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The 1,000 Years Deception

This book goes on to detail the continuing deception that has been perpetuated against humanity. I could have just have easily gone back to the dawn of ‘civilisation’ to highlight the ongoing deceit that’s played out but I wanted to concentrate on the last 1,000 years because what I evidence is still relevant to the condition of our lives today. Humanity has been deceived on everything that is of significance and this can only be achieved by those who have assumed authority if they are working in harmony with each other.

And this is in fact the case, because they are inextricably linked in their quest for the complete dominance of humanity.

Before I tell you what this book exposes let me give you a short biography. I have an upper second class business degree obtained after 2 years part-time study. I have two post graduate diplomas in law and qualified as a solicitor and later opened my own legal practice which I managed for six years until 2012 when I finally figured out what was inherently wrong with the system of laws which completely dominate and control our lives. When I could evidence this knowing I stopped practicing law and now write to share my insight into the legal, political and social systems that we exist under. For several years I perceived that practicing law was not was I was supposed to be doing and I now understand that my 15 years in law were to enable me to apply all my legal attributes to dissect the legal system for the benefit of humanity, because I understand the language of law and the true meaning behind the language those who rule use.

For example where people read the word ‘peers’ in documents such as the Magna Carta or the Bill of Rights 1688, they interpret it according to their understanding of ordinary English, yet what is meant when they say ‘peers’ refers to themselves as a unique class of people who have been given royal titles such as lord, baron, earl, marquess etc. or for example people think ‘common law’ means a law of the ‘common’ man, yet common law is in fact a system of judicial decisions which was developed by judges appointed by the king after the conquest of England to facilitate consistency in judicial decisions across the land.

It is on gaining understanding of legal language that is fundamental because it gives clarification to what they actually mean as against what people perceive them to mean. This book first looks at the conquest of England in 1066 and evidences that it the conquest was sanctioned by the pope. How in 1067 the City of London was given a royal charter by William to establish a city corporation and details the real reason why the Doomsday Book was compiled in 1087.

It moves on to the reign of king John who was a royal tyrant and how the pope issued a papal bull to France to conquer the territory of England and John capitulated and granted the entire territory of England to Rome which he received back as a vassal of Rome in 1213. This was the Treaty of Verona. And it was this single act which infuriated the baron’s, which led to the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. And I show how the pope declared it null and void because john never had the authority to bind Rome and this led to a series of Baron’s Wars and to two other Magna Carta’s being signed, and not only was the Magna Carta of 1215 nothing to do with the rights of the common person, the subsequent charters would have superseded it in any event. Yet very few people know of the subsequent documents.

I then detail the crusades, the emblem of the military orders of the Roman Catholic Church being the knights, who were given the insignia of a red cross by the pope. That the original military order, the Knights Templar established themselves in the city of London and that Pope had them eradicated and took possession of all their property.

I evidence that the City of London is NOT a part of the United Kingdom; it is a separate sovereign state that operates under the authority of the Crown. That the Crown is a religious symbol of power and the monarch is invested with authority under the symbolic religious association of the Crown with divine power and authority, but so too does the City of London operate independently under the Crown but in sync with the monarch in serving the Crown.

How the coronation of the monarch is itself an ancient religious ritual dating back to the dawn of civilisation and represents ‘divine’ power on earth. That not only does the monarch have a religious coronation, the Lord Mayor of the City of London also has a religious coronation, but we are told it is the Lord Mayor’s Show.

I evidence how the Crown, the orb and the sceptre is part of the ritual of both their coronation ceremonies and that these religious symbols are in the possession of the city of London corporation and only passed to the state of England for a monarch’s coronation. There is so much information on this which is unknown but fascinating and conclusively proves the truth about the links between Rome, England and the Crown.

There are in fact two Crowns in operation in the United Kingdom and by extension across all territories which were at any time part of the British Empire, because no country which was ever a part of the empire has ever achieved independence from the British Crown. Did you know that on the death of a monarch the Lord Mayor and other’s from the City go to the palace of Westminster to get a sworn oath of allegiance from the new monarch? That’s the true power of the Crown that operates in the city of London.

I move onto detail the Treaty of Westphalia and that the purpose of it was to give freedom of Christian belief to the monarch’s in Europe, as before that time the monarch could only be Catholic and thus under the supreme authority of the pope. I detail the catholic monarchs that existed in England right up to what is called the ‘Glorious Revolution;’ which was nothing more than a conspiracy by parliamentarians to overthrow the catholic monarch and have him replaced by a protestant monarch.

How the real reason for the coup was to establish Protestantism as the declared religion of the monarch so that supremacy was exercised by the monarch in place of the pope. How they enacted the Bill of Rights which had nothing whatsoever to do with the people and how parliamentarians swore and to this day swear an oath of allegiance to the Crown. I also detail how every public servant must swear an oath of allegiance, or owe their allegiance to the Crown, their loyalty is not to the public, it is to the monarch who is invested with royal prerogative under the crown.

I detail how parliament gave the bank of England a royal charter in 1694 and that it was established as a private bank and has always been a private bank. It is not a central bank any more than the federal reserve is the ‘central’ bank of America. There is no government owned bank anywhere, because governments have no money: the English government has in fact been indebted to the bank of England from the very day it formed the corporation under an act of parliament in 1694.

I go on to detail the financial coup when the bank of England was taken over by Nathan Rothschild after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and how there is no mention of this in any parliamentary debate of that time, in fact there are no public records of any debate in parliament for the whole of 1816, yet the government went on to introduce a Consolidated Fund Act in 1816, to consolidate all it’s debts.

There is much more in this book which sets out succinctly with the evidence all those matters which are completely misrepresented or hidden from the public and yet the public are fed a false version of history to condition them to accept a reality which is simply not true. Did you know that after the monarch, the next most senior person in the UK is the Archbishop of Canterbury, after him is the Lord Chancellor, the keeper of the royal seal, which is used to enact laws or grant royal charters, and after him is the Archbishop of York.

The prime minister is only the fifth most senior ranked person in the UK: people believe the PM has power but there is no law that can come into effect unless the monarch sanctions it. These are the facts, this is the reality. The monarch and the church still hold authority in the UK, nothing changed from the Middle Ages, it just got distorted to make people believe things had changed and we are ruled by government.

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