The Financial Crisis is NOT Over — The Worst is Yet to Come!

When Cyprus banks imploded [1], Americans, shrugged “where the Hell is Cyprus and what does it have to do with me?” Well, those who still don’t know the answer may soon find out the very hard way why the Cyprus disaster may be spreading to their banks very shortly. 

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and a member state of the European Union. Prior to joining, Cyprus had a thriving economy and its banks were considered offshore safe-havens for wealthy Russians, KGB “black money” [2] and other European investors who wanted to protect their assets from overzealous governments. 

That all came crumbling down in the blink of an eye on March 16. Due in part to their disastrous ‘investments’ in Greek and other sovereign debts that are now worthless, the banks were forced to shutter themselves and go on the longest banking holiday in Europe’s history. 

The financial dominoezzzz – ©William Warren

The ponzi scheme had gone bust! Holding to its tradition to squash wounded member nations when they’re down, the EU made Cyprus an offer it couldn’t refuse: in order to receive a 10 billion euro band-aid to temporarily stop the nation from spiraling into financial chaos, it was ordered to steal up to 40% of the depositors’ money held in formerly untouchable checking and savings accounts to help prop up the failed banks.

Bank robbery indeed, but who’s robbing who?

40% of deposits over the 100,000 euro level were to be confiscated and since  depository “insurance” covered only up to that amount, any deposits over 100,000 euros could be taken completely! 

So imagine, you have a checking and or savings account totaling 200,000 euros, after the theft you are left with only 60,000 euros. Goodbye retirement savings. Cypriots, you are now broke!

To add insult to injury, very tight capital controls have been introduced, preventing depositors from pulling what little hasn’t been stolen and closing their accounts for good. 

No more than 300 euros a day are available to citizens, cashing of checks is no longer allowed and visitors leaving Cyprus cannot take more than 1,000 euros out of the country. Like something out of an extreme Orwellian nightmare, airport inspectors rifle through luggage and personal belongings looking for undeclared money to hand over to their banking masters.

In a sadly ludicrous statement, Nicos Anastasiades, the President of Cyprus, unwilling to face his people directly, tweeted: 

“I would like to thank the Cypriot people for their maturity and collectedness in their interactions with the Cypriot banks.” 

Translated, what he means is “thank you for showing great faith in the banking system by not pulling all of your money out and closing your accounts, even though we wouldn’t let you get to your money in the first place. Your collective loss is a small price to pay to save our precious bankers. And remember, rioting is frowned upon and not very mature behavior. Carry on — toodeloo!”

As a clear sign of their true intentions to eventually take everything, officials from the central banks and finance ministry just announced that 40% theft is simply not enough [3] and that depositors may have to kick in an additional 20% more to the cause. 

Yes, that’s right, 60% of your savings are now theirs! Criminal? You bet, but when it comes to modern day banking, this kind of behavior is quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception! Of course, the people of Cyprus and the offshore depositors are outraged, but there is nothing they can do other than to rue the day they entrusted their savings with the criminal banking cartel.

Doing business with the banks and
you end up “sleeping with the fishes!”

Still, how are they able to get away with this robbery in the full light of day? Easy, they just keep moving the goalposts by creating new rules that suit their needs.

The most important one is a re-definition of what a depositor is and trust me, you won’t like it. 

Now, when you open what used to be a ‘safe’ conservative checking or savings account, you are now considered an “at risk” lender, making an unsecured loan to the bank at zero percent interest for them to invest in whatever way they choose.

When bank ‘investments’ implode, as they inevitably do, and they become insolvent, you lose some or all of your money you thought was safely segregated in your bank accounts to make them whole. The banks can then go back to making even wilder bets, comforted with the knowledge that you got their backs no matter what, while lavishing themselves with astronomical bonuses and pay raises for wholesale greed and corruption.

Nigel Farage warns “Get your money out while you can!”

The Russian Prime Minister, Medvedev, warned his people: “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!” [4]

The reasonable question to ask is what idiot loans a bank most of their money, exposing themselves to maximum risk while getting absolutely nothing back in return? Of course the answer is no one would do that willingly unless they were fleeced into doing so by bankers pulling heaps of wool over their eyes.

