10 Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Life is a series of choices that we make. Through that process it is our job to choose them, manage them, and find solutions to possible problems. However, this is not as easy as it sounds and a lot of times we make our lives complicated. There are simple tricks or life hacks, as many people call them, that can help us even in the hardest moments in life making it simple again. Even though a lot of them are not very beneficial, there are some that are no less than brilliant, holding a potential to improve the quality of our life. We usually forget that sometimes the little things make a huge difference.

10. Measure the Size Of Almost Anything Without Using A Ruler

The human body is an amazing and complex creation. We use it to do almost anything we can think of, even to write and read texts like this one. But, there are still some ways we can use our body to simplify our life. We have tools created exactly for those purposes, but we cannot rely on them as much as we can rely on our body because no matter how precise the tools are, they may not be with us when we need them to be and guess what is always with us.

To make sure that wherever we go and in any situation we can measure an object even if we don’t have a ruler or a measuring tape, all we need to do is measure our palm and remember that number. Just measure your palm from the beginning of your wrist to the top of your middle finger.

After you know the size of your palm you can measure almost everything using your palm as a ruler. If you want to be more precise measure your middle finger and for even greater precision measure the top part of your middle finger.

9. Make Police Come Faster When Calling 911

Let’s hope you don’t find yourself in a situation where you need to call 911. However, it’s better to know how to act, than hope for the rest of your life as the saying goes [1]

“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.” – Aristotle Onassis

To make the job easier for the 911 operator and speed up the process all you need to do is to state your location as soon as you hear “911 what is your emergency?”. The operator usually doesn’t ask us to tell our location because the satellite is triangulating our call automatically. But, this process can be 30 seconds long and when it comes to life or death situation 30 seconds is a lot of time.

This way the operator has an address and the police can be dispatched to your location as soon as you explain your emergency. It is simple life hack that may save a life in a certain situation.

8. Free Yourself From Stress in 30 seconds

In our everyday life, with our jobs and traffic jams, stress is unavoidable. No matter how calm and easy-going you are, sooner or later there will come a moment when you feel like you are going to make “KABOOM”. Nobody can avoid stress because even the act of avoiding stress is stressful.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is no cure. Stress shouldn’t be avoided it needs to be released like a pressure in a pump.

One easy and quick way to release your stress is to breathe slowly for 30 seconds. Just exhale fully and take a slow, deep breath. Hold it for 5 seconds and then exhale fully again. Repeat this process for 30 seconds and you will feel the difference. If you want to feel more relaxed and even happier all you need to do is smile. [2] Smile on purpose and your body will produce chemicals that promote happiness.

7. Dry Acne Overnight

We are all tired of those little stubborn menaces. Acne is a problem to almost every human and it can find a way to pop up on our face wherever and whoever we are. The one thing we hate most about them is that they usually show up just before we go on a date or give a public speech.

This, of course is not because of bad luck. [3] It is a biological reaction when we feel stressed to produce such chemicals that create acne. Knowing this doesn’t help us but it gives us freedom to take luck in our hands and fight acne with their weapon, chemistry.

Almost every household has a toothpaste and this happens to be Acne’s Kryptonite. If you have a breakout of acne, [4] squeeze a drop of toothpaste on it and leave it to dry overnight. Rinse the toothpaste in the morning and your acne will be dead dry. After this it’s just a couple of hours until the acne falls.

6. Always Have A Perfect Natural Smile On Pictures

Nobody wants to look like a neurotic psychopath on photos, especially if those photos are going to be uploaded on Facebook. There are people who are naturally photogenic when being photographed but a lot of us don’t have that ability.

However, there is a simple trick you can use to help yourself look natural and pretty on your photos. Just imagine the person you love and how both of you spend romantic time together. Do this just before the camera captures the image and you’ll have a perfect smile on the photo.

5. Learn New Things More Effectively

It doesn’t matter if we are in school or we have a job, learning new things is a crucial part of our life. To learn something new can simplify our life, make us more productive, smarter, or simply give us something to talk about with our friends.

The trick is not in how much we learn but in how fast we learn. There is a simple and effective way we can use to learn new things faster and all we need to do is take a nap. Yeah, really, just a nap. Take a quick 30 minute nap after learning something new and it will be saved in your mind forever. [5]

This kind of nap is beneficial even for our productivity because in 30 minutes our body goes only through 2 stages of sleep and we wake up just before we enter REM sleep. 30 minutes give enough rest without leaving us feeling groggy.

4. Tell If Somebody Loves You

Almost everyone knows body language speaks more of what we think and feel than the spoken words. This is because our bodies react in a lot of different ways we cannot control. Knowing these reactions of our bodies we can easily read people’s minds.

The saying goes “the eyes are windows to our soul” and this is not far from the truth. [6] Scientists have discovered that when people speak to somebody they love their pupils dilate up to 30%. The next time you are speaking to somebody make notice of their pupils and see if they dilate. If that’s the case, then love may be in the air.

3. Always Choose The Right Choice 

Life is full of different options and choices. Sometimes it’s really difficult to decide what the right move is. There are a lot of ways we can let a higher force choose for us, but if we really want to make the right choice then we should give the dice to a wiser source.

The trick is this, throw a coin to decide what you should do. It is not about which side the coin will land on. At the time the coin is in the air you’ll know what the right choice is because you’ll hope for it. This way you let your heart choose for you and following your heart is always the best option.

2. Remember Numbers Like A Computer

We’ve all heard of people being able to remember whole decks of cards, 10000 digit numbers and prices of every product in their shopping cart. But, is this a super-human ability or some trick that can be learned.

Some of those people are quite extraordinary but there is a trick they all use to help them remember better. The trick is simple and fun to use. [7]

They create a story instead of remembering a sequence. Every digit has a meaning to them so, instead of remembering 154289 they remember “one beehive at the door you made is mine”, one being 1, beehive being 5, door 4 and so on. The sentence doesn’t even have to make sense but it makes a difference for you.

It is proven that we remember things better if we link them to something that has already meaning for us so if we need to remember somebody named “Baker” our mind would do a better job if we link it with the profession “baker”. This is not easy to master but when you do you’ll be able to remember almost every phone number without writing it down, let us not speak about anniversary dates and birthdays.

1. Never Be Scared Of Public Speaking Again

The fear of public speaking is on the first place of the list of fears. This means that people are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of death, or large spiders. Be that as it may, we all come to a point in our life when we need to speak something in front of other people. It may be a wedding toast, a presentation for work or being on a show and they will all require for us to speak our mind in front of others. This puts us on the spot, naked and vulnerable to criticism.

Don’t feel bad, there is a simple trick you can do to ease up and feel more comfortable speaking in front of other people and that is to imagine them naked. [8] It is no joke that when we imagine others naked we unmask them and make them as vulnerable as we are.

This makes us remember that they are only human and nothing to be afraid of. You can do whatever helps you remember that you are speaking to other humans that probably want the best for you. [9] Practicing your speech will give you even more confidence.

By Dejan Davchevski, HumansAreFree.com;

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Dejan Davchevski is an International Marketing Manager, though his passion is sharing a way of living that he calls ‘The Code Of Life.’ He discovered ‘the code’ while he was in a dark period of his life and it helped him recover. You can contact Dejan on his Facebook page, Life’s Code of Happiness or website, LifeCoachCode.