NASA Scientist Admits Chemtrails!

Being questioned by Sue, a courageous and concerned citizen, NASA scientist Douglas E. Rowland admits chemtrails are real, during a phone conversation. 

Dr. Rowland gives details about when it all started:

“It’s been done in the 1970s, it’s been done recently in the 1990s and 2000s.” And continues: “the lithium release in the daytime … hasn’t been done since the 1970s.”

OK, so lithium was only dispersed during the nighttime? Interesting…

Concerned Sue tries to get more from Dr. Rowland “Why would it be done now, sir? That’s scary!”, but he only offers his email address for further questions:
[email protected]

And after learning what lithium carbonate (not the same lithium used in chemtrails, or so they claim) can be used for, I have an impulse to send him an email myself.

“The lithium ion seems to alleviate mood disorders by affecting the way that brain cells respond to neurotransmitters.” [1]

So, the zombification of a nation is an actual NASA experiment?

In case you were wondering if Dr. Rowland can be linked to NASA, I have Google-searched his name and the connection is clear. He is a real scientist, employed by NASA.

Unfortunately, NASA’s website is down “due to the lapse in federal government funding”, but you will be able to access his profile HERE, as soon as the website will be up and running once again.

Dr. Rowland works at “NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Heliophysicist – Laboratory for Space Weather” — which is probably the headquarter for chemtrails experiments… on us! 

According to declassified CIA documents, the government conducted tests with poisonous gas sprayed onto the US population from jets and tall buildings, back in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Also, very interesting to notice is the fact that Dr. Rowland calls them “chemtrails” himself, which is regarded by the main stream as a term for conspiracy theorists, and also acknowledges that chemtrails are of “different kinds”.

Recently, the UN tried to promote chemtrails as our only fighting chance against the global warming [2], so it’s clear that there will be no denying from now on. 

In an article from last year, I have presented official documents where the EU Parliament stressed that HAARP is a weather modification weapon [3] – among others.

So now that there’s no more hiding behind the bush, will the government finally admit that Chemtrails and HAARP can be used together for various purposes?

Example of chemtrails being sprayed:

By Alexander Light,; Additional source: Chemtrails Planet;