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NASA Astronaut Takes UFO Picture

This photo comes directly from The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, a government website operated by NASA at the Earth Sciences and Image Analysis department at Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

They are responsible for training the astronauts in Earth observations, cataloging and archiving the photographs that astronauts take from space using hand held cameras and more.

Here is the picture on the original page, and as you can see it has a URL.

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Again, it looks like NASA wants us to know more about what we commonly call “UFOs.” Personally, whenever I see triangular space crafts, I immediately think of our secret space programs. You can read the testimony of an alleged anti-gravity insider HERE.

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The above set of pictures was taken in South Carolina back in 2009, and shows an in-flight triangular UFO. Judging by its shape, and the stability/control elements on its back, it is definitely human-made and, in my opinion, belongs to one of the REAL space programs, led by the USAF and/or US Navy – not NASA.

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