow human beings when they manipulate people to fight their contrived wars for the benefit of those who seek dominance and control. That the simple solution is not to fight in wars, because those who manufacture wars DO NOT FIGHT in wars themselves, they use the people as cannon fodder.
I talk about money, specifically government debt and how they say it is ‘public’ or ‘national’ debt but it is not the people’s debt, it is the institution of government’s debt. I go on to make another proposal for people to consider adopting as an alternative method by which to live without money; because money is not real, is not backed by anything of substance and is nothing more than a promissory note. And it is because people think they must have these promissory notes which keeps people ensnared in the ‘money’ system.
It’s All a Con, nothing that they tell us to believe is true and I prove this fact from a historical socio-legal perspective and provide the evidence to support what people know but cannot prove and shows how people how to free themselves from the control system. I am free because I know how to be free and I hope my insight helps humanity to take the steps to become free too.
This book is available for e-book readers, and you can buy it HERE! Thank you!