Max Keiser breaks down the banking plunder

Even in Cyprus, the depositors were covered by deposit insurance…until they weren’t. You see, the Euro-zone masters arbitrarily decided to take that punch-bowl away by claiming euro member nations should not be taxed to save the Cyprus banks, even though they were anyway (confusing, I know). 

Bank depositors were ordered to pay for it instead, even though their accounts were supposed to be segregated and protected from wild investments made by the bank. The end result is banks are now able to leverage the accounts of its customers at zero risk to the bank, knowing when their unconscionable investments blow up, they will be made whole by their unsecured creditor customers, who never knew or intended to be bank creditors in the first place!

Going down… fast! ©David Horsey

But why now? Well, I believe the answer is shockingly simple to figure out when you see the financial contagion spreading throughout the Euro-zone and how the globalist bankers’ are capitalizing upon it. 

Now that word is out that money in Euro-zone banks is not safe, citizens of other member-nations are closing down their accounts at record pace to protect themselves from the collapsing euro and inevitable capital controls. And where will this money end up? Right into the eye of the storm, the mother of all collapsing economies – The United States!

If the euro is about set to implode, the U.S. dollar is set to go full nuclear, obliterating all paper assets on the face of the Earth. You see, as bad as things are with the euro, their leaders do not have the power to print unlimited amounts of un-backed ‘funny-money’ while also serving as the world’s reserve currency as the Federal Reserve does with the dollar. 

It is due to this drunken printing spree that we see the DOW JONES hitting all-time highs, while the government shouts from the rooftops that the real estate bubble worries are also over and everyone should “buy, buy…buh-bye!”

It seems only corporate insiders know the U.S. economic recovery is a total sham. Typically, in a robust or improving economic climate, insiders who have intimate knowledge regarding the actual financial state of their companies, buy up their stock in expectation for even higher prices. 

That is not happening at all. Instead, signalling an extremely bearish top, insiders are selling their stocks at a ratio of 500 sales to every 1 buy for several years now. What that means is they’re getting out of dodge before the herd can stampede for the exits when the whole house of cards comes crashing down on top of them!

Due to the printing of $90 billion per month of increasingly worthless dollars and dumping those into failing foreign/domestic banks, while the pension and 401k sector assists by blindly overfeeding the bloated equities market, The FED is able to keep the illusion alive just a bit longer that “investor con-fidence has returned.” 

Housing Bubble 2.0 

As in poker, the big ‘tell’ that this is all an empty bluff is the fact that buying volume has been drying up as the market has headed higher.

And in the real estate market, prices in many localities have returned to pre-bubble crash highs despite the fact that the national economy has gotten much worse, debt is growing at an unsustainable pace, wages are flat, unemployment continues to rise, companies continue to go out of business, welfare rolls have surpassed 50 million recipients and states continue to go bankrupt.

Again, the Federal Reserve’s dirty fingerprints are all over this reinflation of the real estate bubble. Since the collapse of 2008, the FED has poured trillions of bailout dollars into failed Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the banks, who hold worthless mortgage-backed securities, to keep them on life-support even though they are already dead. 

The purpose is to lure unsuspecting investors into the housing mousetrap once again, trapping them inside before they come to realize there is no economic recovery underway!

The financial crisis is NOT over! The worst is yet to come

Because of the artificially suppressed zero percent interest rate environment, citizens have been forced into the highly speculative stock and real estate arenas in a desperate attempt to keep up with inflation and hold onto what little purchasing power they have left. 

Real estate flippers have come out of the woodwork in previously devastated California and Las Vegas, creating a real estate hot potato mania once again, driving prices up to ridiculously unsustainable levels and the last one holding will once again be burnt to a crisp. Based on my observations, the 2008 crash was merely a hiccup for the real financial train-wreck that may be just around the corner.

Economic Hitmen deliberately destroy economies to steal resources! [5]

That said though, let’s get back to the reason why European investors and savers alike, may soon be transferring billions of their own quickly collapsing euros into the U.S. economy, thus inflating the U.S. bubble even further. 

