“The Choice is Ours” Documentary Series

With your help, we hope to make a three-part documentary series about the fantastic possibilities that lie ahead, if we are bold enough to consider new ways of organizing society and thinking about ourselves and others. 

There are many doomsday scenarios, and with great reason, but we would like to demonstrate what may be a way out of our dilemmas. We will be presenting exciting new opportunities that address today’s biggest challenges.

Our solutions are designed to enhance the lives of all and ensure a positive future for our children.

A Vision for Sustainability… The Best that Money Can’t Buy!

This documentary series will present the vision of The Venus Project (TVP), founded by Jacque Fresco. Now 97, Fresco has been designing an innovative vision for most of his life; a global plan to surpass the need for politics, poverty, and war; and most important… the methodology to attain this. 

A daring undertaking indeed, but Fresco points out that people once wrote books explaining why man would never fly. The Wright Brothers never read those books and went on to build a flying machine.

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