Like their American counterparts, they feel there is nowhere else to safely park their money and since the U.S. markets in stocks and real estate appear to be rising and thriving, they seem like the best places to invest at the moment.

The American Dream: an entertaining look at the history of the U.S. monetary system

The trap is sprung: Call me a conspiracy nutter if you must, but it seems clear the  secretive globalist cabal who run the very private Federal Reserve system [6] believe they are on the cusp of realizing their true goal laid out exactly 100 years ago with the creation of the treasonous Federal Reserve Act. 

Now that they have carefully engineered the world into accepting the U.S. dollar as the currency of last resort, they will then destroy it, creating global chaos and forcing a new one world currency to enslave them with. 

“Let me issue and control a Nations’ money and I care not who makes its laws” – Amsel Bauer Mayer Rothschild (1838). [7]

Despite the fact that there is no longer any logical reason to keep money in banks, Americans still believe their deposits are protected by the FDIC up to $100,000. Sounds great, until we start digging through the surface to reveal some very shocking truths.

The FDIC has only $33 billion dollars to insure well over $12 trillion of deposits held in U.S. banks. Far worse still, when Bank of America took over Merrill Lynch, it was obligated to take on Merrill’s $75 trillion in toxic derivative assets. [8] To prevent this exposure from imploding the bank, B of A was allowed to dump these worthless paper assets into their customers’ FDIC-insured depository accounts.

Matt Taibbi breaks down B of A fraud

And guess what, the FDIC thought nothing of it and approved it, effectively transferring the toxic debt onto the shoulders of its customers instead of B of A, meaning there is no FDIC insurance to cover any of the citizens, only the banks will be partially saved. 

Any shortfall above that will be paid by what’s left of the accounts of those unfortunate enough to have their savings locked up in the criminal banks. In effect, the banks will be made whole at the expense of the people once again. If this doesn’t wake up the citizenry to march down to their banks and pull all of their money out, nothing will!

Bankers tell you to ignore gold
as they grab all they can!

It is vitally important to understand that the U.S. dollar is being destroyed on purpose as are all competing fiat currencies like the euro. As I have been suggesting for many years now, the only way out of this quicksand deathtrap is to follow the lead of the uber rich and do what they do and not what they say to do. 

For the past decade they have been loading up their vaults with physical gold and silver, while dumping increasingly worthless derivative paper assets onto the unwary people, continuing to drive them into abject poverty. 

To put this into perspective, as everyone cheers the DOW JONES reaching all-time highs of 14,500, since 2000, that’s only around a 45% gain in thirteen years, clearly  a losing bet to inflation. 

Comparatively, gold and silver are up roughly 700%! So now you know why the smart money continues to scoop up as much of the metals they can get their hands on while enslaving the masses with their toxic debt notes that carry extreme counter-party risk.

As banks continue to fail and the FED keeps the bailout  printing spigots going full blast, thus debasing the money even further, both gold and silver will continue their ascent to truly stratospheric levels. If you thought Apple’s ascent from $20 to $750 was amazing, the upcoming moves in both metals will leave you speechless!

Bankers tell you to ignore gold Eric Sprott: “Silver is the investment of the decade!”

Better yet, ownership of gold and silver carry with it no counter-party risk as dollar-based paper assets do since they cannot be inflated away through FED printing and debased. 

Can you now see why the bankers will do everything they can to steer you away from owning either of these? Ownership of the monetary metals is a rejection of banker tyranny and the control they exert over those who accept their worthless paper debt notes.

In Matthew 21:12, ‘Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers (bankers) and the benches of those selling doves,’ while the Bible states that usury is a sin!

Yes, it’s pretty clear what the answer may be to free humanity from the banking shackles of debt placed securely around its neck and to start down the road to financial salvation, however it is the individual responsibility of each one of us to take action based on this knowledge if we hope to not only survive, but to prosper as well. Amen to that! 

We should prepare for a wild ride full of many surprises so I wish you all the best on your individual and collective journey!